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8 Website Issues That Impact Conversions Negatively

All digital marketers focus on conversions. Conversions is what eventually drives income to the website. Here are 8 website issues that impact conversions negatively, and what you can do about them.

Website owners are constantly (perhaps at regular intervals) making changes to their websites. Perhaps it’s to freshen the site, maybe it’s to make the site responsive, perhaps to add or subtract some content that gone out of fashion, whatever the reasons. Website change is almost a given even corporate websites that are often boringly staid change from time to time.  Each time such change occurs its important that someone focuses on these 8 website issues that impact conversions negatively.

Unfortunately when site changes happen, especially if these changes are not thought through and reasoned some of them can really hurt site conversions rather than improve site conversions.  In this Blog post I thought I’d cover some site changes that are definitely going to hurt the site conversion rate. I’m partially sure that some of these website changes are going to surprise you.

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#1 – Having Too Many Pricing Choices

Often a website owner will decide to segment the prices on the site granularly. Offering multiple mix and match pricing possibilities based on the reasoning that site visitors can now choose what they really need based on specific functionality mapped to price points.

Big mistake – Additional pricing options add new layers of complexity to the site visitor’s decision making process. Imagine buying a mixer / grinder where every little attachment was available as an addon at its own unique price point.

Buyers would spend time agonizing over whether they need the power cord or would one of the power cords at home work perfectly. Maybe they would abandon actual purchase until such niggly issues were sorted.

For example, if you have three levels of pricing – bronze, silver, and gold, the site visitor is going to have to do a lot more thinking about which is most suitable for them, when compared to if there was only one option.

Always reduce the number of pricing options on your pages, (especially landing pages), to the least possible.  In some cases there may be no option but to offer different pricing levels. If you do have such a situation currently (i.e. more than one price for your product or service) try testing out a single price point and test the number of sales taking place.

Let your bank balance be the judge of what pricing structure your site needs to have.

#2 – Removing The Start Here (Home) Page

For most sites this is really the Home Page.  If you do not have a Home Page, which is really the gateway page to all the other pages on your website you are really missing out.  Quite a few website owners hugely undervalue the site Home Page.

If your website has been built without a Home Page then you’ve really got to step back and have a strong re-think on what how your website works.

For many years site owners have created only a series of individual Landing Pages.

They would then do their best to drive traffic to their landing pages, using social media marketing, Article posting, news flash releases and so on, hoping to short circuit the time it takes to convert leads to paying customers.

Perhaps this format of website did well in the past, but today this format of website will definitely lose you a chunk of potential leads, paying customers or both.

This is simply because the Internet is a much mature place today. Site visitors want to build a level of trust between themselves and the site before parting with their email Ids via your opt-in / slide out forms and becoming a lead.

This is where the site’s Home Page, (i.e. Start Here page) plays an important role. Provide a ton of real value on the Home Page itself. This serves as is an instant trust builder between the site visitor and the site, it’s a perfect way to get the site visitor voluntarily into your sites sales funnel.

The site will still have a Landing Page. The landing page is where a lead is converted to a paying customer, but the site will also have a Home Page via which all other website pages are accessible.

NOTE:  The only page not accessible via the Home Page being the landing page.

#3 – Having Video On The Landing Page

If you do a split testing of your Landing page, i.e. one landing page with a video and one that does not have a video, you may discover that the landing page the does not have the video is converting more strongly that the one that has the video.

Hence, if you’ve created a standard – Long-form sales page + video – it may not work for you.

No one seems to be crystal clear as to why that happens, but my guess is the video is distracting and site visitors hop off after viewing it, without closing a sale.

Perhaps the site visitors are reacting to the speed at which the presenter is speaking. A lot of landing page videos have presenters that speak rapid fire with various inflections in their voices. This is often interpreted as being untrustworthy.

This also could be due to a badly produced video that meanders. i.e. Does not get to the point quickly and concisely. The engagement and attention span of site visitors is surprisingly low today.

