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11 Ways To Get Your Newsletter Links Clicked

There is reason to celebrate when site visitors begin to convert to subscribers. These site visitors have voluntarily told you, they trust you with their Email Ids. While converting site visitors to consistently is rewarding, this is just half the battle won.

The real challenge is converting these leads into paying customers.

This happens perhaps when people on your mailing list click on an affiliate link embedded within your newsletter content and make a purchase, thus helping grow your income.
When your newsletter recipients click a newsletter link, come to your site and purchase a product or service which helps grow your Internet driven income.

The real world challenge therefore is to get your newsletter links clicked by subscribers within the content of your emailed newsletters. This action really benefits both parties. My two articles on how to grow your mailing list using 5 super tools and 10 ways to get more opt-in subscribers will help you sky rocket your mailing list.

Future and Evolution of Email Marketing

I found what Jordie van Rijn says about the Future and Evolution of Email Marketing very interesting and worth a read.

If none of your subscribers click on a newsletter link and make a purchase you’re losing out on making money. No site owner really likes that situation.

#1 – Newsletter Click Through Rate


The ground reality is that all website owners face miserable click through rates.

MailChimp reports that the average click though rate are between 1% to 3%. These stats are scary really because they indicate a scenario that almost guarantees you no income generation.

However, if one can increase their click through rate by an additional 1%, this will have a measurable impact on the income generated via their website.

The good news is there are things that can be done to boost your email click through rate. Here are 11 tips to achieve just this.

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#2 – Ask For The Click

Start with the obvious. If you want your readers to click on a link in your email, ask them to do it.

Don’t just create a link within your newsletter in the hope that some reader will click it. Tell your readers you want them to do so. Just this simple change in your content will be reflected in an immediate increase in your click through rate.

Writing artfully created – Call To Action – content, as link text or on your button face, has a huge positive impact on your newsletter click through rate.

#3 – Use Questions In Your Newsletter Subject

Asking a question in the email Subject always gets a reader’s attention.

Now, take this a step further.

Ask a question in your email content. Encourage readers to respond. The simple act of asking a question automatically get their mind engaged. That means they are far more likely to click on a link and respond to find out the answer to the question.

The more controversial the question the higher will be the click though rate.

For example:

Did you know that MailChimp reports that the average click through rate is between 1% and 3%?

Did you know a newsletter click through rate of 1% to 3% is terrible for your business income?

Click here to learn out how you can change this.

This link could take the person who clicked it to a landing page that offers a training program on how to increase newsletter click through rate.

#4 – The Newsletter P.S. Section

A P.S. section blended neatly below the newsletter signature offers you a magical little place to add a link that can get you more clicks.

After you sign off on your Email content, use a P.S. section, to deliver a short, pithy, story (connect to the Email content) and add your link within this story. If the link text is crafted to have a great Call To Action you may be surprised just how high your click through rate can climb to.

#5 – Trigger Reader Curiosity Strongly

People are curious, when curiosity strikes they have a pressing urge to do something to offset their curiosity.

This simple truth can be leveraged in email marketing. Curious people are far more likely to click a link OR button that displays a Call To Action that triggers their curiosity strongly.

For example:

I moved my newsletter click through rate to 27% using this technique.

Offer a peek into something that is measurably useful for your readers and then ask them to click a link or a button.

#6 – Deliver Your Readers Great Value Consistently

Okay, I know this has been spoken about every time, but do pay close attention to this. It’s Important.

Giving your newsletter readers value, they can measure for themselves, is guaranteed to get them clicking on your newsletter links.

Delivering great value consistently, builds trust.

When you offer your readers anything that measurably adds value to them they would be delighted to click your links. Some of them may be driven to as share such content with their friends and other contacts.

You click through rate heads heavenwards.

#7 – Vary Newsletter Length

If your newsletter is epic in length, and delivers a great deal of high quality, immediately useful information, it can get readers excited enough, that clicking on the newsletter link is really a no-brainer for them.

Alternatively, a short, succinct email, delivering information that is immediately useable that has only one link with a great Call To Action also can get a great link click through results. When your newsletter readers receive such a newsletter it’s normally pretty clear what you want them to do, BUT do not forget to indicate this anyway.

Email newsletters of varied length is a great way to keep subscriber curiosity piqued to a point where they are just waiting to see what’s coming next. This situation is a real win:win for you.

#8 – Speak Directly To Your Reader

All marketers understand that everyone’s favourite topic is – Themselves.

Use that unvarnished truth and make your email content, link content and Call To Action to be about them not about you or your products and services.

ContentVerve, did an interesting case study where they saw a 90% increase in their newsletter CTR, when they changed just one word in their Call To Action.

They changed
Click here to get your trial
Click here to get my trial

The change from your to my resulted in a 90% increase in their CTR (i.e. Click Through Rate). The word my made the CTA personal.

#9 – Ensure You Use Social Proof

Social Proof

Humans have a very strong herd instinct. Leverage this in your newsletter.

A tried and tested technique to get people to do something is to tell them their friends are doing it too. Use social proof to highlight to your readers that people, who are just like them are taking the action you’ve recommended.

For example:

352 people have changed their lives forever by using <product name> Read about the changes they experienced.

You will be amazed at the increase in your click through rate.

#10 – Make Your Links Crystal Clear

If you are experiencing incredibly low click through rates, take a very close look at you’re the structure and placement of the links within your newsletter.

Just maybe the newsletter design is hiding your links.

Readers are used to seeing blue links which get underlined when a mouse cursor hovers over them.

Stick with that colour combination for your links. It works.

Avoid using strange colours for your links because this blends perfectly with the overall look and feel of the page. The links may blend into the newsletter content to a point where the reader cannot find them.

