20 Media Types That Make High Value Online Courses Outstanding

by Ivan Bayross
20 Media Types That Make Online Course Outstanding

All course creators need to grab and hold the attention of their course participants. That’s how they increase their course completion rate. That’s how their course participants become their course advocates.

The most successful online course creators use multiple types of media to deliver their course material.
What’s important, is that they achieve this with almost zero increase in investment, other than time.

In this eBook, I’m going to share 20 types of media which you can add to your high-value online course. Using these media types makes your course arresting and engaging. While delivering a user-friendly experience to your course participants.

#1. Animated Course Videos

Animated Videos

A video, which uses animation to deliver your message helps keep your course participants absorbed.
i.e. As different from static text content slides or talking head type videos.

Animated videos are also very effective when:
Advertising your course
Helping your course participants learn to use your course dashboard

Powerpoint for M.S. Windows and Keynote for the Mac offer brilliant, built-in animation.

There is a ton of Internet-based training available for free that teaches you how to use the built-in animation of these products.

There is a lot of additional Powerpoint and Keynote animation available for free or for a very modest price.

There are a load of freelancers who will happily add visually engaging animation to your course content for a very modest fee if you’d rather do that.

If you’ve got an M.S. Windows laptop or/and Apple Mac you’ve got all you need to add terrific animation to your online course content.

There is also a lot of free video animation software available for use on the Internet. There are also many modestly priced, but brilliant, video animation software for use on the web as well.

#2. Recorded Video Presentations With Narration

Video Creation Software

I use recorded video presentations with a voice narration a lot to deliver my high-value online course content.

Let’s say your lesson is completely written out in text. Textual content does look one heck of a lot more interesting when delivered as slides. These offer a far more interesting learning experience for your course participants.

Hence, why not record a quick presentation?

Apple Mac users can use QuickTime for free. Alternatively do consider purchasing software such as Camtasia or Screenflow for creating your presentations. You’ll never regret you did, I promise.

NOTE: I’ve used Camtasia for a long time now and I’m perfectly delighted with the product.

Your course lessons will be 1000 times more visually engaging. They’ll deliver a far most interesting learning experience to your course participants.

#3. Live Online Workshops

Weekly Online Workshops

Your online course content can be obtained from a live online workshop.

Skype, Zoom, WebinarJam, GoToMeeting; are all brilliant examples of software that empowers online course creators to run live online workshops.

NOTE: I’ve been using Zoom meeting rooms for my live online workshops.
It’s brilliant. It’s free for up to 100 participants
It records to cloud storage or your local hard disk (your choice)
It’s video and audio quality are just brilliant

A pre-recorded & edited video of a live online workshop can be a terrific Bonus offering for an online course module.

What adds huge value, is that your course participant gets to see and hear how others (like them) are experiencing and solving their issues. This helps build a lot of confidence in you & your online course.
Live online workshops can be used to build your email list. They can be additional surprise content to offer your course participants. They can add powerful persuasion when used on your landing or sales page.

I honestly believe I’m an introvert. That said, I’ve done one heck of a lot of live workshops.

I’ve discovered they are a wonderful way to:
Get used to teaching others
Test out new training content
Grow my email list
Building a much more robust and engaging online course.

#4. Online Workshops, Edited & Repackaged

This is one of my favorite ways to create new content out of something I’ve already done.

I take a live workshop I’ve done (as mentioned in #3) then I enhance them by:

Editing the recording. I take out unnecessary dialogue. Any time-specific references that do not apply anymore (ex: Next week I’ll be doing another workshop on X topic). Other content I don’t want.

If necessary, I’ll blend in a re-recording of a specific section that I feel needs redoing. I’ll add in in corrected slides in case I noticed a spelling mistake or other error. Sometime I may add an entirely new section if necessary. My focus is to add a huge amount of value to the recorded online workshop.

Since I’ve completed the live workshop, I know all the points I’ve shared. I convert that knowledge to a workbook as a support for the online workshop. I offer the workbook as part of this training content.

I create the online workshop video transcript and offer this as a download in PDF format. Course participants often use this PDF to follow along while watching the video.

#5. Use Screencasts To Deliver Course Content

You’ll need software that will allow you to capture your laptop/desktop screen in real time to create a screencast. If you’ve already got either Screencast, Camtasia or Screenflow (see #2 above) you already have all that you need to create screencasts.

If you have not then you could also consider SnagIt. SnagIt is an inexpensive screen capture software that also does the job of creating screen casts.

You can create excellent, engaging easy to follow How To type tutorials using a screencast. You can teach any type of computer task, tips or hack using a screencast which your course participants will find easy to understand and follow.

Videos of your screen (often called screencasts) allow you to provide software tutorials, or tips/hacks on how to do any type of computer task, and much more.