#4 – Publishing Blog Posts Inconsistently

I know of several Blog site owner who in their prime, had 10000 to 15000 unique visitors per month. They would receive 5 to 10 subscribers every day, multiple comments on every post, great engagement. Site visitors seemed to appreciate their work.

Over time their priorities changed. Their Blog site was under focused. For a while they still get 10000 to 15000 unique visitors per month and a couple subscribers per day, but their audience began to disengage.

By not publishing engaging, informative and helpful Blog posts regularly their search ranking has fallen off.  The social shares of their Blog posts have dropped to almost nil. Site visitors do not come back and re-visit regularly. Traffic has dropped off and site visitors who arrive at the Blog site don’t do much there when they

By not writing regularly, my search rankings have fallen, the social shares have all but stopped, and people don’t come back as often. Not only am I getting less traffic, but the people who come don’t do anything when they’re there.

All because of the inconsistency that developed when the Blog site owner’s priorities changed and they because inconsistent in publishing excellent Blog post content.

#5 – Talking About Everything But User Benefits

There are a ton of sales pages (which do not convert) that describe the attributes of their product or service very minutely. Intricate details of the tech underlay that supports their product or service are detailed carefully. Often with images in support.

A prospective customer is really the least interested in such information.

Prospective customers are most interested in exactly how the product or service is going to make life easier for them, how their daily pain is going to be relieved, especially to what degree.

Prospective customers are most interested in knowing exactly how they will benefit by purchasing the product of service. They are especially interested in whether the price demanded is a good fit against their perception of the value promised.

Finally they are interested in how well the product or service is supported.

For the website owner who created (or is just marketing) the product or service it’s often a really tough job to consciously defocus for all the technical magic (perhaps because this is their comfort zone) and focus sharply on customer perceptions of value.

Do watch this carefully, if you want to increase conversions via your sales page.

#6 – Stop Using Pop-Up Or Slide Out Conversion Forms

In the past there was a hue and cry against using pop-up or slide out forms as being horribly obtrusive. Additionally, perhaps website owners went a little overboard when using this technique to convert site visitors to leads.

Even today I encounter what I think are interesting websites, land on their webpages in an instant I’m displayed a pop-up form that covers almost the whole page AND does not have any obvious Close button demanding my email Id as though it is the birth right of the site to wrench this information out of me.  Honestly, I do not exaggerate.

I’m out of there in a flash.

Today the Internet provides tons of alternatives, I seriously doubt there are any monopolies on content available anywhere. If this is how you use your pop-up or slide out subscribe form then . . . Please STOP.

That said today’s pop-up or slide out subscribe forms are so much more flexible and configurable there is absolutely no reason to have them behave so annoyingly on your website.

Do use a pop-up or slide out subscribe form to help convert site visitors to leads BUT configure them wisely so that they do not irritate your site visitor but convinces them of the value you deliver and gently get them to subscribe.

#7 – Your Website Is Not Responsive

Today you will be losing out on a substantial number of conversions if your website is not a responsive one. Millions of people are viewing billions of web pages daily via smartphones or tablets.

These people are subscribing or buying stuff they need using smartphones. Their numbers are growing exponentially every day.  Do check the Google Analytics of your own website and register the number of people accessing its pages using a smart phone or tablet, you may be really surprised.

Hence, if your website is not responsive, you are losing out and the loss is only going to get larger.

Fix this issue immediately.

#8 – Not Having Clarity, Proof, and Usability

Figuring out whether your website has Clarity, Proof and excellent Usability is definitely tricky. A real effort has to be made, extensive testing has to be done and the test results evaluated in context with what you want the webpage to deliver the site visitor.

Ideally such web page evaluation should be done by a trained, objective, professional.

There’s nothing wrong is wanting a sleek, awesome looking (responsive) website. Just make real sure you are not sacrificing the more important elements like Clarity, Proof, and Usability in the process. If for any reason you do this is definitely going to have a negative impact on your conversion rates.

