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6 Reasons why you must be a Digital Marketer

After a thorough analysis of the current Digital Marketing employment opportunities in India, its long term career prospects, international Digital Marketing employment possibilities, a great pay scale and other factors, in this Blog post we have distilled 6 vital reasons why you must build a Digital Marketing career today.

Reason# 1 – Huge number of well paid Digital Marketing vacancies unfilled.

As corporates move from traditional brick and mortar marketing format to a strong digital format the demand for employees with measurable Digital Marketing skills has grown exponentially, so much so that the supply demand situation is skewed, huge demand for DM employees negligible supply.  This delivers is a real employment opportunity today.

DM Vacancies Unfilled

Google shows us that searches for Digital Marketing Jobs continued to grow steeply through 2015. This great demand is an indicator that there is really huge Digital Marketing, talent requirement, in industry today.

DM Talent Requirement

Further analysis shows that, the average pay for a beginner Digital Marketing Manager in Mumbai/India is Rs 465,761 per year. This indicates a premium is being paid out for Digital Marketing talent where available. Compare this to start salary being paid out in brick and mortar marketing jobs to have a real eye opener.

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Reason# 2 – There is a Major Talent Gap

Many businesses are unable to achieve the desired output from their Digital Marketing team, and are thus potentially missing out on their market share. People belonging to conventional marketing are having a tough time learning the art of marketing in the digital space. If  you have the necessary DM skills and you can demonstrate this your potential absorption rate into industry is measurably higher.

Marketing Interview

While working with mediocre talent, hiring managers are finding it hard to sort through a multitude of unfit resumes. Hence, the opportunity pie is really bigger than it looks.

Reason# 3 – Well Established Career Path

There isn’t just one career path in Digital Marketing. You can choose to work for an agency, with an in-house team, or start your own firm delivering DM services to an agency OR a business. You can also freelance sound measurable Digital Marketing skills to the highest bidder should you choose to. There are multiple marketing disciplines which include affiliate, search, social media, e-mail, mobile, and display marketing, to name just a few.

DM Career Path

Take a quick look at the analysis above, the market share for employment as Digital Marketing Managers and Consultants,  is going to grow by 20% in the next four years. Isnt that amazing?

Reason# 4 – The internet is awesome

The Internet is awesome because it is always ON. It offers a ton lower entry barrier for online business ventures. The Internet,  is a common place for people share information and have conversations.  It connects people from all over the world making it easy to communicate and talk with others. The Internet opens up a horizon of opportunities for one and all. Can you think of a day without accessing internet? Be honest.

Digital Marketing Chart

Also, there are multiple avenues in which you can perform and add huge value to Internet driven businesses using Digital Marketing.

Reason# 5 – Wonders happen when you are curious to know

Passion at work

With internet marketing, you are constantly on the move. As a Digital Marketer you have to try new techniques (devices, apps, games etc) to engage with your potential customers. You have to  keep bubbling  with curiosity to be able drive more and more reputation to your brand.  You have to be passionate to know how you can benefit from the “latest” or the “in” thing.  Then apply these subtle changes, and monitor growth. Today, your results are controlled by you. Your growth is definitely in your hands.

Reason# 6 – Always progressive and moving ahead with Time

Keep Moving Forward

In a fairly short period of time, the Internet driven business has made conventional brick and mortar businesses stand on their heads. Digital Marketing has turned conventional marketing around significantly.

According to recent business statistics in India, Major retail brands like Shoppers Stop, Inorbit, Future Group and more are focusing on expanding their business size using Digital Marketing as the driver. Conventional brick and mortar marketing will shrink to about 13% of the marketing space by 2018.

Digital marketing has really great long term prospects. With technology changing and advancing rapidly, Digital Marketing processes cannot stay stationary. DM processes must evolve to map tightly to changing / advancing technologies.  This means that the DM job role will evolve with these changes.  Hence, DM can never go out of date. You’ll have to keep up to survive and thrive though.

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May 19, 2017

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