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10 Ways To Get More Opt-in Subscribers

There really is no way that your site will earn you a decent income month on month without a great mailing list of opt-in subscribers who have trusted you enough to part with their email Ids.

Acquiring a great opt-in mailing list is a lot more work then just adding a Subscribe Here button or link somewhere on the webpage.

Acquiring a great opt-in mailing list takes hard work and a carefully thought through strategy.

Today site visitors are a ton more cautious when it comes to giving away their primary email Ids. Hence, it’s imperative to understand your site visitor and ensure that you site is delivering them something they perceive of real value to them.

The very best way to get your site visitors to subscribe is using opt-in forms. These forms must offer something of value to the site visitor in exchange for their email Ids. You have to get them excited about subscribing. Once you’ve got that correct, your opt-in email list of trusting site visitors will build vibrantly.

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Here are 10 things that I ensure happens on my site for getting more opt-ins.

#1 – Pop-ups Or Slide Outs

Apparently every site owner seems to hate pop-ups and slide-outs, except marketers.

Guess what – They work.

Websites that routinely use pop-ups or slide-out find that they average a 30% to 100% increase in the number of opt-ins. Econsultancy did a study where they found a site with an overlay garners up to 400% more email opt-ins than a site that has passive sidebar forms.

Today with great coding available for almost all pop-ups or slide-outs you can control everything:

  • Frequency of their display
  • Where (position on the web page) they are displayed
  • Their color scheme
  • Their Call To Action (CTA) and marketing copy

To make these as unobtrusive and appealing to your site visitors.

If you’ve been resisting the use of pop-ups or slide outs because you hate seeing them on other sites, now is definitely the time to reconsider.

I’d like to recommend the use of anyone of two really awesome Opt-in form plugins. They are Optin Monster and Layered PopUp WordPress Plugin from Envato.  I use Layered PopUp WordPress Plugin from Envato myself, I must admit that I am partial to Envato products. I’ve been using them for years and they are of superb quality. The icing on the cake is the After Sales Support given by each of the product creators at Envato. In a word excellent.

DISCLAIMER: If you use the links provided above to make a purchase, that they are affiliate links. You are also free to make a purchase directly from these product home sites if you wish. Either way the product price to you will be exactly the same.

Popup Form Example

#2 – Offer Site Visitors Multiple Sign Up Opportunities

Make it easy for site visitors to use your opt-in / slide out forms. Do not tuck then out of site in embarrassment. That will never work for you in building a great mailing list.

Give site visitors multiple places to sign up. Here are a few. Use a pop-up or slide out form happily.

  • The About me page
  • At the end of each Blog post
  • On the website squeeze page
  • In the website template sidebar
  • In the website template header
  • In the website template footer

And so on.

The simple truth is that the more places a site visitor can sign up conveniently on your site the more you will get opt-ins.

Definitely use Google analytics to identify which pages (or posts) are outperforming the rest on the site and add sign up form there for sure. Don’t leave anything to chance.

#3 – Ensure Your Site And Opt-ins Are Mobile Friendly

Google’s (and a host of other tools) research shows that more and more people are accessing the Internet using a smartphone or a tablet. These numbers are growing exponentially. I’m pretty sure that you (as site owner) are a lot less dependent on your laptop or netbook.

Take a look at this chart from Pew Research. It shows exactly what I’m talking about.

Chart Mobile Users Notice that 60% of users are accessing the internet using a cell phone. What this really means is that your site must be mobile ready, and this must include your pop-ups and/or slide outs. If not, several opt-ins for your mailing list are just not happening.

#4 – Give Your Site Visitors Value

Site visitors guard their primary email Ids carefully. They just do not share these like they used to. Spammers have taken good care of that. Today you have to earn you site visitors email Id.

Do that by offering them incentives they just cannot refuse.

Understand exactly what your site visitors are looking for when they land on your site. Then give it to them to taste for free.

Spending time and money that will help your site visitors:

  • Solve their problems easily
  • Save them a ton of time
  • Make their lives measurably easier

Is really going to get you site visitor opt-ins like never before.

#5 – Always Track And Test (then test again)

Site owners spend a fair bit of money and energy, tweaking an opt-ins colors, headlines, copy, image, and the opt-in freebie, after which they do not spend any time in testing and tracking.

