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10 Techniques That Always Deliver Arresting Blog Headlines

Blog Headlines Hence, creating attention grabbing, arresting, headlines is critical to crafting and awesome Blog post.
It’s also the most fun.
Being an accomplished wordsmith is a huge benefit.

The post headline is what determines:

  • Whether your post is going to get the engagement it deserves
  • Which makes it stand out to search engines
  • It’s the first thing your site visitors remember about your post

TIP:  Create a word document with about 100 headlines for inspiration. Reference it anytime you’re creating new post titles. You’ll be quite surprised how helpful this is.

Bottom line, if your head line is crappy, your post will not get read, your site will be like a trampoline with visitors bouncing off.

13 Tools To Take Your Blog Writing From Good To Great

The article by Jeff Bullas – 13 Tools To Take Your Blog Writing From Good To Great – definitely made a ton of sense to me. It’s so worth reading.

10 Post Titles Techniques Guaranteed To Get YOU Results

Popular Blogs and websites have discovered simple techniques that deliver consistent Blog post engagement. Here are the top 10 techniques that always work.

#1 – Classic How-to

A Blog head line that clearly indicates that it’s a How To type of Blog post has always been very effective in driving engagement. The trick is that you always deliver on this promise within the post content.

If all your supposedly – How To – type posts are all about – Why – without any indication about – How To – your engagement will drop of exponentially and it’s possible your site will get shunned over time.  Hence, under promising and over delivering works just great in How To type Blog posts.

What’s fascinating is that your Blog post titles do not necessarily have to start with the words – How To – to be a how to headline.

Here are some examples:

  • Have a healthier happier sex life
  • 10 steps to perfectly glossy hair
  • Dominate YouTube The Ultimate Guide

All such titles – Imply – they are the How To type of Blog post.

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#2 – Identify And Solve A Problem

If the Blog post headline describes a problem and promises ways to fix it, the Blog post gets engagement. The problem should be of great interest to the type of site visitor that the site is designed for. Now you are perfectly poised for some awesome post engagement.

If you can possibly inject an emotional trigger in every – Identify And Solve A Problem – type head line, the head line is likely to become a classic one.  This headline technique has stood the test of time.

For example:

  • 7 Instant Confidence Boosters
  • Parenting – From Chaos To Awesome Relationships
  • Gene Breakthrough Can Save Thousands From Genetic Blindness

#3 – Make A Statement

Sometimes when crafting a Blog headline you just cannot get the right type of words together that’s the time the classic fall back to – Making A Statement – will work.

Making a direct statement maybe the easiest and simplest way to engage your site visitor.

  • Twitter Goes Public: 21 Things You Should Know
  • Tips That Show Anybody How To Make Money Online – Guaranteed
  • Thousands Already Make A Living Online So Can You

#4 – Craft A Controversial Headline

Always grab site visitor attention with posts that have controversial headlines.

A controversial headline is great for a Blog that wants to get their readers emotionally involved in the post content. This also gets site visitors commenting.

For example:

  • Why All Men Cheat – Revisited in-depth
  • 10 Substantiated Reasons Why Organic Food Will Cause Civilization To Collapse
  • Which SEO process must be junked in 2016?

Controversy has long been a tried and tested tool to garb eyeballs. That said, understand the level of controversy that your site visitors have the stomach for. Don’t land in a legal mess or be disrespectful.

Offending your primary audience is certainly not the way to make money off them.

Remember, you want to pull readers in not push them away.

#5 – Short Headlines Work Best

Focus on keeping headlines short and to the point. Site visitor’s have a short attention span.

For example:

  • No Cellphones – By La
  • Rob Banks Legally
  • Fat Makes You Thin

Avoid multi word headlines. Site visitors quickly lose interest. Then the long headline actually dilutes your message.

#6 – Ask A Question In Your Headline

If the question asked in your headline resonates with your site visitors you are going to multiply engagement like you’ve never seen before.

When a site visitor reads a question, they automatically think of an answer in response, its natural.

Then they click through to the post to read what the author says.

For example:

  • Are You Too Clever For Success?
  • Want To Immediately Reverse All Your Health Issues?
  • Six Types Of Investors – Which Group Are You In?

BTW, a really simple way to figure out what resonates with your site visitors is to install a survey plugin like YOP Poll or FluidSurveys and ask what type of post your site visitors are wanting to see more of.  Honestly there is nothing like asking.

#7 – Use Headlines That Offer Explanations

Headlines that explain something to site visitors helps make things clear to what they can expect in the post content. If this touches a chord with your site visitors you will get engagement.

