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Ivan Bayross Digital Marketing Evangelist

I have been an entrepreneur for more than 33 years. Taught at a few MBA schools in Mumbai, India. My subjects are marketing and finance. I believe that both these subjects are supportive of each other, much like a horse and carriage. You can’t have one without the other.

Been in digital marketing for around 18 years. I love to teach the subject, plus define, execute, and tweak digital marketing strategies for my own websites and those of my clients.

I am technology savvy too as I am armed with an M.Tech from Manchester University, UK. In that sense, you could call me a geek-marketer, as I’m comfortable with both technology and marketing.

I have written and published 70+ books in tech and digital marketing. Many of these are available on Amazon.

I want to move my love for teaching to the web now. I’m looking forward with excitement to engage with a wide, varied, audience, all keen on growing their digital marketing skills. Then leveraging these skills to increase their website income.

Meher Bala

DM Specialist

Meher has spent 8+ years steeped in code.

She understands exactly how Apache, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 works together to support any digital marketing strategy.

Her seasoned tech background is a huge help in tweaking any digital marketing strategy that maybe under performing purely due to tech reasons.

DM Specialist

Kavita has spent 10+ years in keeping modest sized teams glued together, working as a single well honed unit.

Like Younus, she is unflappable under stress, and thinks on her feet gracefully.

She is awesome in discovering why a strategy is under performing and points out what needs to be done to fix this. Consider yourself lucky to be taught by her.

Chriselle Bayross

Branding Specialist

Chriselle has 10+ years in Branding. If you want your brand to be – first recall – within your target market she is your go to person.

She knows Internet business. She knows how customers interact with Internet driven businesses.  Which social streams they hangout on.

She crafts engaging copy effortlessly. She thrives on the challenges of brand building and brand reinforcement on the Internet.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Younus has spent >9+ years in creating, executing and validating digital marketing strategies, is cool and unflappable in stressful situations.

He is a lead digital marketing trainer and a linchpin in the SDM training content creation team.

His superb coding and testing skills is the foundation on which his digital marketing strategy rests.

Here is how we rate ourselves

Digital Marketing Fundamentals 100%
Social Media Marketing 80%
Google Analytics 96%
Email Marketing 100%
Search Engine Marketing 90%
Social Media Advertising 70%
Google Web Master Tools 75%
Search Engine Optimization 96%
Content Marketing 80%
Creating A Digital Marketing Strategy 100%
Google Pay Per Click Advertising 70%
Landing Pages 97%

School Of Digital Marketing

Produce employable people, who get hired by top-notch eBusiness and eMarketing companies.

SDM trains people to know exactly which group of digital marketing processes adds the maximum value to any online business.

This is the single defining skill of a great digital marketing specialist.

If we accept you:

You will be someone the eBusiness and eMarketing industries just cannot do without.

You’ll never be alone, we’ve always got your back.

Why Do We Train?

Competent digital marketing strategists are in woefully short supply in the digital marketing space today.

This opens up excellent employment opportunities.

Multiple digital agencies are leaving money on the table today simply because of the lack of the right talent for hire.

We want to change this situation by shaping young professionals into great digital marketers.

This will multiply our own employee bench strength.

We can offer skilled personnel to digital agencies who are starved of them.

If you think for a moment its really a win:win for everyone.

Who We Are

We are five people, four specialists in Digital Marketing. One a specialist in Digital Branding.

Each of us has multiple years of real world experience in defining, executing and measuring, digital marketing & branding strategies for Internet driven businesses.

Strategies that deliver measureable returns month on month.

All of us have mastered the craft of:

 Choosing the most appropriate digital marketing and branding processes for a specific Internet driven business

 Applying them to Internet driven businesss to achieve predefined business goals

 Constantly monitoring Google Analytics statistics to ensure that the strategy works

 If a strategy is under delivering, we tweak it to achieve its predefined goals.

 We’ve crafted digital marketing and branding strategies for multiple satisfied clients across the globe. Each year, at least 75% of new digital marketing work comes in through referrals from happy customers.

 They’ve experienced great Return OInvestment they are our advocates.

 They do business without boundaries.

 Their business works round the clock, delivering income across multiple hard currencies, 24 by 7.

Their business is driven by our digital marketing strategies.

Some statistics we are proud of

Careers Built Since 2010
Participants Satisfied
Agency Training Sessions

Corporates We’ve Strategised For

School Of Digital Marketing

The School Of Digital Marketing is driven by Ivan Bayross, supported by four others.

Four of us are Digital Marketing evangelists. One is a specialist in Digital Branding.

Together we bring a ton of real world experience, in defining and executing digital marketing and branding strategies for Internet driven business.

Our digital marketing and branding strategies deliver measurable returns month on month.

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Contact Information

School Of Digital Marketing
702, 7th Floor, Nav Kiran CHS,
Off. St. Anthony's Street, Kadamwadi
Vakola, Santacruz [ East ]
Mumbai - 400098


  91 9892734331

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