Everything You Need To Know About A Landing Page

by Ivan Bayross
Landing Pages
Typical Landing Page
Diagram 1

The landing page headline and advertisement must complement each other.

  • Clear and concise headlines

Being one of the first things that a site visitor sees, landing page headlines must not confuse or bore but compel a site visitor to read on.

The headline must have impeccable English grammar and spelling free.  If a headline is constructed with sloppy grammar and bad spellings, do remember that a landing page works only when a site visitors buys something. Sloppy grammar and bad spellings will ensure that does not happen.

  • Sub-headline
  • Paragraph of Body text
  • Call To Action.

Build trust with landing page content. Testimonials, Press mentions, Guarantee seals – Verisign, Better Business Bureau, all help build trust and close sales.

After a site visitor reads the landing page headline, ensure they know what to do next.  Deliver a strong Call To Action.

The Call To Action And Button Must Stand Out.

Identify the keywords that people interested in your products or service are searching for, and map those words with Free, New, Buy, or Download Now.

  • A conversion button should be placed right below the – Call To Action
  • Have the button as the – Call To Action

The Call To Action button must be big, bright, and visible right where a site visitors expects to find it.

Orange or Yellow Call To Action buttons help catch the site visitor’s eyes.

Keep the links on a landing page to zero or only a vital minimum.

Do nothing to distract the site visitor from the primary purpose of the landing page, which is to make a purchase.

Implement user testimonial videos on a landing page. This is a huge conversion booster.

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Above The Fold

Screen space that is visible when a page renders for the 1st time in a site visitor’s Browser is very valuable. Ensure that there is Call To Action within this space.

Never place a Call To Action button in a place, which the site visitor has to search for.

Optimize Landing pages for fast loading.

A/B test your landing pages.  Change images, body text, videos, Call To Actions, whatever it takes to craft a landing page that resonates with the site visitor.  Judge the best landing page by the number of conversions the page brings in.

How to Do It Yourself

You’re super inspired. You’re ready to start creating your own successful landing page now, right?

These tools will help you craft awesome landing pages without stress or great expense.

Get competent in using these tools. You’ll develop great landing pages. They will deliver conversion results that will make you smile.  Without an expensive team of designers, developers, and marketing experts.

Don’t want to take on creating a landing page yourself?  You can hire a freelancer to write copy, design the page, or even code/develop it.

Measuring Your Landing Page Results

Measure Success

How do you know your landing pages are successful? Well you need to measure the outcomes of you landing page.

You have to ask yourself:
What metrics should you be paying attention to?
What do the metrics really mean?

Here are some landing page metrics which will help you determine their effectiveness. They also help point out what you need to alter to improve performance.

Conversion Rate – Conversion refers to the number of visitors who take the action your landing page Call To Action drives them towards.  Whether this is making a purchase, subscribing to your newsletter, downloading a white paper, signing up for a webinar or anything else.

This is an important metric for landing pages.  It tells you how successful your landing page is at delivering what it was designed for.

Form Abandonment Rate – Are site visitors starting to fill out your Call To Action form, then leaving before they finish?

You must track this metric. It helps you determine if your form is attempting to collect too much information that a site visitor is willing to exchange for your FREE offering.

Bounce Rate – How many site visitors hit on your landing page only to navigate away from it almost instantly?

With landing pages, this is relative. Many good landing pages have bounce rates up to 70-90% (because they don’t include navigation links). To overcome this, your goal is to ensure your landing page content is relevant to all those who land there.

Just because a site visitor converted, doesn’t mean you’re ready to let them go. Here’s a great technique to get site visitors to stay on your site, once they click the Submit on your landing page.

Immediately show then a “Thanks for signing up for your free trial. Check out this blog post to learn how to get the most from our product,” page.  This helps keep converted leads from disappearing away from your website.

Time on Page – How long does a site visitor spend on your landing page? This is a helpful metric to measure. You can easily relate this to conversions. It’s easy to determine how likely someone is to convert based on how much time they spend on the landing page.

Traffic Source – How do people end up on your page? Are they finding you in Google SERPs?  Are Facebook ads, driving them to your landing page URL directly?

Tracking traffic source(s) can help with all kinds of optimization.

