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Are There Simple Rules To Become A Blogger With Authority?

Since my early Blogging days I’ve always wanted my Blogsite recognized as an authority site.  Initially I felt that becoming an authority Blogger was a complex, mistake strewn path. I guess that this was largely due to my lack of knowledge of the Blogging domain.

To overcome my lack of knowledge, I decided to spend some time everyday studying the Blogsites and Blog posts of recognized authority Bloggers so that I could one day become a Blogger with authority.

I was searching for and trying to see a pattern in what they were doing on their authority Blogsites so that I could repeat this pattern on my own Blogsite.

After a while I began to understand why their Blogsites were recognized as authority sites. Surprisingly I figured out that it was Search engines that first recognized their Blogsite as an authority site. This was due to the steady, ever increasing, flow of traffic to their Blogsite, together with the extend time that the site visitors spent on the Blogsite.

Additionally this was most likely strongly supported by the number of Internet searches done for the type of content that the Blogsite delivered.  I continued studying these websites and I’m sharing all that I learned in this Blog post.

These were the patterns I discovered.  I’ve used them on my own Blog site and I’ve had remarkable results. Perhaps when you use then on your Blog site you will have the same results as I did.

Write Short Blog Posts

Most authority Bloggers keep their Blog posts short. I’ve discovered that most of them have Blog posts whose word count is between 1000 minimum to about 1500 maximum.

I also noticed that if there was a lot more to be said on a topic, these Bloggers would create Part II and maybe Part III type short Blog posts rather than churn out a single 3500 word Blog post.

A truth they had discovered was that a lot of site visitors were put off by very long Blog posts, BUT were more than willing to read Part II and/or Part III, if the content of Part I added real value them, (i.e. intrigued the site visitor).

On some Blogsites (quite a few actually) I’ve seen comments from site visitors asking when Part II and/or Part III of a specific topic would be published.  They were quite willing to give their Email IDs to be informed when Part II and/or Part III of specific topic was going to be published.

This spoke volumes to me about the:

  • High quality of the Blog post content
  • Its genuine value add to the site visitor
  • Its topicality at the time
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Get To The Point

Most authority Bloggers get to the point they are driving home quickly. In the early days I often meandered on, writing several introductory paragraphs in my Blog post, when I read those Blog posts today, I cringe. Today, I can see how meandering about (perhaps unintentionally) at the start of the Blog post can throw the site visitor off completely.

My learning? Get to the point of your Blog post, as quickly and concisely as possible. Grab the attention of the site visitor quickly and hold them.

Do Not Use Colloquialisms

There are several words that we normally use while talking to people, that should be avoided when writing a Blog post. Some examples are:


I think


I’m pretty much against the use of IMHO, you are a Blogger and your opinion should be anything but humble.  When speaking its quite simple to mentally filter out colloquialisms, but when reading the written word these can become barriers that the reader has to deal with to extract whatever is the value add to them.

Hence, it’s important to eliminate colloquialisms, slang, swear words from within Blog post content.

Crisp, sharp, short, to the point sentences are perfect to for creating a really easy to read and great to understand Blog post.  Once you’ve crafted a sentence, step back a moment and think of any words in the sentence that you can delete without changing the meaning of the sentence.

If such words exist, quickly delete them and watch how your Blog post sentences become sharply focused, short and clear, Your site visitors will love you for this.

Format Blog Post Content Attractively

No matter what anyone tells you, red font on a black background is a complete no. Please stick with what site visitors have been accustomed to since their childhood.  White paper, black ink.  Studies show that dark grey is the best font color to use for website textual content. Dark grey is very easy on the human eye to read.

Choose you font-family carefully, Serif fonts are more difficult to read on a monitor, Okay they look terrific in a newspaper, but you are delivering textual content via a monitor not as a print out.  Sans-Serif fonts are best for when used to display textual content on a VDU screen, irrespective of whether this is a 21 inch desktop VDU or a 5 inch mobile phone, Sans-Serif fonts render best.

Use white space freely, for example use a line height of 1.2 instead of 1 to add some white space between lines.  Use a slightly large font-size.  11pt or 12pt are great examples.

Insert great sub headlines using a large font-size. 14pt or 16pt are great examples of appropriate sub-headline font size.  Sub headlines help break up large swathes of straight text into shorter, visually more acceptable, blocks of text.

Do use images within your Blog post. Most definitely choose relevant images to enhance the overall Blog content visual appeal. Irrelevant images distract, some may distract enough for your site visitor to lose interest and bounce off your Blog site.

Avoid Excessive Backlinks Within Blog Post Content

Often you may reference material for another site, this is perfectly normal to do, especially if you are referring to another Blogger and their Blogsite.  Avoid this as much as possible because such links are a distraction to your site visitor, worse such link, inserted by you, can actually cause a site visitor to navigate away from your Blog site rather than spending time on your Blog site reading your material.

If you must have back links in your Blog post content, then create a neat list right at the bottom of the Blog post. Surround the links with appropriate link text so that Search engines find them useful.

Write Blog Posts That You Want To Read

Write Blog posts whose content you will have no reservations reading. Avoid generalized, vague instructions like Know your site visitor demographics intimately.  Oh Yes, I know this sounds really grand, but it means almost nothing to 95% of your Blog site visitors.

The truth be told, Matt Cutts certainly does not know his site visitors, his site visitors want to know what Matt Cutt knows and hence they throng to his website. When your site visitors believe that your Blog content is not to miss ever, you’ve arrived AND you may know nothing of your Blogsite visitors whatsoever.

You Do Not Have To Churn Out A Post Everyday

Writing regularly does not mean churning out a Blog post every day, or worse two Blog posts a day. The Blog post content may suffer.  The content may appear contrived or forced, because you are stressed out attempting to churn out content every day.

Blog post content created because you want to (as different from because you need to) is way more interesting to read. The Blog post content would flow easily/freely because your mind is at peace and you are doing something you enjoy and really want to do.

Craft A Formula For Creating A Blog Post

Create a standard structure for your Blog posts for example:

The Blog post will start off with a great headline.

Just below the headline will be an introductory paragraph, just a couple of lines that will arrest the site visitor’s attention and trigger a compulsion in them to click your read more link.

Hence, the Blog post’s headline and introductory paragraph are definitely the two most import parts of your entire Blog post. Decide on appropriate sub-headlines.

Definitely have a Conclusion.  If possible / appropriate have some call-to-action within the concluding paragraph.  You can judge by the number of people who acted on the Blog post’s call-to-action just how compelling the Blog post content really is.

Once you have a Blog post structure defined and honed, at least 50% of your work of writing a compelling Blog post is complete.

Choose, your Blog post topic well. If it’s a topic you are passionate about, this will show in the content. If it’s a topic you are competent in this will show in the content. If you have definite opinion(s) about the topic this will show in the content.  That is what catches the attention of the site visitor and keeps them riveted to your Blogsite.

Obsess over the quality of the Blog content not its quantity and your Blogsite will become an authority site soon enough strongly driven by your site visitors.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

If you use any other strategy to increase blog traffic then please share with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi Ivan,

    A really helpful article! I agree with you. Writing shorter posts but of high quality is beneficial. And of course, maintaining consistency is also important.


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