In the example below, I was taking course participants through a Mind Map for starting their own home business.

A Mind Map Example

#6. Do A Video Interview Record & Publish

Doing A Skype Interview Call

Course participants always enjoy variety. Looking at and listening to another domain expert (other than the course creator) sharing their skill and experience on a course lesson is definitely interesting.

They get the opportunity to hear another domain expert’s point of view. This is a great learning experience for them.

When you interview another domain expert, ask questions that get them to share great tips. Tips that add value to your current course participants.

I often shape my interview questions so that I can get a case study out of the interview.

Case studies offer insights into the issues experienced by others. Especially, how those issues resolved successfully (or unsuccessfully). This adds a ton of value to your course participants.

NOTE: It’s always a great idea to send your interview questions to the person you are interviewing in advance. Get them to agree on how the interview will flow. Rather than have an ad-lib interview.

Skype or Zoom meeting rooms are terrific for doing 1 on 1 interviews.

#7. Videos Of Yourself

Create Videos Of Yourself

When course creators think of creating a video, they visualize the creation of traditional video lessons.

There are many other types of video a course creator can make. Several of which are suggested in this post.

Consider creating a video of yourself (i.e. the course creator) in which you share perhaps personal, helpful, meaningful type of content, just talking relaxed and naturally to your audience.

Such videos can be inspirational messages. You can create short, quick lessons. Course content updates. Audience questions answered, and more.

These videos are pretty easy to create. All you need is a great webcam (the Logitech Pro C920 is definitely worth it) and software that allows you to record your video.

Since you are a course creator you definitely have all of this.

#8. Live Mobile Broadcasts

Using your Android or iPhone to create live mobile broadcasts to your Facebook group (or to a Zoom meeting room) is a quick informal way of adding value to your audience.

You can use this technique to answer course participant Q&A’s. Do a quick update on a new process. Share a set of useful ideas. Alternatively, you can create whole lessons or do interviews using this simple effective video creation and broadcast technique.

Several live mobile video apps such as Twitter Live, Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and more, empower you (the course creator) to create this form of course content for free.

#9. Live Mobile Broadcasts, Repackaged & Repurposed

One simple thing you can do with a mobile broadcast is load it into a good video editor. Cut out unnecessary content. Add some related/supportive infographics. Insert additional value-add content. Then save this as an updated video.

I then use these videos on YouTube, my Landing pages, as Freebie giveaways, as Course bonus material and more.

Repackaging and repurposing of content so that this content can be reused in many different places can multiply engagement and drawn prospective customers you and your website.

#10. How To Type Videos

Create How To Type Videos

Create How To type videos. i.e. How to use:
Your course workbook
Your course cheat sheets
Your course exercises to get the most learning from them

You can create video walkthroughs of how to get the most out of a book, site, or feature included in your course.

These type of videos are a big help your course participants. They

Such videos can also be cleverly used in Facebook groups, landing pages, in a Blog post and more to entice prospective course participants to check out your course.

I’ve created a video walkthrough that explains how to create a Business Plan and validate it before one kicks off building the business itself as shown in the diagram below.

#11. Audio Lessons Only

As course creator consider creating an audio only based version of each of the lessons in your course.

NOTE: You can do this for epic Blog posts. Then use this as Bonus material in your course.

Keep these audio (MP3) based files for download (or streamable audio files). Audio based files are extensively used by course participants who learn through listening to a lesson rather than reading or watching a video of the lesson.

Often such course participants play your audio only lesson while driving so that their driving time can be used to study. Delivering your course content in multiple accessible ways always attracts more people to sign on to your course.

12. Interviews That Are Audio Only

Instead of delivering only video based interview to your course participants, consider extracting the interview audio content and offer this as a downloadable MP3 file.

You can deliver interviews containing expert tips & tricks, case studies, or lessons that you co-create with another person in an interview-style format.

Offering audio only based content for free on multiple social media channels or on your website sales/landing page can be a big course sales booster.

#13. Audio Q&A Files

Setup a place within your course (or on our own course website) that allows your course participants to ask you questions.

Answer the questions asked yourself, using audio files, uploaded and placed beneath the question.

Using audio empowers you to create answers quickly to questions that are asked. Answers being in audio format makes them far more interesting than simple text based replies.

Additionally, getting their questions answered personally, adds incredible value to how course participants experience your course.

You can always repackage and repurpose this content by grouping questions that are related along with their audio based answers and offering this for free download to your course participants.

Such content also adds awesome sales value to your course when placed on the course landing/sales page.

Finally, the availability of such content adds a huge amount of credibility to you, (i.e. the course creator), as being the real deal.