Eg: For whatever reasons, if you increased the number of fields in your opt-in or slide out form from two (i.e. Name, Email Id) to let’s say six (i.e. First Name, Last Name, Email Id, Phone no, Address) your subscriptions are going to go down sharply.

One last cautionary note, when crafting web page content use a language and style that appeals to your target audience tastes.

Ways You Can Increase Website Conversions Right Now

Keep your pricing options minimal. Every additional pricing option adds a new layer of complexity to the decision making process of the buyer.

If you don’t currently offer a Start Here (Home) page on your website, than you’re missing out on potential conversions.  Create and use a Home page.

Long-form sales page + video / Does not convert well.  If the video isn’t good enough site visitors will leave before reading the web page copy. Remove the video and improve the web page copy.

By publishing Blog posts consistently that are of great quality and add value to the readers you will increase your search engine rankings, social shares and user engagement.

Talk less about what’s inside your product (i.e. Its tech underlay and its attributes). Talk more about how exactly it benefits the purchaser.

Use pop-up or slide out subscribe forms but configure them perfectly so they are as unobtrusive or as least annoying as possible. Ensure that the subscribe form makes the reader a really great offer in exchange for their email Id.  The more subscriptions you get the better it is for business.

Do not use a delayed opt-in form on a landing page which also displays a video.

Use a responsive theme to display your webpage content. Millions of people are viewing web pages online daily via smartphones… Don’t miss out on this traffic because you are using an unresponsive theme to display your webpage content.

Increase webpage elements like clarity, proof, and usability, in turn these elements will increase your conversion rate. Use appropriate language and a writing style that appeals to your site visitors.

These are simple tried and tested techniques that will increase conversions. What worked for you? Do let us know in the comments below.  I’m really waiting to read about this, so are my Blog post readers. Please share your experiences.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please pass on your bouquets or brickbats in the comments section right below.

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20 responses on "8 Website Issues That Impact Conversions Negatively"

  1. Hi Ivan,

    This was really interesting. I always thought videos did convert better (depending on what niche you’re in, of course).

    What about a video, just on it’s own? On the home page, which plays immediately when clicked on?

    Lastly, pop-ups… so annoying, 100% agree



    • Hi Naomi,

      There is a lot of chatter about using videos on a Home page. Some say it makes the page sticky others the opposite. I guess this kind of back and forth will always be there.

      My approach to resolve this is always do an A/B analysis of the Home pages, i.e. One with a video and one without, map the results thrown against your goals.

      If you want to make your Home page sticky where site visitors stay on for a bit – Did the video work or not

      If you want registrations via the Home page = Did the video cause an increase in registrations or not.

      Based on the results of such A/B testing take a call to maintain / enhance or delete your video.

      I believe testing and patience is the safest approach to resolving this issue.

      I honestly do not believe that there is a – Perfect Ground Rule – about a video shown on your Home page.

  2. Hi, Ivan,

    I’ve never seen this topic discussed from this angle before, I really enjoyed it.

    Excellent point about the start page/home page being the trust builder… I couldn’t agree more. I tested a welcome page in the early stages of my blog, but ditched it in favor of the homepage, and I’m glad I did.

    Your third point is very interesting to me. For me personally, it doesn’t have as much to do with the attention span as it does with patience and perception of value. I do like for the person presenting info in video to get straight to the point. A bit of introduction is fine, but not extra chatter when they’ve promised to deliver value on a specific topic… This drives me nuts. My time is just as valuable as theirs and this goes for webinars as well. ?

    Yes, yes, yes! Features vs benefits! Always give the reader/visitor the solution to their most nagging problem and take the time to research to be able to speak their language, and address their biggest pain points.

    I greatly dislike any popups or slide outs that do not have an obvious close button. I’m gone in a flash as well! Also, more than 2 pop ups, and I’m gone. That’s why I don’t visit Neil Patel’s site as often as I want to…It’s frustrating. LOL

    Took care of becoming mobile-friendly in 2014 as I knew it was becoming critically important to do so.

