10 Tips Guaranteed To Multiply Your Welcome Email Engagement 4X.

by Ivan Bayross
10 Tips To Multiply Engagement 4X

Every small business owner, who gets an income via the Internet, is stressed for time. They have a ton of things to do every day. It’s like running at high speed, but staying in the same place.

Hence, when a subscriber signs up to their email list, they often just add that subscriber to an email list on their Email service provider.  The new subscriber will simply get their next scheduled email.

Business owners must change this.

Seriously Consider – Dispatching A Welcome Email Instantly.

Welcome emails deliver an excellent opportunity to:
Engage immediately with your new subscriber
Catch their attention
Make them an offer they’d find hard to refuse
Draw them into your business right away

Statistics show that the average read rate of welcome emails is as high as 34%. This read percentage is considerably higher than all other types of marketing emails.

Additionally here are some more eye opening – Welcome Email – statistics.

Welcome Emails:
Deliver 318% more revenue than promotional emails
Offer an 86% increase in open rate over all other types of email
Have a 194% increase in click through rate over all other types of email

If you are not sending out a carefully worded, welcome email, to all website registrants start doing this right away.

You’ll notice a definite increase in sales. You’ll notice a definite increase in website income.

From my past experience as an Internet driven business owner, I’ve noticed that most website owner struggle to create engaging, salesy, welcome emails. They sell great product(s) or service(s). Unfortunately, creating engaging sales / marketing content is always difficult for them.

In this Blog post I’m going to cover a few essential things you must build into your Welcome Email process to make it brilliantly effective.

Be Prompt

For your welcome email to be perfectly effective, send it as soon as a site visitor registers via your website.

Your website, and what it offers, will be fresh in the mind of your new subscriber.

That’s why they’ll be more likely to interact, even purchase, because of this. Effectively, moving onwards from site registrant to paying customer.

Deliver Great Content

Yes, welcome emails are used to thank a subscriber for signing up. This must be at the core of this email.
Just a – Thank You For Subscribing – really adds no value to a recipient does it?

In addition to saying – Thank You – include some value add content you’ve created to the welcome email.
Share links to useful Blog posts. Blog posts that explain the how to, as well as the why and what.

Offer an eBook download. Ensure the eBook is packed with how to type information your subscriber will find invaluable.

Add links to social media platforms OR links to where subscribers can go to get more information they can use for themselves.

Offer a free webinar on a topic that your subscriber will find hard to ignore.

Add a link to a podcast that has content a listener will find tremendously useful.

Offer a free 30 minute 1 on 1 consultation. There really is nothing like talking to someone face to face to build trust which encourages business to happen.

Use a judicious mix and match of the above in your – Thank You For Subscribing – email. Get your new subscriber to engage with you (or your website) after subscribing.

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Email Automation

Email Automation makes it easy to send emails quickly, without you spending time doing this.

All Email service providers like MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber and others, offer email automation services.

The instant a site subscriber is added to a mailing list, you can automate the dispatch of a specific – Thank You For Subscribing – email to them. You craft the content of such an email.

All 3rd party email service providers offer a ton of responsive email templates for just this.

Use one you like.
Add your – Thank You For Subscribing – message
Add your engagement content
Add an attractive image
Add your Call To Action
Within the responsive template you’ve chosen.

Bind this Welcome Email to a specific list. Now, whenever a site registrant is added to this list, automation takes over. Your pre-created, Thank You For Subscribing email, is instantly dispatched to the registrant. Driving engagement.

Creating the engaging, value add, Welcome Email is a one time job. After that the dispatch of this email to anyone who registers on your website is instant and automated.

If you create engaging welcome emails that hook your subscribers from the beginning, you’ll help ensure future emails from you are opened and acted on.

Welcome Email Tips

Here are 10 crucial tips you must focus on when creating your Welcome Email to ensure that it works for you effectively.

TIP 1: Dispatch the Welcome Email the instant a site visitor registers on your website.

When your website is still fresh in their minds. Use your email service provider’s automation system to ensure this happens perfectly each time.

TIP 2: Create your Welcome Email’s subject line to arrest the recipient’s attention.

A lot of email marketers start the subject line with word Welcome. Then they go on to describe exactly how the recipient will benefit if they read the Email.

TIP 3: Personalize your Welcome Email greeting.

