How To Write A Blog Post That Both Read And Shared Part III

by Ivan Bayross
Write a Blog Post

Create Blog Posts Consistently

Write a blog post consistently, once a day, once a week, twice a month, once a month, whatever, but stick to that schedule.

When you start Blogging, do not set a weekly schedule, the stress of producing a superlative Blog post once a week may kill the fun of Blogging. I say this from my personal experience and those of fellow Bloggers.

For starters, (first six months) producing a superlative Blog post of at least 1200 words, interlaced with well chosen (free or purchased) images / photographs, once a month maybe a good fit.

This will give you the time to:

  • Do proper research on the topic content
  • Create your initial draft
  • Correct the draft content of any spelling / Grammar mistakes
  • Get it read and critiqued by a few friends your trust
  • Tweak the content if you agree with the critique

And so on, until you believe you have got it right.

That said, once is month is really too poor an output cycle to gain you a fan following on the Internet. If your Blog posts are unique and valuable, strangely people want more and more of it. If the interval in between Blog posts is too long, they lose interest in your Blog posts surprisingly quickly.

Hence, within the planned six months or less (three months should be ideal), your Blogging process should be in place, so that you could ramp this up to one Blog post every 15 days.

After 3 months of this practice, ramp the Blog posts to one every week.

The one superlative Blog post a week, will start getting you a bit of a fan following perhaps.

While there is no perfect schedule for releasing your Blog posts if you can craft one terrific Blog post every three days or so, within a few months you will see:

  • A definite increase in your site visitors
  • They will be spending more and more time on your site
  • Your comments section will start getting richer and more interesting

NOTE: Your SPAM comments will also start getting richer regretfully because the quality of your Blog is attracting all sorts of people to it.

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While Crafting Terrific Blog Post Content Optimize For Search Engines

When researching your Blog post content, set aside some time, perhaps one to three hours tops to do some keyword research in Google bound to the topic / content of the Blog post you are currently crafting.

Subsequently, ensure that the keywords you’ve set your mind on are blended naturally within:

  • The Blog post URL
  • The Blog post Title
  • The Blog post Head line
  • Blog content sub head lines

These are important elements to remember.

Additionally, do not overlook the following:

  • Write a short succinct description
  • Link to related Blog posts with keyword rich links
  • Add appropriate Tags for your Blog post
  • Use Keywords in image file names and their alt tag

Set Your Blogging Goal AndMeasure Your Achieving Them

You must be clear headed about why you are Blogging. You must also be able to figure out for yourself that your Blogging efforts are indeed moving you in the right direction.

It’s a universal truth that people who have set themselves goals and are monitoring their progress towards these goals have far more success that the ones who have not.

I suggest you write down why exactly you are Blogging. For example your monthly goals may be:

  • Getting business leads via your Blog site
  • Starting / Increase the revenue your earn via your website
  • Getting great comments from site visitors
  • Increasing the number of people who sign up for your feature packedNewsletter
  • Increasing the number of site visitors
  • Getting Facebook likes for your Blog posts
  • Getting Twitter followers
  • Getting site visitors tweeting about your Blog posts

And so on.

Keep churning our excellent Blog posts and keep watching GA statistics to understand whether your goals are being met (or exceeded) for your website.

If for any reason this is just not happening re-think your Blogging strategy.

Check What You Are Doing Then Check Once Again

Always check your Blog posts a couple of times after they are published. Ensure that:

  • All the links are working (i.e. no link returns a 404 Page not found error for instance)
  • Test the sign up form a couple of time across at least five different Browsers

i.e. The latest versions of  IE, Opera, FireFox, Chrome, Safari

  • Check that your SEO elements are properly in place
  • Check the categories and tags set for the Blog post in your Blogging environment

Once good idea is to write your Blog post but do not publish it. Come back it after 24 hours. If you are happy publish the Blog post. Most of the time you will be able to tweak the Blog post to be better after this compulsory cooling off period.

Blog About Topics You Are Passionate About

Choose to Blog on topics that you are passionate about. Create Blog post content about what you care about deeply. If you don’t care about specific topic for any reason at all, simply find a new one.

Most people can See / Understand passion in Blog post content. They then get turned on by this, as passion is known to. It’s then real magic happens.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments.  If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please pass on your bouquets or brickbats in the comments section right below.

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