    Clarity, proof and usability <— Awesome! Absolutely!

    Spreading the word…

    Ciao Ciao,
    Carol Amato

    • Hi Carol,

      Thanks so much for your beautiful comment Carol. As a Blogger I always feel great when my reader finds something or value in my Blog posts.

      You made my day with your kind words. Pop-ups and slide outs work Carol, only if the site owner is thinking about the site visitor’s comfort level’s first and then trying to get them to register. I think that’s the nub of the problem, placing the needs of the site visitor above the site owner’s needs.

      In today’s competitive and fast moving world every site owner really needs a double opt-in list. Its a sound foundation for the financial growth of any website.

      BTW, write in a couple of times and crib, gently and firmly to Neil about how you found the pop-ups on his site annoying. I’ve always found QuickSprout pretty responsive to constructive criticism. On the other hand I find their content very valuable so I guess I put up with some site irritations because the value that site delivers far outweighs the site irritations. Having said that, I’ve noticed that the site content is getting a bit dated now.

      Thank you so much for spreading the word Carol. Ciao for now.

      • Hi, Ivan – You are most welcome!

        I completely agree with double opt in, and use this in my own business.

        Yes, I think Neil puts out great stuff, but I have other sites that are just as good (if not better) to learn from where I don’t have the inconvenience. Suppose I do need to check out Neil’s site once a month at least. Don’t think suggestions on sales funnel will make a difference as this is something that is tested and data-driven.

        I like that! Ciao for now! It rhymes! 🙂


        • Hi Carol,

          Yep. What I’ve read on Neil Patel’s site is that he is so busy that he has contracted a lot of consulting work to others. I’m assuming that a lot of the content creation is also being done by others. I guess that is the price of fame and being engaged all the time.

          I had hooked up with QuickSprout when it was about 4 / 5 Blog posts old. There was huge engagement with Neil at that time. Tons of replies and other engagement was directly with Neil. Today this is not true. I guess that is the result of the breathtaking growth Neil Patel has gone through.

          Yes, there are other sites as good as or even better than Neil’s. No doubt about that. It would be terrific if you would share some of the sites you’ve discovered Carol? My readers and I will be grateful if you did.

          On a final note I’ve found sales funnels tricky little things. Often they will obey the rules and and data driven projections, but about 10& of the time the sales funnel with misbehave spectacularly. That % is growing.

          That is what keeps me excited and in learn mode. The Internet offers a ton of stiff competition which impacts sales funnels and sales cycles.

          I’ve learned never to take the Internet and its impact on sales funnels for granted.

          Thanks Carol. Enjoyed reading your POV.

  3. Hey Ivan,
    I agree there are many website issues that readily will affect conversion negatively. All boil down to websites that are not user-friendly and that never offer any solution to the visitors.

    The best of websites provides designs that are user friendly in terms of colors, layouts, link-building, and content management.

    Great post I must say! Readers should really takeaway a lot of ideas from here!
    I left the above comment in as well

    • Hi Sunday,

      Yes, you’ve got it correct. If a site is not designed keeping in mind exactly what the site visitors want / need, the site is simply going to fail. I completely agree with the sentiments you’ve expressed.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing Sunday. Always a pleasure hearing from you.

  4. Hi Ivan,

    You were right, there certainly were some interesting, maybe even contentious, points in your list!

    #1 Pricing – I read an article not so long back which said the exact the opposite and promoted using 3 price points. Perhaps it depends what you are selling. The most common example that springs to mind is WordPress plugins, and I often see 3 price points for the different license versions. That seems quite logical to me as a buyer…do I need this plugin on 1-site, 3-sites or unlimited-sites?

    #2 Video – Well this surprised me too because I thought you would say go for video! I have mixed feelings about this. Frankly, sometimes I get bored by sales videos and can’t be bothered listening to them, especially when the same info is presented underneath in text. On the other hand I guess some visitors prefer to watch a video rather than read. Therefore do you really need to have both in order to accommodate all tastes?