All Email service providers offer this facility to you. Your Welcome Email is the perfect time to address your subscriber by name. Kick start your personal relationship right from the 1st email itself.

TIP 4: Tell your recipient’s what you want them to do next.

Share links to useful Blog posts. Blog posts that explain the how to, as well as the why and what.

Link to your Sales page and offer an irresistible discount using a coupon code bound to an awesome
Call-To-Action. Give your recipient real reasons to ramp up from a site registrant to a paying customer.

TIP 5: Give your registrants something.

Offer an eBook download which is packed with how to type information that your subscriber will find invaluable.

Add links to social media platforms or links to where subscribers can go to get more information they can use for themselves.

Offer a free webinar on a topic that your subscriber finds hard to ignore.

Add a link to a podcast that has content that a listener will find tremendously useful to them.

Offer a free 30 minute 1 on 1 consultation. There really is nothing like talking to someone face to face to build trust which encourages business to happen.

TIP 6: Ask for a follow

Including links to your social media profiles in your Welcome Email is a great idea. BUT don’t forget to specifically ask for a follow.

Give new registrants great reasons to follow you. Make an exclusive offers via your social profile. Offer them sneak peeks, eBook downloads, podcast downloads, video access or other value packed freebies via your social profile.

TIP 7: Ask recipients to add your Email Id to their white list or safe senders list.

This will ensure your Emails always hit your recipient’s mailbox. Use simple language when you do.

Such as, Please ensure you add this Email Id to your safe sender’s list. This ensures that all the awesome offers I send you, will reach you.

TIP 8: Always include an unsubscribe link.

Your welcome email (and all the other emails you dispatch) must have an unsubscribe link clearly placed within them. Even as you on-board new registrants, ensure they have an easy way to unsubscribe. This shows that you have a healthy respect for them.

TIP 9: Ask registrants / recipients to recommend a friend.

Referred friends of registrants tend to be much more engaged than registrants from other sources. Hopefully they will register on the site with no resistance. Remember they’ve been told that your site adds value to them by their friend.

TIP 10: Use attractive, eye catching images in your welcome email.

Colorful, relevant, eye catching images, in your welcome email anyways helps trigger engagement. Especially if it’s your very first, welcome email.

Ideal Freebies To Offer

Here are tried and tested techniques which will drive engagement with your website.

Use this within your very first – Thank You For Subscribing – email. Experience some awesome site engagement results.

The technique itself is simple enough. Offer something free to your email recipient. Something valuable enough that they are compelled to access your website and get their freebie.

Here’s how you do this.

Make Your Freebie Offer Specific

Let’s assume your freebie is a free eBook, White paper, or Case study.

Ensure that its title indicates a specific outcome. The – outcome – being something you know your recipient cannot resist.

For Example:
An ebook titled: Content Marketing Guide

Is a weak title. There is nothing specific in the title which indicates a definite value add to your recipient.

An ebook titled: How Pro’s use content marketing to draw in thousands of site visitors.

Is a strong title. There is a powerful outcome within the eBook title, which compels the recipient to click your link, come to your website to download your eBook, driving site engagement

Promise Results In Your Freebie

Offer an eBook, White paper, or Case study titled:
Complete your social media marketing tasks in 45 minutes flat with this checklist.
Drive 3000 site visitors to your site in 45 minutes a day. Multiply your income 4X.

Offer Instant Gratification In Your Freebie

Today everyone wants shortcuts. Your recipients are looking for information they can absorb fast and apply immediately. Which delivers measurable / viewable results for them.

Your offer of a Free Video Course that teaches them – Multiply Your Website Income 3X Using Just 2 Hours Each Day – is likely to be snapped up instantly.

Thus driving a lot of incoming site visitors to your site. As well as keeping them on your website. Search engines like Google just love this.

Remember, you risk losing in-bound traffic if a recipient suspects they’re in for a long, slow, learning process, however valuable that learning may be.

Let Your Freebie Show Your Authority

Your reason for offering an irresistible freebie is to move your recipient into your sales funnel.

This is a – Thank You For Subscribing – type of email your recipient is interacting with your website for the 2nd time. The first time being their impulse driven sign up to your site. Create and offer your freebie to show that you are an expert. Persuade them to want more from you via your freebie.

