Oh Yes! Please Include Images In Your Emails & Newsletters

by Ivan Bayross

The average number of emails that people receive climbs daily. As a digital marketer, you have to make sure your marketing content, emailed to subscribers get engagement. I view of the increased amount of email being received by people this is a tough job.

Five great reasons to include images and graphics in your emailed marketing content.

1. Arrest Your Recipient’s Attention

If your email recipient gets marketing email consisting of chunks of text and links, it’s likely they will delete it. All hopes of engagement and sales is instantly lost if that happens.

As a digital marketer, you have to make sure that recipients are willing to read your marketing content.

Attractive, supportive, graphics are an excellent way to engage your recipient and drive home your marketing message.

Use images to illustrate products, services, deals, or support content. Intersperse images throughout your text. Create a balance between text and images. Choose images that help customers connect with the most important marketing message.

2. Images Help Convey Information Quickly And Visually

Plain text message have a problem. A recipient has to actually read the information mailed in. Whereas recipients skim images visually far more quickly than reading paragraph or two of text.

Smart marketers strategically place supportive and engaging images throughout the body of mailed in content.

Images that highlight their product’s uniqueness. Images that offer product or service information visually. Images are particularly helpful in showcasing deals.

Want to know more about why you must have appropriately arresting and engaging images in your mailed in content?

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