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5 Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed

You’ve got rectangular shaped eyes researching & validating your content on Google. You’ve edited your content till it was lean, clean, easy to read and delivered measurable value. Now you want to get your Blog noticed in the Blogosphere.

Your post is not as good as other Bloggers, heck no.
It’s so much more in-depth with clearly crafted – Why and How To.
Site visitors will implement the practical tips in your Blog post, without second thoughts.
Now all this value will go unnoticed, if you cannot get your Blog posts noticed.

The problem is that your Blog site seems to attract only a thin trickle of visitors. Your post goes largely unread, unshared with zero engagement (nil comments) from, site visitors.

Hey! Your problem is not with your Blog post content – your problem is really your connections.

Irrespective how terrific your post content is, without well connected friends to share it, it will sink without a trace in the Blogosphere.  Your connections are what gets your Blog noticed in the Blogosphere.

Become Friends With Influential People In The Blogosphere

As a newbie Blogger you’ve got no influence and no site visitors. Yup! Your mom and elder sister don’t count. Family visiting your Blog has really got nothing to do with getting your Blog noticed.

With a billion tons of content indexed by search engines, it’s an incredibly long shot for your first few posts getting read, shared and/or engaged with via comments.

What if you could actually get your Blog post made known to thousands of people?
All of these people will be in your niche and hence already interested in your subject.
Yup, you can make this happen.

That’s what happens when a popular Blogger shares your Blog post.

A popular Blogger already has a large clued in audience that loves what they dish out. They command authority, when the recommend people notice.

Cultivating relationships with popular Bloggers, then getting then to share your work is the secret to becoming a popular Blogger yourself.  The trick is to build a relationship first, create something definitely worthy of sharing, then as them to share this with their clued in audience.

Blossoming Powerful Blogging Relationships

Dale Carnegie published the book titled – How to win friends and influence people – in 1936. That’s right 1936.  He was special, he connected with everyone. You couldn’t help but like him.

Dale Carnegie created five timeless principles, today these are going to help – You – cement lasting relationships with popular bloggers. Awesome isn’t it?

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#1 – Learn From The Blogger AND Let Them Know It Helped

A quote by – Ralph Waldo Emerson – was what inspired Dale Carnegie.
“Every man I meet is my superior in some way. In that, I learn of him”
He used this inspiration and formed a powerful, life-changing mindset.

Till today, this mindset can be leveraged.  You can use this to.

Your very first connect with a popular Blogger is – commenting – on one of their posts. Plan carefully and strive to make a great first impression.

Regretfully, most people waste theirs.

  • They write perfectly useless one-liners
  • Argue with the Blogger without any specifics
  • Lay on false flattery their six year old child will identify
  • Miss the whole point of the Blog post made obvious by their comment

Please don’t make any of these toxic mistakes.

Before writing your comments:

  • Make it a point to read the Blogger’s bio
  • Read their Blog posts which have the most comments
  • Definitely read the comments
  • Sign up for their newsletter
  • Read at least the first five of their newsletters

Look for Blog post content that grabs your attention, delivers valuable input to you, is beautifully explained, or has been done better than you’ve seen before.

Read the Blog post end to end. Take a few minutes to understand what the Blogger’s is saying, once done, write a thoughtful comment in return.  Let your commenting process be as well thought through as the Blog post creation itself.  It tells the Blogger you cared. For any Blogger that’s a terrific feeling.

A great commenter (that gets instantly noticed) summarizes the Blog posts take home message but goes further. Share ways that you have applied the techniques that the Blogger is talking about in your daily life. Mention the benefits that applying what the Blogger mentions brings you.

A bloggers, especially the popular ones, want to feel their lessons and advice are worthwhile.

Make them feel this way, and I assure you, you will get noticed.

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#2 – Give Honest, Sincere Appreciation Using Social Media

Everyone wants honest, sincere, appreciation.  This always lifts you up and makes you feel great. Somehow, you feel a ton more alive.

Find something that you genuinely appreciate about the Blogger and let the Blogger know about this on your social media channels.

Catch the attention of the Blogger using appropriate Hash Tags or this will go unnoticed.

A true compliment is rare. A true compliment in public will make any Blogger smile.  This is simple to do, its honest, and pays back in gold.

In popular Bloggers you do not have to dig too deep to find plenty that is worth appreciating. Hey! that’s why they are popular Bloggers right?