For example:

  • How I Doubled My Money With Facebook Ads
  • For At Risk Youths, Learning Digital Media Is A Luxury
  • New Shampoo Leaves Your Hair Smoother – Easier to Manage

#8 – Craft An Intriguing Style Headline

Write your headline so that it instantly piques a reader’s curiosity, they do a double take when they read it.  The headline should make them wonder if what you say is even possible. The post content then goes on to explain what it’s all about. You are bound to get engagement.

For example:

  • Father Goes For Kidney Treatment – Leaves Hospital As A Women
  • Wall Street Getting Kicked In The Face By Asian Techs!

#9 – Try A Headline That Screams Finality

Finality in a headline is expressed by the use of the words Ultimate, Best, Exclusive, Only, Guaranteed and so on.

If your post content genuinely delivers after a site visitors clicks it, then you most certainly got a new reader / subscriber.

For example:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Online
  • Every Internet Entrepreneur Regrets Not Doing This Sooner
  • This Blog Post Will Make You More Money – Guaranteed

#10 – Create A Top List Style Headline

This headline style is the simplest to create. It’s really ideal for SEO and ranking well in search engines.

Create the topic first. Ideally optimise it for popular search terms and the simple add an appropriate number in the front. Research shows that an odd number works better than an even number.

Numbers grab attention. They are understood quickly. They tell your audience you’re an authority. It lets them know you have something specific, concrete and real on offer in the Blog post.

For example:

  • 24 Rules I Follow When Creating Successful Websites
  • 5 Ways to Make More Money Online – Even If You’re Just Starting Out
  • Top 10 Facebook Advertising Mistakes To Avoid

Keep Calm And Write Better Headlines Headlines with numbers in them get clicks because they show how a reader can achieve something within a pre-specified span. Such headlines position you as an expert who actually did what’s in the post, within a specified span and achieve a measurable outcome.

Headlines (and sub-headlines) are critical elements of a Blog post. These are what the site visitor scans first to make a decision on whether they are going to read the Blog post or not.

Every day if your take a close look at the home page of Digg or Reddit, you’ll get a great idea of the tactics that Blog post authors are using to grab attention.

Choose post headlines that captivate you. Copy / paste these into an Excel spreadsheet and spend some time looking at them. You’ll identify what jumped out and caught your attention in the headlines.

Now leverage this knowledge for your Blog post headlines.

A success strategy is carefully planned, and executed meticulously. Success is not a gamble.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please leave them in the comments section right below.

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May 18, 2017

8 responses on "10 Techniques That Always Deliver Arresting Blog Headlines"

  1. Hey!

    I was looking for how to write effective headlines for my blog posts and yours really helped me.


  2. Thanks Noi Autok,

    I’m glad that my Blog post added some value to you. Do drop by again and leave your comments. They are really valuable to me.


    Ivan Bayross

  3. Hie Ivan, I’m coming to your blog for the first time and found this post as a very interesting one.

    Headlines definitely play a very important role.

    We need to try to keep the headlines as unique as possible, the reason is that there are already so many published posts on millions of blogs.

    Creativity definitely helps when it comes to writing headlines.

    Some bloggers have succeeded mainly because they are the best at writing headlines.

    The techniques mentioned by you in this post will definitely be useful for many bloggers.

    • Hey MOhit,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment. I’m grateful. I’m glad my post has added some value to you however small. All Bloggers dream of this happening. Its why we Blog really. Creativity and uniqueness are a big help when crafting attention grabbing headlines.

      All the very best Mohit. Do drop by again sometime and engage. I’d really look forward to that.

      Have a terrific day ahead.

  4. Ivan,
    Great post. I especially liked at the end where you suggested putting headlines into a spreadsheet for further review. I usually don’t read post that end with a “call-to-action” suggestion. I will be doing this its a great idea.
    Anna Sheldon, (from BMM)

    • Hi Anna,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on the DMTM Blog. This was really nice of you.

      I’m glad that the post content helped you in some way. That is truly music to a Blogger’s ears. I’ve been collecting Blog post headlines for some time now.

      I have been scouring the net for the type of Blog posts I really like and harvesting headlines and sometimes a snippet or two of content as well. Its really helped me craft unique and arresting Blog post headlines for my own Blog posts, especially when I’ve been stuck in grove.

      Have a terrific day ahead Anna. Once again, thanks heaps.

  5. Hi Ivan,

    I can’t thank you enough for your teaching. I want to learn everything there is to digital marketing so i can fend for myself and build my brand. This article is super informative and valuable for me. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Dipika,

      You took my breath away with your opening sentence. I am blessed because of it.

      Sure, why not? Learning Digital Marketing never ends. DM keeps changing almost as though it’s got a life of its own. Pick up basic skills, then learn and apply the nuances of Digital Marketing strategy and I assure you, you’ll build your brand big time. I’m just happy that this article added some value to you.

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      Ivan Bayross

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