    You’ll be pleased to hear, that on the whole, I agree with your other points, although there will always be exceptions to the rule. In the end I think it boils down to A/B testing and checking your analytics data to see what works best for you!

    – David

    • Hi David,

      Thanks you just made me very happy by saying that there are some contentious points in my list. I love that. It triggers engagement, people react to what they find contentious and pretty often Magic and a learning happens.

      The jury may be still out on 3 price points. Let’s pause for a moment and have a think about this from a business POV. If you have 3 price points AND there are sales happening for the Unlimited sites edition, you have a great product, people realize this and are willing to pay.

      If there is zero sales on the 3rd price point for a period of 6 months, perhaps its time to go back to the drawing board over the pricing or the functionality of the product or both. Then there is always A/B testing available to help ensure that your pricing structure is spot on.
      My approach is think through what your site visitors will find valuable, and pricing versus functionality. Then use what works.

      Ah! videos. Can’t live with them can’t live without them.

      Broadly there are two type of videos I’ve encountered on landing pages.

      The long winding road (windy and verbose) video, which gets to the point at the end of 14 minutes or more.

      I think these video creators are making videos that are a replication of the long and winding landing pages of the past, where it took a heck of a lot of vertical scrolling to get to what you really wanted to know, the price.

      The other is a short, succinct video, not created by the product owner, 1 to 3 mins in length, created by a satisfied product user who just says why they are happy with the product, which sounds unprepared and completely genuine.

      You need to decide what will convert listeners into paying customers and what wont. Finally, there is always A/B testing.

      Ah, thank you for agreeing with a lot of what I’ve mentioned David.

      Let me be the first to admit that I’m never always right, I’ve dropped quite a few clangers in my time, (and will continue to do so) but I try and learn from my – great educational – goof ups.

      Thanks for sharing your POV David. Really appreciate this. Glad you dropped by and stopped for a while.

  5. Good Morning Time Ivan, Wow what a post, it really got me thinking about how my website is set up. HUM?

    I am not even sure I have a Home Page? When you land on my blog you just go to my posts, this is something I need to think about as it sue does make sense HUH?

    I also agree with talking about the benefits, Oh yeh this is what everyone is looking for right? Whats in it for me?

    Great share my friend Thanks and do have an Amazing Day
    Chery :))

    • Hi Chery,

      Have a great morning Chery which I’m sure will morph into a brilliant day.

      I think every Blogger needs to separate themselves from their Blog posts.

      Readers love to learn a bit more about the Blogger. Small bits and pieces of their personal life. A quick look in to their family structure and more. This information makes the Blogger human and relatable to.

      Such information is normally not given via Blog posts, but by using pages on the Blog site.

      The About Me, Privacy policy, Disclaimer, Contact Me pages are all pretty relevant pages.

      I keep freshening them every three / four months. Maybe a color change, maybe a tiny structural change, the adding or deleting of content on the About Me / Contact Me pages and so on.

      Hope this helps.

      Bye for now Chery.

  6. Increasing conversions is something that every business owner is looking to do, especially if they want to be successful. The key thing to increasing conversion is adding value to the audience, in order top gain their trust and approval. There is a science and research that proves what works and what doesnt. These are some great tips that can help many increase their conversions, including me.

    It it interesting to find out that adding video to a landing page would decrease conversions since video is the leading form of getting information. I am glad that you have brought this to my attention. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Lawrence,

      Oh Yes, the simplest (most effective) way of growing an Internet business is by increasing engagement with site visitors. Engaging site visitors by increasing (helpful) conversations with them is a great way to go.

      Adding video to a home page need a lot of thought really, if its about 1 to 3 mins long, to the point, with great audio and video quality then I guess there will be a value add to the Home page. Unfortunately, most video’s I’ve seen appear to meander all over the place, and lose the attention of the viewer within the 1 to 3 min period. After that its likely the site visitor will just navigate away.