For example, let’s say you’re spending money to promote your page via Facebook Ads, but the majority of your traffic is coming from Google. You can then allocate Ads spends much better. Seeing which traffic leads to the highest conversions can be done in KISSmetrics.

Another key way to test your landing pages is through A/B testing.  Create two versions of a page with one key difference. Display different landing pages to different site visitors, Check which landing page content is delivering more conversions.

A/B testing helps you see what needs changing.  When your landing page conversion rate isn’t as high as you want. By doing A/B tests, you’ll see whether a larger CTA or shorter info form (or both) boosts landing page conversions.

Okay, You’re Ready

Terrific, you’ve gotten this far.  You’re now on board with creating and optimizing your landing pages to deliver the conversions you desire.

Once your landing pages are live, the key is to track metrics and listen to them. Continually improving your landing pages will ensure they’re as effective as possible.

Understand and apply all you’ve learned here and you’ll be well on your way to creating awesome landing pages that convert.

Decide what goal(s) you want to create a landing page for. What information do you want to capture from leads? What will your FREE offering is going to be?

Determine who your target audience is. Use their key demographics like age, profession, academics and so on to determine what your landing page is going to say to them.

Dig into designing your landing page. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Craft the best page you can using the information and best practices above. Remember you can always improve your landing page conversions based on what its analytics are telling you.

Landing Page Flaws That Kill Conversions

Okay you’ve looked at the structure of perfect landing page. Now let’s look at a few landing page design flaws that can kill conversions.

1. Too Much Information Asked For In The Landing Page Form

Too much information

This is a huge turn off for site visitors.  All most all (if not all) will simply ignore your landing page form and move on.

Focus on capturing site visitor information that is vital for your Internet driven business. Today most website owners are just asking for Email Id instead of Name and Email Id.

Capturing a site visitor’s email Id allows you to engage with them later. Such engagement helps convert them into paying customers in a more relaxed manner.

Always make your landing page form, easy to find and easy to fill.

2. Multiple Calls To Action On Your Landing Page

Does your landing page have multiple offers?  Each offer, having its own Call To Action?

This is a rookie mistake made by very many website owners. They are trying to have a single landing page deliver many offers. Each with its own Call To Action.

They hope that a site visitor will find at least one offer on the landing page that feels right.  Thus convert to a paying customer.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Multiple offers. Multiple Calls To Action on a landing page help confuse the site visitor.  Hence site visitor conversions actually tank.

There are statistics that prove that landing pages with multiple Calls To Action, actually get 266% fewer leads than landing pages with a single Call To Action.

Make it simple for site visitors. Have a single Call To Action.  Make it easy to find and understand.

3. Too Much Landing Page Content

Did you know you have only 8 seconds to capture the attention of a site visitor when they hit your landing page?   Just 8 seconds, to figure out whether what’s offered on your landing page is what they want, or not.

Too much textual content on a landing page confuses the site visitor.

Most site visitor are not willing to read a lot of text just to figure out what’s on offer.  If a site visitor feels overwhelmed they will just leave the site.

Use bullet points to explain your offer. Ensure they are short, pithy and scannable.

Highlight key points of how your product or service adds value to the site visitor using boldface.

Key points highlighted in boldface make the key points scannable.

Remember today, most site visitors scan textual content. They do not read it.

4. The Landing Page Headline Does Not Grab Attention

Your landing page headline should not be generic or boring.  Never have a landing page with a headline that’s missing.

Your headline should greet the site visitor. It should instantly and clearly indicate what the landing page is all about.

Your headline should be long enough to convey a specific message, but not so long that the site visitor’s mind blanks out. Then they just bounce off your landing page.

Creating attention grabbing, site visitor converting, landing page headlines is not a cake walk.

5. Your Landing Page Takes Too Long To Load

Website Load Time

Did you know 40% of site visitors abandon a website if it does not load in 3 seconds?  This is true for you landing page as well.

79% of site visitors, your potential customer, will not re-visit your website or buy if they are disappointed with the website’s performance.

You are losing money simply because your website is functioning below par, by today’s website performance standards.

The number of site visitors coming to your website using mobile devices has increase sharply. If your website performs badly on mobile devices, this will have a huge negative impact on your website’s income.

Get rid of all page clutter. Such as unnecessary textual content and large graphics.  Use the very best hosting you can afford.  There are free CDN’s available. Use such a CDN. Measure the improvement in page load speeds. Ensure that your landing page is optimized for mobile devices.

