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7 Simple Editing Rules That Will Transform Your Blog Posts

Some bloggers seem to be naturally gifted writers. They deliver their Blog post using clear economical prose.  Their Blog post readers love them.

Each new Blog post of theirs gets tons of comments and a loads of shares.

You’ve envied them from afar. You want to be as successful as them BUT you haven’t a clue what you need to do to make your writing technique better.

The good news is that there are 7 simple edits, you can easily incorporate into your writing which will improve everything you write. They will transform your writing forever.

Popular Writers Try To Hide This Unfair Advantage

Would you believe that your writing heroes write exactly like you do?  There writing is no better (or worse) than yours.  Their first drafts are just as flabby and difficult to read as any of yours.

Here’s what popular bloggers know. A Blog post is not finished simply because you’ve said all you want to say.  This is merely the start actually.

Most popular bloggers hire an experienced, professional editor to transform their Blog posts from the ordinary to the sublime.  Think of the first draft as a rough diamond. This needs to be cut and polished by a professional gem cutter to transform it into a thing of great clarity and huge value.

Okay so someone else is helping them. A tad unfair right?

Bloggers who do not use an editor have learned how to edit their own posts like a pro.  Fortunately, content editing is not rocket science. Especially if someone shows you what to do.

7 simple editing rules that transform an unremarkable first draft into a polished gem:

#1 – Delete All Filler Words Within Your Prose

Many sentences may begin with the words, it, here or there followed by a form of the verb to be.

Common constructions being: It is, It was, It won’t, It takes, here is, there is, there will be . . .

The problem? Okay let’s look at an example, that’ll help.

There are some bloggers who seem to have . . .

There places the sentence focus on some nebulous thing called – there – when the true focus of the sentence is – some bloggers.  Additionally, you (the writer) has to use another unnecessary word – who.

Hey! That’s three unnecessary words in one unfocused sentence.

Resolve to learn how to spot useless instants of there, here, followed by a to be verb such as is, are, was, and were.  Re-write your sentences eliminating such uselessness.

Here are some helpful examples.

  • It’s fun to edit – Editing is fun
  • It takes time to write – Writing takes time
  • There are many people who write – Many people write
  • There’s nothing better than blogging – Nothing’s better than blogging
  • Here are some things to consider – Some things to consider are

How To Make Blogging Less Time Consuming

Sherman Smith has written an informative packed article on – How To Make Blogging Less Time Consuming. Every serious Blogger should read this.

#2 – Using A Wimpy Words Weaken A Sentence – Don’t

Often is conspires with it, there and here to weaken sentences.  There are uses of is in various forms that weaken the words which follow. The solution is to replace a lightweight is with more powerful alternatives.

Here are some helpful examples.

  • She is blogging – She blogs
  • People are in love with him – People love him
  • He is aware that people love him – He knows people love him
  • Give out – Offer
  • Find out – Discover
  • Make it clearer – Clarify
  • I can’t make it to the party – I can’t attend the party
  • Think of a blogging strategy – Devise a blogging strategy
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#3 – Don’t Cripple Descriptions With Weak Adjectives

If you do not want to sap the strength of your sentence use the best adjectives, not weak one. Be aware that words like really and very usually precede weak adjectives.

Here are some helpful examples:

  • Really bad – Terrible
  • Really good – Great
  • Very big – Huge
  • Very beautiful – Gorgeous

Even if you do not have a really or very preceding an adjective, you can often give your sentence a greater impact by using stronger alternatives: 4. Trim Flabby Words and Phrases
Dirty – Filthy
Tired – Exhausted
Scared – Terrified
Happy – Thrilled

Even worse is using weak adjectives to tell your readers what something is not, as opposed to telling them what something is:

  • It’s not that good – It’s terrible
  • He’s not a bore – He’s hilarious
  • He’s not very smart – He’s ignorant

#4 – Avoid Verbose Colloquialisms Like The Plague

Blog readers today have little patience with flabby writing. Their mouse cursors hover over the back button almost unconsciously. Say what you mean concisely before your reader bounce.

For example:

  • But the fact of the matter is – But
  • Editing is absolutely essential – Editing is essential
  • You’re going to have to edit your work – You must edit your work
  • Due to the fact that editing takes time, some people avoid it – Because editing takes time, some people avoid it
  • Every single person should love editing – Every person should love editing

Hey! Single is redundant.
Shouldn’t married people love editing too?  Okay, I know I’m pushing it J.

