Yes! There Are Headline Formulas That Triple Engagement

by Ivan Bayross
Headline Formulas Featured Image

This Blog post content focuses on headline formulas.  Next, I focus on where and how you can use these headline formulas. All this focused on delivering the content engagement results you need.

Here’s a quick pop quiz for you.

Which headline do you think will get the most clicks?

A) Increase your website income by $2000/- month on month
B) Multiply your website income 3X.

This is not a situation when anyone can think, there’s no right answer.  There is. It’s A.

  • Why is headline A so much more compelling than headline B?
  • What does this have to do with your Internet business?

Headline A follows a set of specific (and effective) rules for headlines. These rules entice the target audience to click.

Ask yourself. What’s my target audience’s first point of contact with my Internet business? 98% of the time the answer will be through your web page content.

Your target audience’s first point of contact with your web page content would be?

It’s headline…

That means you must maximize your headline potential. If you don’t you’re leaving traffic, conversions, customers and payments on the table.

Are you new to headline writing? Have you’ve flexed your headline muscles before?  Either way, if you want a comprehensive, guide on writing irresistible headlines – I’ve got your back.

CAUTION: When you’re crafting a headline for your content, it’s easy to go overboard.  Ensure your headline actually matches the content being delivered.

In any business, under promising and over delivering always results in satisfied customers.

If your headline reads The Only Social Media Marketing Checklist You’ll Ever Need.  Then the content that follows better be the only SMM checklist your readers ever need.

If your headline makes a promise. Then its supportive content below falls flat, there’s a special term for that kind of headline . . .

Click bait.

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Irresistible Headline Formulas

Here are my irresistible headline formulas guaranteed to increase your clicks, shares and conversions.  i.e. Guaranteed to multiply engagement with your content.

Head line Type:  The How to Headline
Formula: How to [Achieve a Desired Outcome]
Example: How to multiply site visitor engagement 4X.

Head line Type:  The How to Headline
Formula: How to [Achieve a Desired Outcome]
Example: How to multiply site visitor engagement 4X.

Head line Type:  The Ultimate List Headline
Formula: [Large Number] of Ways to [Achieve an Outcome]
Example: 28 Ideas for Content Upgrades To Grow Your Email List.

Head line Type:  The Ultimate Guide Headline
Formula: The Ultimate Guide to [Achieve a Desired Outcome]
Example: The Ultimate Guide To Eating Healthy On A Budget

Head line Type:  The Fear monger Headline
Formula: Warning! Are You [Something Undesirable]?
Example: Warning! Are You Eating Food That Could Kill You?

Head line Type:  The Rally Cry Headline
Formula: [A Call to Arms]
Example: Let’s Stop Over Promising And Under Delivering

Head line Type:  The Proven Methods Headline
Formula: [Number] Proven [Actions/Ways] to [Achieve Desired Result]
Example: 18 Proven Techniques That Convert Site Visitors To Paying Customers.

Head line Type:  The Mistakes Headline
Formula: [Number] Mistakes Most People Make When/With [Common Action]
Example: 11 Mistakes Most Bloggers Make When Using #Hashtags In Blog Post Content

Head line Type:  The Secrets Headline
Formula: [Number] Secrets to [Achieve Desired Outcome]
Example: 7 Secrets To Living A Laptop Lifestyle

Head line Type:  The Outrageous Headline
Formula: [Outrageous/Controversial Claim]
Example: Why Canadians Are Actually Evil

Head line Type:  The Lessons Learned Headline
Formula: [Number] Lessons I Learned When/From [Experience]
Example: 7 Engagement Lessons I Learned From Authority Bloggers

Head line Type: The Testimonial Headline
Formula: [A Quote From/Summary of a Testimonial]
Example: How Facebook Adverts Changed My Business

Head line Type: The Objection / Pre-emptive Headline
Formula: No/Yes, You [Pre-Empt Objection] to [Achieve Desired Result]
Example: No, You Don’t Have To Count Calories To Lose Weight

Head line Type: The Question Headline
Formula: [Provocative Question]
Example:  Are You Still Eating Food That Can Kill You?

