13 Platforms That Will Deliver Online Courses Brilliantly

by Ivan Bayross

You are a domain expert. You are ready to create and sell your high value online course. Every course creator knows that selling online courses is a fantastic way to earn a steady monthly income.
You are unsure of which is the best platform to use to deliver your course.

A few years ago, creating an online course was costly. It required the course creator to purchase an expensive camera with a tripod, microphone with its stand, special video editing software and more.

Each course creation element had its own learning curve. A learning curve which could be daunting even for those course creators who had sound technical skills.

Barriers like these stopped many gifted domain experts from pursuing course creation as a realistic way of bringing in a steady monthly income. An income that could pay all their bills and leave 20% over for wealth creation.

Many domain experts simply didn’t have the time, money, or expertise to handle all that was needed to create and deliver online course content. Fortunately, times change. As does technology. There has never been a better time to create your first online course than today.

Finally, there are affordable, accessible, easy to use tools, which allow virtually anyone to get an online course up and running in just a few hours if they really wanted to.

Today there are so many course creation and delivery options that it can get overwhelming for course creators to decide which one would work best for them.

In this material, I’m exploring several popular online course platforms that domain experts, with limited technical / creative skills, are using almost effortlessly to create and delivery awesome, value add, online courses to their participants.

If you are a first time, online course creator or an experienced one, you will benefit greatly by reading this content. I assure you there’s something here for the novice to experienced online course creator.

These course delivery platforms were created with the small business owner in mind. Many of them have free trials or free options available. This makes these tools affordable even on a shoestring budget.

Premium plans of these platforms offer access to extra perks like:
Live training in their use
Online support if you get stuck
The ability to integrate with other useful website tools
The ability to run your own affiliate program
And tons more . . .


The Thinkific Course Delivery Platform

Thinkific’s mission is to empower today’s course creators.

They have excellent customer service. Free training offered to all prospective course creators. Thinkific is an easy-to-use option. Especially for new course creators.

From personal experience, I can vouch for the ease of use of this platform and the simplistic yet powerful interface it provides for students.

Thinkific’s $0/- starter plan requires no upfront costs. What Thinkific takes is a 10% transaction fee from each course you sell. Their premium plans begin at just $49 per month.


The Teachable Course Delivery Platform


The Kajabi Course Delivery Platform

Kajabi is an all-inclusive platform that allows course creators to create more than just courses.

You can create:
A membership site
Open an online store
Develop a training portal
Sell other kinds of digital products
Send marketing emails
And so much more.

Kajabi has several templates on offer to start building the look and feel of your site quickly.

Pricing plans start at $129 per month. A one-month free trial is available.


The Rukuzu Course Delivery Platform

Ruzuku is pretty straight forward. It offers course creators the option to host unlimited students and unlimited courses across all plan levels.

Most course participants find it really easy to navigate Ruzuku.

A notable difference between Ruzuku and other platforms is that some of their plans permit the course creator to host webinars. Which is kind of cool. Ruzuku has plans starting at about $99/- per month. They offer a free 14-day trial.


The Skillshare Course Delivery Platform

Skillshare is a pretty well-known course marketplace. Skillshare can proudly talk of delivering course content to more than 2 million course participants.

Course participants pay a $10/- monthly membership fee to access unlimited premium courses.

As of January 1, 2017, Skillshare teachers are paid based on the number of minutes watched across all their courses. A threshold of 30 minutes (across all courses offered) must first be watched before a teacher is eligible for payment in a given month.

It’s completely free to publish your course on Skillshare. They offer a 30-day Teach Challenge for new course creators.

#6 – UDEMY

The Udemy Course Delivery Platform

Udemy is an old and matured course delivery platform. It has over 15 million students worldwide.

Course creators can publish their courses for no up-front costs.

Udemy does a revenue share with course creators, keeping 50% of the course sale if made from a Udemy promotion. Keeping 3% of any sale made directly by the instructor.

Course creators are allowed to set the price of their courses within a range of $20 to $200.


The Gumroad Course Delivery Platform

Gumroad was once considered more for selling digital copies of artwork and books. Today it has evolved to be so much more.

Today Gumroad offers course creators the option to publish and sell online video, audio, and/or text courses to their course participants.

The courses on Gumroad can be rented or purchased by any paying customer. As course creator, you can choose your own pricing for the renting or purchasing of the courses you offer.

