Out Of The Box Email Marketing. Are You Up For It?

by Ivan Bayross
Unconventional Email Marketing

Smart digital marketers know this. Email marketing plays an important part in any websites content marketing strategy.

It’s an open secret that Email marketing is very profitable in driving engagement. Especially when compared to other online engagement initiatives. Including social media marketing.

Here’s what’s needed to ensure your Email marketing strategy is successful today. Move out of your Email marketing comfort zone and take some calculated risks. Here are a few unconventional Email marketing tactics.

Tactic #1 – Welcome Them To Take Action

Your first – Welcome Email – is especially important. A site visitor has demonstrated an interest in your product or service by signing up.

Do not waste this opportunity with a typical welcome email.

These do little more than say Thank You, Welcome. Then go on to set expectations.

Take a different approach instead. Use that first contact, Welcome Email, to entice a registrant to Take Action.

For Example in that vital Welcome Email.

If you are an eCommerce store:

 Provide a list of this month’s new products.
 Share the top picks from your merchandisers.
 Share items that are on sale.

If your site deals with B2Bs, Offer a free download:

 Such as a guide or whitepaper.
 A detailed case study.
 Push for a response. Ask question(s).
 Offer something worth their while if they answer.

If you are a Blogger:

 Share your most popular blog posts.
 Get people to click through to your website.
 Share a useful piece of information.
 Always ask your subscribers if they found it helpful. Encourage engagement.

Get your subscribers to take action.

If you don’t, their action will be to delete your Welcome email and go to your competitor’s website.

Here Are Action Steps You Must Take

Look at your Google analytics.
 If your opens are hovering around 15-25%.
 Your click-through rate is less than 5%,

Change up that welcome message.

 Tailor your message to appeal to the customer’s needs and buying habits.
 Entice them with a Call To Action in the very first Email.
 Keep the welcome email updated. Every month freshen it’s content fresh.
 Keep the content relevant.

Has this got you intrigued? Are you hearing something unconventional here? Great!

I did. When I read this superb Blog post by Aaron Agius.

It jolted me out my complacency. Made me take a close, hard look at my insipid Welcome Email.

The changes I made in my site registrant’s Welcome Email has multiplied my engagement. This Works!

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