Head line Type:  The Testimonial Headline
Formula: [A Quote From/Summary of a Testimonial]
Example:  How Facebook Adverts Changed My Business

Head line Type: The See What Happened Headline
Formula: [Person] Did [Unusual Action] [Timeframe].  Here’s What Happened
Example: I Meditated Every Day for 6 Months. Here’s What Happened

Head line Type: The How/Result Headline
Formula: How [A Seemingly Inconsequential Action] Can [Undesirable Result]
Example: How Your Morning Coffee Can Lead to Heart Disease

Head line Type: The Celebrity Headline
Formula: How to [Achieve Desired Outcome] Like [Celebrity]
Example: How to Sing Like Madonna

Head line Type: The How to Without Unpleasantness Headline
Formula: How to [Desired Outcome] Without [Unpleasant Action]
Example: How To Increase The Traffic To Your Website (Without a Huge Marketing Budget)

Head line Type: The Analysis Headline
Formula: We Analyzed [Number] [Measurable] And This Is What We Learned
Example: We Analyzed 100 Million Articles (And This is What We Learned)

Head line Type: The Tutorial Headline
Formula: A [Power Word] Tutorial to [Achieve Desired Outcome]
Example: A Comprehensive Tutorial To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Head line Type: The Hacks Headline
Formula: [Number] Hacks to [Achieve Desired Outcome]
Example: 25 Hacks to Save More Money

Head line Type: The Explainer Headline
Formula: Why [Thing] [Outcome]
Example: Why Is Spirulina A Super Food

Head line Type: The Steps to Result Headline
Formula: [Number] Steps to [Achieve Desired Outcome]
Example: 10 Steps To The Shortest Page Load Speeds

Head line Type: The Quiz Headline
Formula: Quiz: [Which/What/How] [Quiz Topic]?
Example:  Quiz: Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

Head line Type: The Fortune Teller Headline
Formula: [A Claim as if You Know the Future]
Example:  You Won’t Be Able to Lose Weight in 2018.

Head line Type: The News Headline
Formula: Breaking: [Story]
Example: Breaking: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Meets Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Head line Type: The Command Headline
Formula: [Strong Command]
Example: Stop Selling Out

Head line Type: The Reasons Headline
Formula: [Number/”Here’s Why] [Outcome]
Example: 16 Reasons Why Red Roses Spell Out Love

Head line Type: The Imagination Headline
Formula: Imagine [Desired Outcome]
Example: Imagine Becoming a Millionaire

Head line Type: The Little Known Methods Headline
Formula: Imagine [Number] Little-Known Ways to [Desired Outcome]
Example: 15 Little-Known Ways To Actually Reach Your Goals

Head line Type: The Ignorance Avoidance Headline
Formula: What You Should Know About [Topic]
Example: What You Should Know About US Gun Laws

Head line Type: The Snackable Headline
Formula: [4 Words or Fewer Summarizing Topic]
Example: You Aren’t That Special

Head line Type: The Pattern Interruption Headline
Formula: [Claim That Goes Against What Most People Think is True]
Example: Yes! Fruit Can Make You Fat

Head line Type: The Solutions Headline
Formula: Why [Problem] (And What to Do About It)
Example: Why You’re Not Getting Traffic to Your Website (And What to Do About It)

Head line Type: The Expert Roundup Headline
Formula: [Number] [Expert] Share [What]
Example: 14 Nutritionists Share Their Favourite Plant Based Recipes

Head line Type: The Reminder Headline
Formula: Reminder: [Claim or Truth]
Example: Remember Your Weight Is Not A Reflection Of Your Health

Head line Type: The Comparison Headline
Formula: Are You More Like [X] or [Y]?
Example: Are You More An Activist Or Pacifist?

Head line Type: The Trivia Headline
Formula: Can You [Find/Spot/Answer/etc]
Example:  Can You Find Out What’s Wrong With This Photo?

Head line Type: The Promise Headline
Formula: [Promise of What Your Business/Services Will Do]
Example: We Can Help You Boost Your Traffic By 20%

Head line Type: The Results Headline
Formula: How We [Desired Result] in [Timeframe]
Example: How We Boosted Our Traffic by 20% in 6 Weeks

Head line Type: The Teaser Headline
Formula: These/Find Out Which [Thing] Could/Will [Desired Outcome]
Example: These 6 Foods Cannot Help You Shed 15 Pounds

Head line Type: The Urgency Headline
Formula: [Action] NOW!
Example: Fix Your Conversion Rate NOW

Head line Type: The Teaser Headline
Formula: These/Find Out Which [Thing] Could/Will [Desired Outcome]
Example: These 6 Foods Cannot Help You Shed 15 Pounds

Head line Type: The Audience Headline
Formula: [Audience]! Are You [Undesirable/Desirable Outcome]?
Example: Bloggers! Are You Leaving Traffic on the Table?