#14. Standalone Slide Presentations

Upload PPT based slides which include text, infographics, charts and more to your course site or website. You can also consider using Slideshare to upload your slides to. When you do people can flip through and learn from them.

Let’s assume that part of your course is running a challenge. In this challenge, you need to communicate specific steps to your course participants. Allowing them to flip through a set of slides explaining these step at their own pace is a great learning experience for most.

Visually arresting, easy-to-follow PPT based slides have made a huge difference for my brand during my workshops, in my courses, and when I do various public speaking engagements.

#15. Offer Your Slide files As A PDF Download

Show Course Slides

Often (though not all the time, every time) I offer my PPT based, visually arresting, easy-to-follow slides as a PDF download.

I generally do this via my course dashboard.

I also offer an appropriately tweaked set of slides to all those who register for some of my free workshops.

By doing this I give my course/workshop participants a way to follow along or jog their memory without having to watch the whole two hour workshop video again.

Having such a set of slides to flip through, keeps me in the mind of my course/workshop participants. It has worked great building my brand. It has definitely boosted my course sales as well.

Take a look at some of my slides as seen in an iPad above.

#16. Masterclass Type Slides

A masterclass is like an online workshop with a small but significant twist.

A masterclass requires a participant does some work during the class. Thus they leave with measurable output which they can use immediately.

Hence, if you create masterclass type slides, you have to create work breaks within the slides. A work break is a time when a participant is required to actually do something during the masterclass.

Hence, you’d need to create blank slides, or have specially allotted space on some slides where your course participants can write out their own ideas, answers or make notes either digitally or by printing the slides out and using a pen or pencil.

#17. Deliver All Your Course Content As Transcribed Text

This is a huge value add for course participants who have hearing issues. Such course participants need to read what you are saying in your course training videos. Such course participants need to take their own time to learn from your course content.

Consider getting a transcription done for all the training videos in your course. Offer the transcriptions as PDF files for free download to your course participants.

This can make your course to many people it wouldn’t have otherwise been able to use it because of hearing (or other) disabilities.

NOTE: Getting a transcription of your training videos is usually no big deal. You always create a detailed script for the voice over of your training videos. This script can be converted to a PDF document and offered as a download.

Alternatively there are a ton of freelancers who will listen to your video, type out its content and deliver this transcription to you as a PDF file. Search for this service on Fiverr or Google for audio transcriptionist freelancers on the net.

#18. A Course Training Manual

For extremely long course lessons create a learning manual using M.S. Word. Once you’ve got your Word document fully fleshed out and to your satisfaction use M.S. Word Save As PDF option to save your Word document in PDF format.

The Save As PDF functionality is available natively in all modern versions of M.S. Word.

Now you’ve got something that you can give away as a download for that extremely long course lesson.

To create a complete course manual take all the text transcripts of your course lessons, club them together in one large document, format this document attractively finally convert to PDF format.

Doing this puts all your course info together in one neatly-packaged place. It increases the value of your course in your participant’s mind. It could covert your course participants into your course advocates. This will have a terrific impact on your course sales.

Such a course manual, offered as a PDF download, helps course participants keep track of where they are in your course. It’s definitely a huge help when they do not have to print out 100’s of documents trying to keep track of what they are doing in your course.

NOTE: Why not use a tool like beacon.by to create an attractive, downloadable, eBook out of your course lesson, text based, transcripts.

#19. Offer Downloadable Worksheets

Offer Downloadable Worksheets

Worksheets are an effective way to help your course participants take action on what they are learning.

A pre-formatted worksheet for download, which only has to be filled in with answers, is a big incentive to course participants to complete (and submit) homework exercises and/or lesson evaluations.

A worksheet guides course participants to deliver output in a way that strongly re-enforces what they’ve learned. Worksheets are a great course marketing tool as well.

A worksheet ensures that course participants have a standard way of outputting what they’ve learned. As course creator you can check the content they hand in a whole lot easier, because you know what to expect and where to expect it as well.

#20. Document Templates

Offer Document Templates

Offer pre-formatted templates to your course participants for download and use. These should be relevant to course lesson goals.

If you are teaching Blogging then there are several templates that can be offered to course participants.
The standard structure of a Blog post
A content publishing calendar
How to categorize and group related Blog posts together
Content template for publishing to various social media sites
And so on . . .

If you are teaching Online course creation, you can use templates to deliver the standard structure of:
The Online course
Course modules broken up into individual lessons
Individual course lessons
Homework exercises s
Course lesson evaluation
And so on . . .

If you (like me) want to give your course participants a way to keep their course materials consistent, creating a sample style guide (as a document) can be amazing for your people.

Which of the 20 media types above do you see yourself providing your course participants? Is there one you want to pick that can get done in the next 7 days?

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