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4 Steps To Harness The Addictive Power Of Email

9 responses on "4 Steps To Harness The Addictive Power Of Email"

  1. The goal of every blogger should be to get as many of his readers email address as possible because, email marketing is an integral part of internet marketing and I do not see the reason why people should not take it serious.

    Indeed, one of the best ways to get them to happily give you their email is to give them an irresistible offer. Make the offer in such a way that it will be too hard for them to reject and they’ll be begging you to take their email.

    This is a very lovely post Ivan.

    Thanks a lot for sharing

    • Hi Theodore,

      Yes, I agree completely. Its getting site visitors to part with their primary Email Id that’s the big catch point.

      Indeed, site owners should recognize exactly how Email (and newsletter based) marketing is changing for its outbound ways to inbound email marketing.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Theodore. Really nice of you to do so.

  2. Hi Ivan, this is another block buster post. The details are well grounded and the steps practical. I have never thought of the offer of content library before now but its pretty cool to know this trick.

    Indeed, enthusiasm and engagement levels of member of that list is very fundamental to gain a thriving online business!

    I left the above comment in where this post was found

  3. Hello Ivan, I finally got my free report written and made into a PDF and I did get set up with get response and have been going through the training modules on how to go about getting this all set up. I have learned the importance of building my list and am learning new things everyday from bloggers like yourself shoe share freely.

    Next is time to sit down and to start writing those emails and I did take notes on all of your suggestions.

    Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))

    • Hi Chery,

      Thanks for dropping by. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

      Congratulations on getting report readied in PDF format. Actually that’s really not too difficult to do. M.S. Word will save your document to PDF format for you pretty easily. If you use M.S. Word as your editor, after you’ve finished editing your document – Save As – a PDF and you’ll be good to go.

      I’m sure you’ll be able to build a great email list shortly.

      Have a really great weekend Chery. Ciao by now.

  4. Another awesome post about coming up with an effective email campaign strategy. Among all the steps mentioned, I cannot emphasize the importance of the first step. By coming up with a great offer that will reel them into reading your email, you have already gotten their interest and will have a better chance of converting. This also presupposes that you know your audience very well and that you know their wants and needs to help you come up with an unbeatable offer. Great post, Ivan!

    • Hi Christopher,

      Yup, over time I’ve brand myself based on the content that I stream on my Blog.

      Not surprisingly, this draws in site visitors who ar looking for such content. After a while you get to understand your audience pretty well and deliver what they want.

      Understanding the needs of my site visitors also helps me come up with great offers. This always leads to more and more engagement, leading to trust and (often) business.

      BTW, I did enjoy the visit I paid to your Guitar site. I play the guitar myself. Like you I played in a rock band when young. Sold all my equipment for peanuts (like you did) when I had to shoulder real life responsibilities.

      We do have a lot in common, surprisingly. We belong to different age groups (I’m 64 years old). Live in different parts of the world, but share similar life experiences. The world is a village.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Christopher. Appreciate this hugely.

  5. Hey Ivan,

    This was a very detailed post on how to get to best out of email!

    It’s not just about writing a well written PDF, but an engaging one. You want to be able to pique the interest and engage with your audience from the start. I never thought about creating a content library but it does make a lot of sense. This will be the plan for me for the upcoming months and new year!

    Also you must check your analytics and i like the fact that you showed, step by step, on how to measure the traffic that comes to your thank you page. When you do this, it gives you a great idea of what you need to change or what you need to do more of.

    Also you want to brand yourself. I tend to create my target market based on who I am and what I share. It’s funny how many people that come to your blog that are quite similar to who you are LOL.. that makes rapport building much easier!

    Thanks for sharing Ivan! This was definitely a stellar post!

    • 4 Steps To Harness The Addictive Power Of Email

      Hi Sherman,

      Oh Yes! you definitely want to pique interest which almost automatically leads to engagement with your newsletter reader.

      There really is a ton of superb information on the net, available for free. I simply set aside about 1 hour each day searching for high quality material on topics that are of interest to me. When I find stuff that I cannot do without (and I almost always do) I save that material.

      Then I edit the material and add my own experiences to it with images that support such content.

      Once, I’ve got this edited properly and checked for Grammar and spelling mistakes, I place this in my library as a PDF or as an eBook. This is how I’ve been building my library over time. Its been a huge help in getting registrations as well.

      I’m happy that you found my post content useful Sherman. I truly appreciate how you share content on Google+ as well.

      I’ve recently kicked off a similar effort myself learning from you.

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