There are two vital things your freebie must do.
1. Advance your relationship with the recipient
2. Increase your recipient’s trust in you
So don’t hesitate to give away your best tips.

Offer Value – Measurable By Your Recipients – Via Your Freebie

Here’s a simple way to measure the value your freebie.

When your recipients would be willing to pay for your freebie, without hesitation if asked, your freebie is perfect.

Ensure that the presentation of eBook, White paper, Case study or free Video training, is top-notch. Your presentation must visually engaging and deliver value that is experienced by your recipient.

Invest the time (and/or money) it takes to create a superbly designed, attractive, engaging freebie.
It won’t be long before your recipient’s will ask you for (and join) your paid for solutions.

Blow your recipients away with an immensely valuable freebie. They will be more receptive to paying for your subsequent offers. They will recognize your authority. They will grow to trust you.

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Here’s A list Of Freebies You Can Offer


An eBook for download is a safe bet n your – Thank you! For Subscribing – email.
eBooks offer room for creativity. The most popular are the – How To – type of eBook.

BONUS: Create a terrific – How To – type of eBook. Offer a ton of in-depth information. Don’t hesitate to stretch your budget. It’s easy to repurpose your eBook content in a variety of different ways.

A Video Based Training Program

Offer free access to a short, succinct, video based training program.

Consider offering:
A video course that is instantly accessible Drip feed multiple – How To – type videos.
Max 4 training videos, delivered once a week perhaps
Deliver these videos in sequence using emails, via your autoresponder
Real world customer success stories
Archived, value add webinars

A Checklist For A Website Process

People love order and simplicity. This makes checklists and tip sheets valuable to them.

In the – Thank You For Subscribing – email make it crystal clear how your checklist will save the recipient a ton of time, while ensuring accuracy. It will always be well received.

Offer A Resource Guide

A resources guide are another form of engagement hook that recipients respond well to.

A resource guide might be:
A list of services and/or software solutions you use and recommend
A list of eBooks, podcasts, blogs, websites that offer great – How To – type info
A list of any type of resource you believe will add value to your recipient.

Offer Free Website Or Marketing Strategy Assessments

A hot areas are:
Webpage (Landing / Sales / Home / About) content assessment and critique.
Website UI/UX assessment
Website on page SEO assessment
Page load speed assessment and critique
All of which could be immensely useful to a recipient.

BONUS: Assessments are valuable to you as a marketer. Assessments deliver in-depth data about each prospect.

You can leverage this data strongly, when you offer your recipient a paid for solution later.

Offer A Free Trial For Your Product Or Service

If you have a product or service consider making it available via – try then buy. A free trial offer definitely draws recipients to your website multiplying engagement.

Recipients of your – Thank You For Subscribing – email will be more likely to convert to paying customers after becoming familiar with your product or service. Especially if they had a great experience using it.

NOTE: An extremely popular form of – Free Trial – offer is the freemium model. Here, your product or service may remain free forever. (Or a prolonged period of time). Your revenue generation model being to unlock features in the product or service using a paid for upgrade.

Offer Free Entry To A Contest On Your Site

Contests lure your recipients to access your website to participate. Thus increasing website engagement.

Recipients often see contests having the potential to reward themselves with products, services, and discounts if they win in the contest.

The other reasons which could draw recipients to your contest can be:

Winners could be featured in your website and in your social media groups, pages.

Often the simple act of participating in the contest is reward enough for a recipient.

If you use these simple, tried and tested techniques, without a doubt you will drive engagement with your website from the very first – Thank You For Subscribing – email you send to your new website subscribers.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

I promise that I will answer all comments. I promise that I will engage with you.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please pass on your comments in the comments section right below.

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Imran October 7, 2020 - 5:10 am

Amazing stuff sir, so much value we can create in the welcome email itself… So much to offer the subscriber to engage them more with our brand and make them a part of the sales funnel… Thank you so much ❤️

Ivan Bayross October 7, 2020 - 10:04 am

Hi Imran, Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. I’m glad my post helped you craft a better ‘Welcome’ Email sequence. Too often online entrepreneurs ignore the importance of sending out a terrific welcome email to site registrants. A sequence that arrests, engages and ensures they remember your website.

Happy selling to your mailing list Imran.


Ivan Bayross
Admin SDM,


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