They assume their opt-ins / slide outs are working, but the registration statistics show otherwise.

Small changes made to the opt-ins / slide outs can result in a huge increase in opt-ins. When every email Id obtained makes a difference, you just have to be working with tracking and testing tools every day without fail.

Today’s opt-in / slide out forms often have A/B testing built right into their core code. All such WordPress plugins that I’ve used had them even the free ones. You must be using these built-in facilities to figure out what works and what does not. Then use this information to increase your opt-in rates.

#6 – Use Social Proof & Bank On Herd Instinct

Humans by nature like to follow the herd. Social proof can help sway your site visitors in the right direction (i.e. like sharing their precious email Ids).

Deep down site visitors are influenced by what they perceive their peers to be doing. If a ton of people have already opted in for your mailing list, then if other site visitors get to know of this they wonder what exactly they would be missing out on.

This makes the site visitor a whole lot more willing to opt-in for your site content and part with their email Id. Here’s an example of what I mean.

People Like You

This form simply states that 21,000 other people have signed up. That does the trick.

Such large numbers, blatantly displayed, often provides tipping point type information, to site visitors who then sign up happily themselves. Hence, this is a useful technique to use in your quest for site visitor opt-ins.

#7 – Specific Opt-in Freebie

When it comes to opt-ins, why give your site visitors just one option?

Consider, tying up special bonus opt-in to specific Blog posts.

For example you can use a tool like Magic Action Box and bind a special free bonus to a specific Blog post. Something like Subscribe Now and get to download my 10 Best Tips on Email Subject Lines can grab a site visitor interest right away.

This will be the opt-in or slide out copy displayed on a Blog post that’s associated with How to get 300% site visitors to opt-in on your site. i.e. The freebie is a proper extension of the Blog post content and definitely adds value to the reader.

#8 – Write Engaging Value Add Blog Posts

Honestly, I do not want to ruffle any feathers or get anyone hot under the collar, but you may not be getting any opt-ins quite simply because your Blog post content is just not arresting or interesting enough.

The days of getting a lot of opt-ins even using mediocre content are long gone. Site visitors are a discerning and matured lot today. Only the best in class content turns them on enough for them to opt-in and subscribe on your site.

Hence, you have deliver the very best content there is, consistently. I know this is tough, but its really what your site visitors want (and expect) today. One superlative, well researched and written Blog post a month, is worth a ton more than four mediocre posts per month.

When you consistently deliver excellent content your site visitors are going to keep coming back for more (they really should have no option but to come back for more). This is the very best driver to get then to opt-in and subscribe on your site.

#9 – Get Creative

Think outside the box to created opt-ins and slide outs that convert.

Offer an entry to a free giveaway prize, (don’t forget to detail the free giveaway prize) if the site visitor uses the opt-in or slide out form and gives you their email Id.

Use Qzzr and create personalized quizzes with incentives to increase email subscriptions. Qzzr has a WordPress plugin that is available use for free. It’s an excellent way to include quizzes in your WordPress website that can engage with site visitors and nudge them in to opting in on your site.

Using eye catching pop-ups or slide ins, with Magic Action Box and Qzzr, are creative ways to dramatically increase your email opt-ins

#10 – Write Crystal Clear Calls To Action

Stop hoping people will want to opt-in to your site after they read your epic and informative Blog post. Tell them exactly what you want them to do in your opt-in or slide out form.

Use crystal a clear Call To Action, to instruct your site visitors / Blog post readers into getting on your mailing list. Far too many sites miss out on this.

Too many site owners believe that a Call To Action is only necessary when one wants a site visitor to buy something. This is just not true.

You want to dedicate a portion to every Blog post, pop-up, slide out to telling your site visitors what their next step should be with clear instructions on how to do it.

Make your CTAs so irresistible it’s really a no-brainer for site visitors / Blog post readers to opt-in to get a ton more of what you’ve got.

Here is a really great example of a CTA:

If you want to make money every time you send an email, you must check out my article titled:The 5 mighty mistakes of email marketing and auto-responders.
Even ONE of these mistakes could be preventing your mailing list from explosive growth and is likely destroying your profits.

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It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please pass on your bouquets or brickbats in the comments section right below.