Appreciate the time and effort put into research, writing, editing and presentation, it’s a ton of hard work.  A genuine compliment and some kind words makes the effort put in by the Blogger so worthwhile.

Make them feel this way, and I assure you, you will get noticed.

#3 – Let The Blogger Know They’re Important With A Sincere And Personal Email

Okay there is no disputing the fact that popular Bloggers are important to your success.  Building lasting relationships with them is a necessity for survival and growth.

Building and sustaining relationships with them helps multiply your own site audience exponentially almost effortlessly. Building up site visitors alone is an uphill struggle.

As a Blogger you may be truly talented but at the beginning – you’re a nobody.  Every popular Blogger can relate to this.

Write them a short Email, it’s the perfect personal touch. Make them feel important, you do look up to them and aspire to be like them. Don’t ask anything from the Blogger, just write in and offer to add value to their day in some way – nothing more.

Just don’t take them for granted.  Reaching the top of their game took them years of hard work, dedication, passion and lot of blood, sweat and definitely some tears.

Show you are grateful for their creating mind blowing content and let them know you value this.
Write a sincere Email and you’ll stand out for being a decent human being.

Make them feel this way, and I assure you, you will get noticed.

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#4 – Show Genuine Interest With An In-Depth Interview

“People are not interested in You, they are interested in themselves morning, noon and after dinner” – Dale Carnegie.

Take a genuine interest in someone and they will love you for it.

One night, Dale Carnegie attended a party. He was introduced to a botanist at the party. Never having met a botanist before, he struck up a conversation. Fascinated, he sat at the edge of his chair and listened attentively.

After Dale Carnegie left, the botanist lavished praise on Mr. Carnegie to the host of the party. He concluded by calling Mr. Carnegie “the most interesting of conversationalists.”

The truth was Mr. Carnegie hardly said a word during the conversation. His knowledge of botany could only fuel a two-minute conversation.

BUT – He listened intently.

He listened because he was genuinely interested, and the botanist felt that.

This is really the highest compliment we can pay anyone.

Now here’s a thought, make your next goal to organize a short interview with your favourite popular Blogger.

An interview is the perfect way to connect with someone.

Research and create a great set of questions. Understand what makes your interviewee blogger tick especially where their passions lie. If you cannot figure it out don’t hesitate to ask.

Ensure you craft interview questions get the blogger to open up on their passions. Don’t plan and use a tightly regimented script.

Trigger the Blogger’s passion in various ways BUT let the blogger do most of the talking. During the interview when they are responding don’t interrupt, – this is not about you.

Read a lot of the blogger’s popular posts. Look for common questions in the comments. DON’T ask those. They would have heard those same questions a host of times before.

Work really hard when doing your homework before an interview. Read any books written by the Blogger, create the right questions. Ask these at the right time.

When you do, you will notice the blogger getting more and more enthusiastic as the interview progresses.  Clearly understand and document their passions. Drive the discussions in that direction. Then sit back and listen.

Remember your popular blogger will have an incredible story to tell, ensure that you let them tell it.

The icing on this cake is you will genuinely captivated and entertained though the interview.

Make them feel this way, and I assure you, you will get noticed.

#5 – Ensure You Have The Blogger’s Interests In Mind

After such an interview you will have built a rapport with the popular blogger that most people won’t have.

You will have gained and insight into what makes them tick, what makes so popular, what they are passionate about.

Now go back and listen to the interview again, again then once more for luck.

Get inspired by the interview.  You’ll use elements of this interview and create an incredible post that you will ask the blogger to share for you.

Since your Blog post is all about the blogger’s interests AND is relevant to both your audiences, they ought to promote it without a quibble.

Your Blog post could be about:

  • Something you discussed
  • An unexpected but welcome turn during the interview
  • Something you wanted to learn more about

Make sure you satisfy the blogger’s audience and your own. By sharing your work, the blogger is taking a risk.

Make sure the Blog post you deliver surpasses the blogger’s own standards of quality on content, spelling, English grammar, sentence constructs, images and more.

Fail to meet their standards and they won’t share your post, even if they like you. This would breach their audience’s trust.

Deliver top quality output. If needed, ask for feedback. Take criticism gracefully. Edit your work when asked to.  This is going to improve your writing 100 fold.

That’s your responsibility.

Following these principles before asking for favours. This will ensure you never overstretch your relationship.   Remember, you have much more to gain from this – they are already successful and have an audience – You don’t.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that help me get better each day. Please pass on your bouquets or brickbats in the comments section right below.

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