      There’s a lot content on the Net, against videos and probably a lot of content for videos. I suggest you do an A/B analysis via Google Analytics and base your judgement of what’s converting on their statistics.

      Great to see you on my Blog site Lawrence. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Hey Ivan!

    Very valuable post you have here! … these are great tips to help a blogger work on better conversions, for sure!

    I agree with your points here. These are things one must recognize and work on, to boost up conversions.

    One thing that it is a must, is Split-Testing. Tracking everything, even the slightest factors, will help you learn what converts the best at your blog.

    You have to be constantly testing everything. And tracking everything, to see what is performing the best.

    Even colors affect conversions. I don’t think most people realize it. But even colors can make a difference in conversions.

    I’m always testing everything at my blog. If you have been following my internet marketing blog, you can notice how many times I have changed colors! haha

    That is because I am constantly testing things out, and tracking everything to see what colors and what layouts make people stay longer, click on the menu, click on my offers, watch my videos, subscribe for blog updates, etc.

    I also look at other successful blogs and model after them. This simple tactic has helped me increase my blog conversions tremendously. I mean, think about it, a very successful blog online has been testing what converts the best for years, right?

    So, it would be a great and very smart idea to analyze their blog site, and model after them. Get idea from how their blog look and how everything is laid out. You will save a lot of time researching and cut your learning curve in half!

    Just one of secrets here! 😉

    When it comes to boosting conversions, is all about paying very close attention to as many details as possible! … as simple as that!

    Great post, Ivan!

    Keep up the great work!

    Have a fantastic week! 😀

    • Hi Freddy,

      Yes, colours cam have a real impact on conversions. Blue is a colour that inspires trust. This was written about extensively when Facebook changed its colour to Blue.

      Constantly testing everything, tweaking little bits and pieces of a webpage, based on the testing, is what really makes a webpage visit a memorable one for the site visitor.

      Memorable web page visits is superb for doing business.

      Paying attention to the smallest of detail on a web page always pays off handsomely.

      Thanks for sharing Freddy. Really appreciate this.

  8. Hi Ivan,

    Yes, yes, I agree with you. I often see sites that have too many pricing options. Indeed, it would confuse the customer in selecting it. I think, it would be faster if we can narrow the selection of customers by providing what they need.

    I also could not agree more with video. I do not know too much with other countries, but there are some countries that have slow internet access. And the video will be something inconvenient for them.

    Ah, you’ve got me. Indeed, there is some time that makes me have to stop blogging for some time. It seems like I have not been able to do blogging professionally. 😆

    I will work harder for the future! 😉

    Thanks for sharing, Ivan.
    Have a great weekend!


    • Hi Nanda,

      Thank you for dropping in and commenting. Always a pleasure to hear from you Nanda. I’m glad you found my Blog post useful.

      I had not though of the slow Internet connection + crappy scamy video. Yes, that would definitely reduce landing page conversions, especially if the video was a long and rambling one requiring several minutes to download.

      I hope you do not stop Blogging Nanda. You are building a dedicated audience to your Blog posts. Given time you’re going to have a really buzzing Blog site.

      Have a great week ahead of you Nanda.

  9. Having Video On The Landing Page – this has something to do with my experience the time I was still learning about online works like blogging, graphic designing and so on. There are multiple of landing pages that has videos and for me, based on my experience; I can say that most of them are fraud. I don’t know why, but maybe because of the articles I’ve read online about scammy online jobs or ways to make money online.

    So for me, a video on landing page isn’t a good idea. Using images, creative ideas on how to drive readers to your Landing page/blog is way better.

    • Hey Metz,

      You said it Metz, having a scamy video on any landing page is a bad idea. Unfortunately if the video blathers on for more than 2 mins it automatically sounds scamy.

      As you’ve pointed out there are a number of other, less negative, ways of arresting the landing page visitor’s attention.

      Thanks for sharing Metz. Glad you did.

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