6. You’re Not Testing To See What’s Working


Too often small business owners do not test their landing pages at all.  Their website developer creates the page. Releases it on their website. That’s where it stays converting whatever it can.

This is a terrible waste of an asset.

HubSpot says that companies with 40+ landing pages get 12 times more leads when compared to website that 5 or less than 5 landing pages.

The reason for this huge difference in lead acquisition – stringent, regular, testing.

Testing radically different landing page against each other constantly can result in a huge improvement in the number of leads being generated by the landing pages.

Always run A/B tests your landing pages. Find out what your site visitors are responding to. Landing pages which have poor to zero lead conversions must be changed.

When testing a landing page:

  • Test the message its content is delivering to site visitors
  • Change the landing page layout. Figure out which layout delivers the most conversions.
  • Have different landing page versions. Deliver to site visitors. Figure out which convert best.
  • Never stop landing page testing and content / layout tweaking

7. Your Landing Page Lacks Credibility


All website owners create landing pages to drive the site visitors who land on them to BUY.

Most website owners ignore the fact that a site visitor will buying only after they’ve begun to trust the site.  Hence, there should be trust building elements built into landing page content as well.

Is your website secure? Does the site use https instead of http in its URL?  Does Chrome (and other) browsers inform the site visitor that your website is insecure? This does not help build trust.

Ask your hosting company for a security certificate and ensure that your webserver uses https when communicating with any web browser.

Are the recommendations displayed in the landing page, generic? Insipid?  Do the recommendations appear to have been written by the site owner themselves? Change these.

Put out video testimonials. Video testimonials appear to me a ton more authentic.

Do you have both good and bad reviews on your landing page?

It does make your site a ton more trustworthy when you do. Site visitors tend to trust those sites that have both good and bad reviews on their landing pages.

Are your terms and conditions written in layman’s language or does the site visitor require a law degree and at least 5 years court experience to understand them?  Re-write your terms and conditions if that is true to be understandable by any / all site visitors.

Display a Trust badge on your webpages.

There are several websites that offer a trust badge at a very nominal charge.  Norton Secured, Verified & Secured, Intel Secure, Hacker Safe, PayPal Verified, are all great examples.

A trust badge normally indicates that there is no malicious code within your webpage that can bring grief to the site visitor.

In addition to indicating your website is secure add a buyer secure badge. These badges indicate that the buyer is guaranteed to have a great buying / refund experience on the site.

In Conclusion

If your landing page structure, functionality and content resonates with the site visitor.

If you’ve got recognizable trust elements used within your landing page content.

Your landing page conversions will soar and your website income will sky rocket.

It’s not rocket science, honestly.

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Wayne July 30, 2017 - 12:50 am

This is very timely for me Ivan. I have a few ideas that I’m tossing around for some email list building and I’m going to need a couple landing pages. You’ve laid it out very clearly, so I’ll bookmark this and refer to it when I’m ready to work on that project.

Thank you very much.

Ivan Bayross July 30, 2017 - 3:32 am

Hi Wayne,

Thank you for your kind words. I’m happy that my post content helped. If you need any help in the structure and content of your landing pages fell free to reach out. I’ll be glad to help. All the best. May your landing pages convert like crazy.

Lisa July 18, 2017 - 4:25 pm

That’s really helpfull! I still try to figure things out with my blog.

Ivan Bayross July 19, 2017 - 6:25 am

Hey Lisa,
Thanks for commenting. When you start out it Blogging may be a tad confusing. If you need help all you have to do is ask.

right stop media July 18, 2017 - 3:04 pm

Well I guess this says a lot because vi learn a lot of things here very helpful things

Ivan Bayross July 19, 2017 - 6:23 am

Hi Right Stop Media,

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

Kaylee Spahn July 18, 2017 - 1:18 pm

Very awesome information! Ill have to make some adjustments after this! Orange and yellow…never would have guessed!

Ivan Bayross July 18, 2017 - 1:24 pm

Hey! Thanks Kaylee, Orange or Yellow buttons, yup always catch the site visitors eyes quickly. I’m partial to the use of orange buttons myself. Glad you found something you could use on your site. Nice of you to drop by and leave your comments. Appreciate it.


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