How To Write A Blog Post That Both Read And Shared Part II

by Ivan Bayross
Write a Blog Post

Do Not Write A Blog Post Content Exactly The Same As Others

Strive so that you write a blog post content that is genuinely different from the others.

  • Ensure that you some add measurable value to site visitors
  • Deliver something new / interesting / unique in your Blog post
  • Always read your Blog post as though you were a site visitor
  • Write Blog post content is a style and language that appeals to your site visitors

Create Great Headlines For Your Blog Post

Most site visitors read headlines and then decide whether they want to read the Blog post content or not. Hence, your headline is what pulls the site visitor into your Blog content.

Headlines that are structured as a question attracts site visitor attention.
For example:  Did you know that writing great headlines is a learnable skill?

Headlines that speak about specific attracts site visitor attention.
For example: 5 simple things to do to make your WordPress website almost hack proof.
NOTE: Using the number 5 is apparently more attention grabbing than the word five.

Great headlines and subheads within your Blog post content really make a huge difference in pulling in your site visitors and making them stay on your website.

A great reference place is your daily newspaper. Just read and understand how they structure their headlines and
subheads that catch your attention and drives you to read their article.

Create An Awesome Introduction Paragraph

Start your Blog post with a short paragraph, (just a couple of sentences or a sentence and some bullets)
that explains how site visitors will benefit by your Blog post. Most of them want to know almost immediately whether they the Blog post is something they must read or can skip.

Your Blog post may have terrific essence, but if its essence is right at the end of the Blog post
a lot of site visitors will probably just not read your Blog post. Hence, describe the essence of your Blog post succinctly right at the start.

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Use Short Paragraphs In Your Blog Post Content

Site visitors, rarely read a Blog post line by line when they land on the post, they visually scan the content.
Hence, ensure that you have multiple short paragraphs, rather than long, multiline paragraphs.
Use, bullets to push important ideas out. Use simple words. Short sentences. Short paragraphs.

Since your site visitor is scanning rather than actually reading line by line, use a slightly larger
than normal font-size.  Use a sans-serif font, these are easier to read when displayed on a computer, pad or mobile phone screen.  Use line spacing of 1.5, i.e. leave white space around textual content, its easier to read.

Use a dark grey font color (rather than black). Apparently dark grey on white is easier for the human eye to read. Most site visitors, irrespective of age, find it hard to read white font on black paper.

Their Language And Style Of Your Blog Post Content

Every author knows that it’s paramount to know the audience they are writing for. English is a strange language, sentence structure and words used in a sentence change depending on the age group of the people that the content is being created. For example, there are words that a younger audience (i.e. 16years to about 22years) will understand and relate to, that will make almost no sense to anyone over 40years and vice versa.

You may be tempted to use technical terms that you use with your equals in Blog post content. Try and avoid that.
Since, I’m a programmer, words like PHP, Ruby On Rails, ANSI SQL, HTML5, CSS3 come naturally to me and have meaning for me.  Unfortunately, there is likely to be a very small percentage of site visitors with my level of coding experience visiting my website.

I realise that if they did have my coding experience they would find little of real use to then on my website.
Hence, I avoid using those terms as much as possible.  Instead, I do my best to talk about what can be done using
these programming / styling environments.  I talk about how they will benefit by getting familiar with these
environments and how my website can help them for Free.

I often ask my (really critical) non-technical friends to read my Blog posts and critique them. Initially I was shocked/amazed at the critique I received.Then I learned to write such that my grandmother had a chance of understanding what I wrote.

This did not mean I dumbed down tech material, it meant I took take great care to structure sentences with the least jargon and simple words.

Sprinkle Images With Captions Within Your Blog Post

Pictures help your Blog post stand out visually.Images always help makes textual content more appealing to the site visitor.Site visitors like images, as images are easier to consume.

As far as possible use images that are related to the Blog post content in some way. There ought to be a connection of some sort. Unrelated images, throw in for effect distract. Add captions to relevant images and add impact to your Blog post content.

Sell Yourself

Site visitors love to read Blog posts from people who have a command over the subject. If you have multiple years of work experience display this tastefully.

If site visitors loved your Blog post, knowing something about the author becomes the next important thing to the site visitor. They to know about YOU.  Have an About Me webpage on your Blog.  Give site visitors information about yourself that makes you human. Someone they can relate to, who’s definitely not perfect, and definitely friendly and willing to be engaged in dialog.

This really multiples the value of your Blog posts to site visitors in a very surprising way. Create a great Blog post signature. One which is interesting, talks a bit about you and has a link to your About Me page. A great looking picture, changed from time to time is an amazing help.

Do Link To Sources

If you’ve taking that great looking photograph do not hesitate to say so in its caption. If it’s someone else’s do hesitate to mention that in the caption either.

If you can add a link to the page where the photograph was downloaded do so. It’s always polite and shows great manners as well.

All of this makes you more credible to your site visitors and gives them a nice feel for you. An added value is that outbound links are always valuable to your Blog.

End Your Blog Post With A Call To Action

The simplest call to action would be a request for your site visitor’s comments. If you are delivering products or services via your website make your site visitors an offer they cannot refuse.

Ask them to sign up for your informative and helpful, newsletter.  If they do you’ve got a way of connecting back to your site visitor, which is invaluable when trying to convert your site visitor to a paying customer.

Offer them a way to post a link to the Blog post content on their Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites.

If you specifically ask people to do something they generally do it.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

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If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments.  If you thought that this Blog post was not upto your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please pass on your bouquets or brickbats in the comments section right below.

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