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11 responses on "10 Ways To Get More Opt-in Subscribers"

  1. Point number 4 – “Give Your Site Visitors Value” to me is the most important point the marketer must consider.

    If the subscriber/reader is getting more value during visits then the propensity to reward the site will increase.

    Yes, whether it is with email ID or by considering the call to action!

    Nevertheless, the 10 ways described here are very practical. They are result-oriented for online success!

    I left the above comment in as well.

    • Hi Sunday,

      Yup. You’ve set it down perfectly in your comment. Thanks. Point number 4 is one I consider the most important as well.

      I spend quite a bit of time structuring my Email content carefully to ensure that it does.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment here Sunday. Really nice of you to do so.

  2. Hello Ivan, What a Great post, Power packed full of useful information. I do know I need to start building my list and your article has some great information to help me do just that,

    I do have a question about your optin plugins. I imagine i will need to hook these up to an auto responder of some sort Right?

    I have been thinking about hooking back up with Aweber again, but do have a lot of things to work on before I jump in to this, I am excited to get started getting more opt ins.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Chery :))

    • Hi Chery,

      Thanks for dropping by my Blog and leaving a comment. Really nice of you. What you’ve said in your staring paragraph really made my day today. Every Blogger wants to be validated when they try their best to add value to their readers. Thanks so much. Appreciate this.

      To answer your question, Yes, you should link your Opt-in form to a list on any of the many excellent Internet based Mailing service providers available today. I’ve use MailChimp for many years now. Great service. That said Constant Contact, AWeber and others are also worth considering seriously.

      Via these service providers you will be able to be send out high quality, responsive, email driven newsletters and other such stuff without being flagged as a Spammer. This is really worth it as your mailing list grows.

      Thanks again Chery. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

  3. Hey Ivan!

    A lot of valuable tips on email marketing you are sharing here!

    Email marketing is all about split testing, influence, relationship building, and numbers!

    You have to split test things to see what converts the best. What ad copy, what offer, and colors, etc.

    Then, you should also work on optimizing the process you take your new subscribers through.

    Once you got everything in place, the right way, and you are capturing leads, the next step would be to start building a good relationship with the leads.

    One of the tips I would give, when emailing your list, is to always write the email as if it was going to a dear friend. Make it very personal!

    This is why I also like to collect the lead’s first name. When you use the leads name in the email, it can make a big difference.

    You have to truly care about the people in your list. Email them as if they are your dear friends, and they will build a good relationship with you, thanks to that!

    You should also give them a way for them to connect with you a lot closer, and get to know you. You should be making videos and connecting with them on Social Networks. Doing this, will get you closer to them.

    Especially with Videos. When they watch a lot of your videos, they will feel like they know you better because of them. Just imagine yourself talking to a friend in the video – and truly care about delivering the best help you can give in the niche. These type of videos will really make the leads start to trust you and feel like they are building a good friendship with you.

    Once you have a good relationship with your list, you can start recommending tools, products, services, etc.

    And they will be happy to take a look and possibly buy! 🙂

    Because they see you as a good friend already!

    This is the true art of email marketing. It’s not just about sending offers all the time and not caring to build a real friendship with the people.

    A lot of new email marketers fail to do this. And this causes them to gave very low conversion rates. Very low open rates, click through rates, and such.

    The best way to get the best email conversion rates, is to truly take the time to build a good trusting relationship and friendship. You want to influence people to buy what you recommend. And you can only accomplish that with a good trusting relationship! 😉

    Just my 2 cents here!

    Great topic and tips here, Ivan!

    Have a fantastic week! 😀

    • Hi Freddy,

      Hey, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such an interesting and valuable comment on my Blog post Freddy. Really appreciate this tons.

      You said it so rightly, Email marketing is all about Email marketing is all about split testing, influence, relationship building, and numbers!. Without this sort of meticulous approach the value gained from Email marketing is largely going to be zip or very close to zip.

      Regretfully, too few website owners seem to be interested in doing any of this and growing their mailing list strongly.

      After someone trusts you with their primary email Id (hopefully) more SPAM that high quality email content seems to come in thick and fast. That’s why I believe that Email marketing is probably the most abused form of marketing that happens. What a pity that, because Email marketing has the power to build relationships and trust, only after – Business – happens.

