Writing A Guest Blog Post? – This Checklist Will Help

by Ivan Bayross
Writing A Guest Blog Post? – This Checklist Will Help

Okay so you’ve decided that writing guest Blog post is a great way to get good quality back links for your site. Now comes the tricky part of crafting your guest Blog posts such that they will be accepted on the special Blog site with a page rank of 9. You are sure that if a site has such a high page rank it’s not going to accept a badly crafted guest Blog post. You are absolutely right.

The guest Blog post adds unique value to the host Blog by providing fresh and valuable content to the host Blog site visitors and the host Blog site gives a valuable do follow, back link, for the guest Blog poster’s website in return.

Obviously any guest Blog post must match the overall content of the host Blog. You may have a completely different point of view, but this POV must somehow connect to the host Blogger’s content and add value to their site visitors. A completely off topic guest Blog post is rarely accepted.

In order to be certain that my guest Blog post is accepted and published, ( I really do want the do follow back link ) I use a check list which helps ensure that I deliver the very best quality guest Blog post. I’m sharing my check list here. Perhaps it would help you write guest Blog posts that are welcomed anywhere where they are appropriate.

Following a check list is a marvelous way of developing a structured ( hence repeatable ) way of crafting guest Blog posts. Employing a structured approach ensures that you do not make crucial errors that will cause your guest Blog post to be rejected out of hand by the host.

On the other hand using a structured approach to craft a guest Blog post is definitely not a 100% guarantee that your guest Blog post will be accepted. Using a structured approach increases the possibility that your guest Blog post being accepted when compared to you crafting your guest Blog post using a random approach.

My checklist is as follows:

Do A Careful Blog Search:

To get appropriate exposure for your site, you have search carefully for sites that offer similar ( or parallel ) content to your site.

These sites should have a search engine, page rank either equal to your website or ( preferably ) higher. For the very best fit for your guest Blog post your host site should have content that belongs to the same ( or similar ) niche as your guest Blog post content.

I’ve run a hard core technology Blog for a while. I get guest Blog post material that cover all sorts of topics. Religion, gardening, parenting, relationships and more. I´m amazed that this actually happens. This tells me that the people asking for their guest posts to be displayed apparently do not know the first thing about guest Blog posting..

None of my site visitors would be interested in any of these topics. If I chose to publish them then I´d probably begin to lose my hard earned site visitors, which would be terrible for me.

Hence, I simply turn down or ignore such guest Blog post requests.

I suggest that you spend at least half an hour every day for about 15 days to a month, identifying and documenting a list of Blog sites, that:

Accept guest Blog posts ( Surprise ! ! ! – not all Blog sites do ) whose core content is in a niche similar or parallel to your guest Blogging skills and experience.

Do remember to document each such website in an Excel spread sheet or M.S. Word file. You are going to need then in the near future.

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Study The Blog You Are Targeting

Study the host Blog that you are targeting for your guest Blog content. Read the host Blogger´s posts carefully. Try and understand the host Blogger´s style of writing.

The host Blogger knows the demographics of their site visitors and usually develops a writing style that fits their site visitor demographics closely.

You must try and craft you guest Blog post content like the host Blogger´s writing style. Not identical, ( you are a different individual ) but similar.

Read The Guest Blogging Guidelines

Those Blog sites that accept guest Blog posts usually have a page dedicated to their rules for guest Blog submissions. Read this page carefully and conform 100%. If not your guest Blog is just not going to get accepted.

Check The File Format For Submission

Be especially clear on the file format that the guest Blog post must be submitted to the host Blog. Some require and HTML file, others would prefer an M.S. Word file, others a pure text file so make sure that you know the file format in which you must submit your guest Blog posts.


Now that you are clear about where and how you are going to deliver you guest Blog post, it´s time to think about the guest Blog post content. Make a list of topics that you have the skills to write on. Topics that will fit the host Blog site perfectly. This will be a big help if the host Blog site is happy with you guest Blog post and requests for more.

Write The Guest Blog Post

Once you´ve decided on the topic, put your heart into crafting the guest Blog post. It is the quality and focus of your writing that will get your guest Blog post accepted. I usually do my very best to ensure that my guest Blog posts will really add measureable value to the host Blog, site visitors. I ensure a – catchy Title – for the guest Blog post. Next I choose appropriate keywords carefully from within the guest Blog post content.


Use a good editor for creating your guest Blog post content ( techies who use programming editors please pay attention – Me first ). M.S. Word is a great editor, Open Office – Writer – is another great editor. Each of these editors have built-in spelling and grammar checkers.

There is nothing like terrible spelling and horrible grammar to have your guest Blog post rejected.

Once you´ve completed your guest Blog post, take a print out and carefully proofread the contents. You will be amazed at the kind of subtle grammar or clumsy sentence constructs you will identify and correct by doing this exercise. Once done ask someone else to proofread the final print out. I´ve been saved some terrible boo boos by this exercise.

Send In Your Guest Blog Post

Most sites that accept guest Blog posts, will indicate how to submit your guest Blog post for consideration. Some may have a form on their website, other may want you to write them and Email with your guest post in the HTML or Word or PDF file format, submitted as an attachment.

Hence, do read their guest Blog post submission instructions carefully and abide by them.

Follow Up

After submitting your guest Blog post, do follow up with the host site via an Email, politely.

If you simply do not get any reply from the host Blog site, assume that your guest Blog post has been rejected. A very tiny percentage of host Blog sites actually behave so rudely.

Simply submit the same guest Blog post to another host.

If you suddenly discover that the original host Blog has displayed your guest Blog post after a long time, write in a polite Email, explaining what happened and requesting that your guest Blog post is taken down.

Having duplicate content on the Internet is not good either for you or your host Blog.

Promote Your Guest Blog Post

Once your guest Blog post gets published maximize this by promoting your guest post really well. Share the guest post on various social media websites. Additionally, do use sites like Stumble Upon, and other similar ones to promote your guest Blog post.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

Do you use a checklist when you create guest Blog posts? Please share your approach / experiences here so that my Blog readers can benefit from your guest Blogging experiences.

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