Want To Multiply Your Online Course Sales Exponentially?

by Ivan Bayross
Offer High Value Bonuses

Today, simple, passive income courses just do not sell. These are courses that course creators churn out over a weekend. Such courses have very little (to zero) interaction between a course participant and the course creator.

Today, if a course creator wants their online course to sell well they must offer a ton of value to a prospective participant. If you want to multiply your online course sales, then offer a bunch of High Value Bonuses with your course. This is what helps sell your online course exponentially.

A tried and tested technique that adds huge value to an online course is – High Value Bonus Content.

Bonus content is additional content that a course creator gives a course participant over and above the core course modules. Bonus content must enhance the course’s value. Bonus content encourages your ideal course participant to – Buy.

In this Blog post, I’m going to share some of the best practices for adding bonus content to your online course. Bonus content ensures your course registrations take a quantum leap upwards.

Here’s How To List Bonuses So That They Are Noticed

List bonuses separately on your sales page.

Write the bonus’ dollar value next to its name on a sales page so customers can see its worth.

Bonuses should be exclusive (you can’t get them outside the course).

If the same bonuses can be got elsewhere, they have to be paid for.

The very best bonuses are those related to your course module content, which enhance a course participant’s learning.

Bonuses should help course participants accomplish something not taught in the course’s core modules BUT essential for their success.

What Is Not A Bonus

Content should never be considered a bonus. Especially, if it is essential for a course participant to receive as part of their core learning.

No Bonus should deliver what a participant needs to achieve the advertised goal of your course.

Here are 16 different types of bonuses that course creators can offer with their online course.

Choose the bonus type that will support your course the best.

#1: Worksheets

Design a fill-in-the-blank worksheet using Excel (or other spread sheet type software) which helps a course participant complete an exercise and grow their skill.

#2: Checklists

Ensure that your course participants execute a task correctly. Provide them a well-structured checklist to verify the work they are doing.

#3: Templates

Your course participants should be able to do something on their own. To help them get their output correct provide them with examples of how it’s done. Give them a template to follow.

#4: Ebooks

Write (or get one ghostwritten) an EBook whose content will support or deliver a deep dive into a specific course module. Deliver the EBook in PDF format.

Create a text-based guide. Ensure that the guide delivers at least 40% more information than the video transcripts normally offered in an online course. Add details in the guide so that course participants will read the guide to expand their skills.

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#5: Related Video Content

Do you want to teach your course participants and important BUT secondary skill? A skill that is important but it goes out of the core course content? Add training videos as a course Bonus.

This will help them accomplish their goal easier. Your course participants will soon become your course advocates.

#6: Your Interviews Or Others You’ve Interviewed

Do video based interviews other experts and influencers. Get their thoughts on the problem that what your course resolves completely.

This helps build your own authority as you will be seen to move in the same circles as these influencers. When they backup what you’re teaching in your course it adds credibility to your course.

Add video interviews that others have done on You and/or Your course. For example, did someone interview you at a virtual summit? Ask to use that video as a bonus to your course.

#7: Deliver Audio Files Of Your Training Videos

Extract the audio from your course module, video recordings. Make these into downloadable MP3 files so your course participants can listen and learn when they cannot watch.

#8: Discounts For Hardware / Software

Partner with companies. Offer your course participants discounts on hardware and/or software that would add measurable value to them.

#9: One-On-One Coaching Calls

Offer a fixed number of one-on-one coaching hours to your course participants. You can help each one overcome their individual obstacles and find success.

Don’t use the 1 on 1 coaching time as a chance to pitch your coaching services.

You could identify course participants that might benefit tremendously in your coaching program during a 1 on 1 coaching call. Follow that up separately from the 1 on 1 coaching call. Your course participants will appreciate you for this courtesy.

10# Do A 1 On 1 Personal Hot Seat

Choose a course participant for a monthly hot seat with you. Get them to bring their completed work to the hot seat. You can review this work. Offer constructive feedback. Deliver additional value to the person in the hot seat. Invite all course participants to attend.

Permit attendees to question the course participant using text based chat. Encourage the person sitting the hot seat to reply. Moderate the proceedings carefully. Step-in and answer only if necessary.

Make the hot seat, 1 on 1, interaction so valuable that course participants clamor to sit in the hot seat each month.

#11: Group Coaching Calls

Run once (or twice) weekly, video based, group coaching calls. These are exclusively for your course participants. On the coaching call anyone can ask questions which you will answer up front for the benefit of all those who attend.

Keep a strict time limit for the coaching call. Help everyone clarify course concepts.

A bonus for you. You get to understand what’s puzzling your course participants. You can then tweak these areas in your course content.

#12: Access To An Exclusive Group

Start an exclusive online community. (e.g. A closed Facebook group) which is only for course participants. Such students can connect other course participants and learn from each other.

You should monitor / moderate the group consistently.

#13: Admission To An Exclusive Event

Hold a live in-person or virtual event. Only for your course participants. This could be a series of interviews with influencers, or a workshop or webinar.

It could also be a simple networking meeting at your local pub or favorite watering hole. Each attendee being responsible to pay their own way.

#14: Event Recordings

Have you hosted an event. (e.g A virtual summit or a webinar), which is now complete? You can offer course participants access to these recordings, as a bonus.

#15: Free Enrollment In Another Course

Do you have another online course teaching concepts which students in your new course might benefit? Give course participants free access to such a course as a bonus.

You could also consider partnering with other infopreneurs. Offer their course for free as a bonus to your course participants.

NOTE: Most other infopreneurs are inclined to do this when an affiliate relationship is in place.

#16: Discounts To Yours Or Other Infopreneur’s Courses

Instead of giving your other course away completely free as a bonus, offer a heavy discount to the course.

Most infopreneurs whom you’d like to partner with would be willing to give you a coupon code for their course to share with your students as a bonus. They will earn revenue on sales of their course to your students.

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