#5 – Avoid Using Weak Nouns

Using a weak noun equivalent when a stronger verb or adjective is available, always forces the use of other unnecessary words in the sentence construct.

Count the number of words in the before-and-after examples below. You will notice how using weak nouns weakens your writing.

  • Give your post a proofread – Proofread your post – (verb form)
  • Alcohol is the cause of hangovers – Alcohol causes hangovers – (verb form)
  • The plane’s approach was met with the scramble of emergency crews – The plane approached. Emergency crews scrambled – (verb form)
  • He shows signs of carelessness – He is careless – (adjective form)
  • She has a high level of intensity – She is intense – (adjective form)

#6 – Throw Out the Rulebook On Punctuation

Punctuation use is complicate, even using the humble comma.

Bloggers, use commas sparingly BUT if excluding a comma makes your reader stop reading and bounce off, add as many commas you deem fit, regardless of what the English grammar books say.

Here’s an example:
You can ignore editing and people reading the post may not notice.

By not including a comma between editing and and, readers will I read this sentence and asked themselves, “He can ignore editing and people reading his posts?  . . . Really?

Of course, readers work out the intended meaning a moment later, but by that time, they may have already bounced off.

Let’s look at another example that needs a comma for clarity:

One day, when you find success you can pull out your golden pen and write me a thank-you letter.

By not including a comma between success and you, a reader can ask themselves, “Is success something you can pull out of a golden pen?”

Whatever your approach to commas, you ultimately want your readers to keep reading, right?

You really want them to keep reading until they hit your Call To Action.  If they’ve been mesmerized by the post content with (or without) the appropriate use of commas, and respond perfectly your CTA, you’re winning.

Bottom line, use punctuation, not exactly as the grammar book said you should, BUT by how your readers will stay reading and respond positively to your Call To Action.

#7 – Use Noun Modifiers As Far As Possible

When you use two nouns together, with the first noun modifying the second, we are using noun modifiers.

Bloggers use these because they reduce unnecessary words in sentences shortening them.

Here are some examples:
Tips on editing – Editing tips
Great advice on how to boost traffic – Great traffic-boosting advice
Information regarding registration – Registration information

When you are editing your post content look for words joined by a preposition. Then try and rewrite the construct without the preposition.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Okay What’s The Excuse Now?

These 7 tips are not magical, mystical, or complicated, they are downright boring, and plain.

It’s the application of smart editing rules to post content that separates the awesome from the also Blog.  This is what makes your readers say “Wow! This content is fantastic.”

Here’s a thought, you’ve put in your best efforts in SEO, content marketing, networking, social media promotion and more, all in the hopes that focused readers will come to your site to read your Blog post.  When they arrive shouldn’t your post mesmerize them as well?

What You Need To Do Now

Edit the Blog post that you were just about to publish, apply these 7 simple content editing principles to its content immediately.  Tighten up the content. Then go on and read all the older Blog posts as well and apply these 7 simple editing principles. Tighten up those Blog posts as well.

When you do you will always find a lot that you can improve. Your writing will become 100% more powerful over time due to this effort.

Oh! Sure, proofreading and editing takes time. Yes! You’re really busy.
Your writing heroes edit, and they land / deliver the most read and engaged guest posts, then land book deals, and have an exposure that you only wish you could.
Take a break from #amwriting – move to – #amediting. Your success will be breath taking.

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6 responses on "7 Simple Editing Rules That Will Transform Your Blog Posts"

  1. I hate filler words. I am constantly editing them out of my content, although I never edit enough of them out. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Thanks David,
      Always a pleasure to hear from you. I’m learning to delete filler words in my Blog posts as well. I have to do at least 2 or 3 passes through each Blog post to identify useless filler words out in there when I was generating content out of my mind. I’m always surprised how my mind slips these words in under the radar. The effort I put in to clear this garbage out is paying off in so many different ways. My Blog posts are crisper and easier to understand. In day to day life, I’m also starting to clean out useless filler stuff. Thanks fro dropping by David. I always learn something new or get some re-enforcement from you.

  2. Wow this sure is helpful to create a nice blog… Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. This post gives additional boost to my thoughts about wanting to write better. To tighten my prose and make words meaningful. Thank you for reminding the basics! 🙂

    • Hey Suman!, Thanks heaps for dropping by and leaving a comment. Really appreciate this. I’m glad that my post added some value to you. I look forward to seeing more of your comments on my Blog. It would be terrific to engage.

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