Your newsletter links must be so clearly identifiable that anyone just skimming newsletter content will know exactly where they are, if you want them to get clicking.

#11 – Ensure That Your Newsletter Is Mobile Friendly


Today at least 60% of your site visitors are viewing their email first on their mobile devices and then perhaps on their desk / laptops. This number will increase exponentially over time.

Be aware of that now. Pre-read your Email newsletters on a mobile device first and see how it looks. If anything at all is slightly off you are in trouble even before your email campaign kicks off.

Ensure that you use an Emailed newsletter template that is responsive and mobile friendly. A template that delivers user delight when being viewed on display devices of different sizes and pixel resolutions. There can be no reason to ignore this as all modern email deliverers like MailChimp and others offer tons of template choices that are all beautifully responsive.

Switch to a template that offers a responsive, mobile friendly design, and you won’t have to worry about losing readers and potential customers because your message looks terrible, turning them off.

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If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please pass on your bouquets or brickbats in the comments section right below.

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12 responses on "11 Ways To Get Your Newsletter Links Clicked"

  1. Hey Ivan,
    There is no doubt that these tips are actionable. They readily can help email marketers get increased newsletter clicks. I agree with two important tips here: #2 – Ask For The Click and #6 – Deliver Your Readers Great Value Consistently. These are powerful tips that should never be forgotten at any cost!

    I left the above comment in as well.

  2. Hi Ivan,

    I found your list very useful to improve clicks. Making sure your newsletter is mobile is becoming more and more important these days but the evergreen standard of consistent high quality information should always be foremost in my opinion.

    I particularly like the tip on asking questions and although I use polls with an added incentive to complete the survey, your idea is simpler and I love simple!


    • Hi Ed,

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my Blog. Really appreciate it.

      I’m glad that you found my Blog post useful, especially that some of its tips added value through simplicity. Like you I love simplicity myself.

      I think the toughest thing to deliver in any newsletter is consistent high quality and value. I send out about two newsletters a month to my lists and that does stress me out a bit.

      That said, what’s life without a little challenge?

  3. Great tips Ivan!

    I am not using our newsletter to it’s best potential right now but I have to sacrifice that for now as I continue to work on my editorial calendar.

    Love how you showed things step by step! I am not doing a couple of those and I HAVE to AND I WILL on my next newsletter.

    Keep up the great work my friend.

    • Hi Dennis,

      Yes, your Blog post really deliver terrific content.

      That while creating the value add Blog posts that you do Dennis, don’t over look the great potential that your newsletters can bring in. Especially if you personalize them carefully. Engaging site visitors, making them feel special are what its all about.

      One or two newsletters, packed with value, and linked back to special articles on your Blog site, carefully personalized will deliver awesome results over time.

      I’m turning cart wheels (at 64 years mind you) that you found my post content added some value to you.

      Thanks so much for the praise Dennis. Deeply appreciated. I will do my very best to keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Ivan!

    Great post on email marketing and conversions!

    I know why the conversion rates average stats are that low.

    It is because most people fail to do the most obvious!

    The most obvious process.

    That is INTRODUCING themselves to the lead, right when they optin!!!!

    Most people online, never really care to introduce themselves on the “Thank You” Page.

    They just let the visitor optin, go to the next page, get their freebie, and that’s it. No warning about emails and subscription whatsoever!

    You have to prepare your new lead for your emails. You need to introduce yourself on the next page, and let them know who you are and that you are going to be sending them emails. If you do not do this, then don’t be surprised when you get very low conversion rates!

    I have been implementing this simple concept, and my current email click through rate varies from 10% to 20% – and it is going up the more I TRAIN my leads to open my emails.

    You have to train your leads to open your email from the very beginning.

    You can have a one minute video introducing yourself or just a nice message about you, on the thank you page. And let the lead know that they will be receiving emails from you.

    The reason these low conversions happen, is because new marketers just capture the lead and start emailing right away. Even if you introduce yourself in the first email – if the lead was not aware that you were going to email them, they will be surprised to see your email!

    And this will cause a lot of your leads to mark your first email as Spam – and that will cause your other emails to go straight to the spam folder all the time!!

    Isn’t it obvious, that you have to introduce yourself and be as transparent as possible with your leads from the very GET-GO?

    This simple concept, if implemented correctly, will increase your conversions rates all around, tremendously!!

    Just my 2cents on the topic! 🙂

    Great topic and tips as well, Ivan!

    Keep up the great work!

    Have a fantastic week! 😀

    • Hi Freddy,

      Wow, what you’ve suggested is excellent. Thank you.

      I have a nicely worded Thank you page delivered via Mail Chimp when someone signs up BUT while I’ve thanked a person for signing up and offered them access to my freebie, I’ve certainly not introduced myself to them not indicated that they would receive regular, helpful, value add newsletters from me either.

      I totally buy the idea of a 30 to 60 second intro video in the Thank you page as well. Today video is definitely a game changer.

      Your Two cents is worth a whole dollar Freddy. God bless, for caring enough to share your experience with my readers.

      Its great of you to drop by an comment, thanks heaps.

  5. Hi Ivan Bayross Sir,

    When I look at my newsletter CTR only 5% people are actually reading the article from newsletter link, I thought I am the only person with 5% CTR but after reading this I am surprised to know that MailChimps average click through rate 1 to 3%..

    Till now I am not concentrated on my newsletter CTR, from now onwards I will start implementing all the 11 tips to improve my CTR especially using Call To Action message in each and every mail.

    Thanks for sharing such good informative post, see you soon sir, keep rocking.

    • Hi Siddaiah,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comments. Appreciate it.

      Glad you found the Blog post content useful. Makes me feel great when this comes from a fellow Blogger of sound experience, such as you.

      Enjoy the day ahead. Its going to be a great one.

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