      Building video’s and using these to connect with your Email list certainly helps hugely in building relationships and trust. People get to see you and hear you and that is invaluable when trying to build trust prior doing any business.

      With great cameras available cheap today, and the fact that almost all laptops come with excellent camera’s on-board, there is really no reason for any website owner not to use this powerful tool to help build their relationships.

      Completely agree with all you written so beautifully Freddy. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on my Blog.

  4. Hello Ivan,

    I have my subscription box on my sidebar. I have heard that popups and slideouts work. I don’t mind them so much as long as I can shut them down. They do get your attention though. I know some people use the hello bar. I was thinking about using it too. I see a lot of people also using sumome on their blogs as well. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • Hi Marketta,

      Thanks so much for stopping by. Appreciate this.

      Having a subscription box in your side bar, IMO, perhaps converts the least.

      A site visitor has to move their eyes to the right, leave your content that they are engaged with currently and only then fill the your
      opt-in form.

      If this is working for you great.

      I suggest that you try an experiment, shift your opt-in form within the content flow of your Blog post about a quarter way down.

      You ought to notice a definite increase in opt-in by this small change.

      Opt-in is impulse driven. Hence any change that make its easier for the site visitor to opt-in while continuing with reading will make a huge difference.

      Also, add another Opt-in form just above your Blog post signature.

      These two changes will make a really large (positive) difference to your opt-in conversion rate.

      Hope this helps.

  5. As usual, awesome job Ivan. These tips are sure to help people build their lists.

    Sadly you see SO many really boring opt-in boxes. “Sign up for my list” or “Subscribe To My List”. Just amazes how bad they can be. Well, maybe for some folks, building a list is not that important.

    Good you bring up testing, seems one of those things many people don’t do. Or maybe they don’t know how.

    I’ve been using Thiveleads myself for optin boxes and more. Really liking it so far. There are so many plug-ins these days. Though I have thought about getting a little more aggressive, I only have sidebar opt-ins. Thinking I might need to switch to a pop-up. Not totally crazy about it, but it will be more subs.

    Fantastic tip on using social proof. Though I know about it, I admittedly do not use it for my opt-ins and squeeze pages. Your right, it can be so powerful.

    I’ve been toying with offering specific opt-in freebies/gifts, but one thing always comes to mind, I’ll end up with too many different lists that I don’t take care of, or have the time to take care of. But still a very good tip.

    Enjoyed the share Ivan. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hey Ron,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting. I often wonder the same as you Ron, when I see the poorly crafted, opt-in boxes, that spring up in my face on more than one website. I don’t think its so much about the list not being important to the website owner, but the website owner being ignorant about how to create an opt-in box that will make the viewer – Say Ah! ha, I must have that, Smile – and opt-in.

      Yes, A/B testing is another area that a ton of website owners just ignore. I’ve never figured out whether that is due to a lack of time, lack of knowledge of how to do A/B testing, or just plain laziness. Many a time I think its just plain laziness.

      Ron, do try the pop up opt-ins. They really work. Create one that looks nice, Offers something that viewers cannot refuse for their Id, then pop this up in the least irritating way for a reader. You can have the opt-in box, slide out from the left, in such a way that it does not cover the content in anyway and it slides out only after the reader is near the end of the post / page.

      You will notice a sharp increase in opt-ins. This approach really boosted my list substantially. I’m sure it will work for you to.

      Plan, cull and shape you lists once a week Ron. After about 6 months or so of work you will have a really terrific list, fertile for your line of business.

      You’ve shared some really great stuff in your comment Ron. This is the kind of stuff that would will benefit my readers a lot. Thanks heaps.

  6. A useful list of right ways to build an opt-in email list.

    CTA’s or Call-To-Actions works, the “Ask” method that promises to deliver news, freebies etc. and “Require” method works. It’s vital to place the right CTA at the right place. There are plugins/tools that we can use to create a creative, smart, clean looking CTA just like Opt-in Monster.

    “Ensure Your Site And Opt-ins Are Mobile Friendly” yes, mobile friendly websites and opt-ins are much successful than others. Mobile users are increasing each year and also people are much into mobile than computer.

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