Pricing plans for Gumroad start at $10/- per month. Additionally, there is a 3.5% + $0.30/- per sale transaction fee. They offer a free 14-day trial.

#8 – PODIA

The Podia Course Delivery Platform

Podia is an online platform that allows you to:
Create online courses
Sell digital products
Create landing pages
Send emails
Drip content
And more, for one all-inclusive price.

All-inclusive plans start at just $39/- per month billed annually. For this price, you get 2 months free. Podia offers a 30 day free trial.


The Coursecats Course Delivery Platform

Coursecats allows you to easily build an online course using WordPress. It’s considered a no-hassle customizable course website in a box.

Coursecats empowers course creators to create:
As many courses as they want
Landing pages and sales pages

Coursecats offers excellent customer support throughout the process. They do not charge any transaction fees.

Coursecats bills you at $59/- per month or $497/- annually. Course Cats offers a free 14-day trial.


The Digitalchalk Course Delivery Platform

Creating your courses in DigitalChalk is quick and simple.

DigitalChalk has a terrific support team for both the course creator and their course participants.

As course creator you can get extensive help:
Building your courses
Creating a point of sale
Getting paid
Dealing with refunds
And more . . .

All the help and support that a domain expert course creator who is not very tech savvy needs.

As course creator, you can sell courses online immediately.

DigitalChalk’s integrated eCommerce Suite ensures that you do. This all-in-one solution gets you to market quickly.

You can upsell, cross-sell, have discount coupons – everything you need to appeal to every type of buyer who wants to learn.

No merchant account or payment gateway required DigitalChalk’s got that covered, too.

DigitalChalk has course delivery plans priced at a very modest $25/- per month.


The Learnworlds Course Delivery Platform

Learnworlds empowers you to captivate students’ attention with their interactive video features. You can add titles, interactive buttons, & quizzes. You can convert your texts into responsive ebooks.

Learnworlds helps you (i.e. the course creator) to sell more online courses using:
Discount coupons
Bundled courses
Monthly subscriptions
Drip feeding course content to participants
And a whole lot more.

Their tools offer course creators unparalleled flexibility in marketing your courses.

Even those domain experts, who are not tech or design savvy can create stunning sales pages for their courses. There are dozens of eye-catching templates on offer. No design or development skills are needed. Their course builder/page builder tool is simply drag and drop then edit.

All pages created using the Learnworlds page builder tool are responsive. They look terrific on all display sizes.

Learnworlds starts at a modest monthly subscription of $29/-


The Pathright Course Delivery Platform

Pathright empowers course creators to design amazing courses quickly.

Transform your course ideas and content using easy actionable steps.
Demonstrate any subject / topic / module or lesson using video, audio, and text based tutorials.
Create projects, discussion exercises, and more.
Build new courses using pre-planned steps. It’s much like snapping together Lego blocks. It’s really as simple as that.
Assess your course participant’s progress using game-like practice quizzes or graded tests.
Set points earned by doing exercises.
This motivates course participants to do the exercises to get great grades.
Add public or private notes which help learners & instructors dig deeper and experience more.
Reward all those who complete a course with a downloadable / printable certificate.

All of this is available to course creators for a monthly fee of $99/-


Zippycourses Online Course Delivery Platform

NOTE: To create a course in Zippcourses you have to be invited in.

As a course creator, one needs both. Until now, course creators had to piece it all together themselves.

Zippycourses offers course creators the very best of both worlds. Zippycourses is optimized for creating, selling, and running your online courses.

Zippy makes building online courses quick and easy. No tech-headaches and no coding skills required. Just create a new lesson, upload its content, and you’re done.

Of course, you can rearrange, edit and update the course content at any time. If you can point-and-click and use your mouse, you can build your course with Zippy.

Zippy allows you to create access tiers to your courses. Instead of just selling a course at one price, you can create one course with multiple tiers and sell each tier at a different price.

All of this (and a heck of a lot more) is available to a course creator for $99/- per month.

Online Course Delivery Platform Comparisons

Quite often course creators would want to compare both features and costs across two, three or more course delivery platforms. There are several websites that offer this kind of information.

Here’s one I like to refer to because it gives me information in a way I can understand and use.

Being able to make such a comparison empowers the course creator to make an informed decision when choosing the best fit course delivery platform for them.

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