Headline Formulas Can Be Used In Social Media Posts

Okay so you’ve got the headline formulas. Now would be a good time to test which headline formula’s work well with your target audience.

NOTE: Don’t pick one headline formula that resonates with you and stick with it forever.

I’m sure you use some kind of social media posting tool. (You don’t? Well you should)  Tools like, Hootsuite, Buffer, BuzzBundle, Social poster.

Here’s how the Pro’s run headline tests.

Take one of your Blog posts. Extract its Headline and Sub-headlines.  Under each Headline and

Sub-headline create a small but unique content excerpt. Add a bitly shrunk Blog URL to each chunk of content.

The chunks of Blog post content should look like:


Blog posts bitly shrunk URL


Blog posts bitly shrunk URL

Now apply different headline formulas to each Headline and Sub-headline.

Then post your content to your social media streams using automation tools. Like Hootsuite, Buffer, BuzzBundle, Social poster or manually.

Watch engagement carefully.  You will figure out which headline formula encourages engagement within your target audience.

I’ve tested the Command Headline, the Objection Pre-emptive headline, the Side note Headline, and the Audience Headline on my Twitter feeds, Facebook groups, Google+ groups, LinkedIn groups, with great engagement success.

Use The Headline Formulas In Your Email Subject Lines

Arresting Email Subject lines get your Emails clicked and opened.

Email subject lines have all the attributes of Blog post Headlines.  An arresting Blog post headline always gets your Blog post clicked on and read.

What’s the first point of contact between your subscriber and Email content?
It’s your Email subject line.

What does your arresting / intriguing Email subject line do?
It compels a recipient to open and read your Email content.

Email subject lines should tell a recipient what value will be added to them. All they need to do is open and read the email’s content. That’s why it’s crucial you use solid headlines as your email subject lines.

Hence you can apply all the headline formulas you just read, to shape your email subject lines. This will boost your email opens. You don’t really want your Email to be thrashed without being read do you?

Use Headline Formulas For All Your Content

Don’t assume that only Blog posts and Email subject lines, need strong headlines.  That would be a big mistake.  All content you create that engages site visitors, needs strong headlines.

Home page headlines, Landing page headlines, Sales page headlines, the About Me/Us page and the list goes on.  Apply the Headline formula’s in this article to make them arresting / engaging for your target audience / site visitors.

NOTE: Avoid click bait, ensure the page/article delivers on the promise of its headline.

Here Nathan Barry uses the Objection Pre-emptive headline formula on his sales page. This catches a potential customer’s attention right away.

3rd Edition

Use Headline Formulas In Your Podcasts

Your visitors/fans are scrolling through your podcast episodes in iTunes or on your website.  You’ve got to grab eyeballs to drive engagement right?

Of the thousands of options they have, you want them to engage with your podcast right?

That’s where a compelling Podcast title comes in.  Your podcast title is equal to your Blog post title or your Email subject line.

As an example, say you were looking for a podcast on healthy eating.  Which podcast episode are you more likely to listen to?

One, titled:
Healthy Eating
11 Healthy Eating Habits of the Super Fit

I know which podcast title I’d click on. I rest my case on podcast titles.

Use Headline Formulas For Your Video Titles

Videos like podcasts need to have arresting/engaging titles.

Creating a video is a lot tougher than creating a podcast. Often cobbling together a weak headline is an easy way to complete this task.

Ignoring the importance of a powerful, arresting, headline for your videos is a big mistake.

On a platform with over 400 million videos, somehow your video needs to stand out.

Here’s an example of a strong headline for a video. This is a Gary Vaynerchuk’s video.  It explains the use of a Teaser Headline well.  The Most Important Word Ever.

Use Headline Formulas On Your Registrations – Welcome Mat

It does not matter if you’re:

  • Offering an opt-in bribe in your Welcome Mat
  • Just inviting your visitors to subscribe

Creating an arresting headline will boost your conversions like crazy.

This offer that falls flat?


This one does not.

Make Money Blogging

It’s what you are offering that encourages site visitors to register. There’s no better way to describe what you’re offering than a powerful headline that packs a punch.

Use Headline Formulas In Your Testimonials Section

Great testimonials increase conversions by 34%.

Can you imagine how effective a testimonial would be if it had an arresting headline attached to it?

Use the Testimonial Headline formula for the testimonials on your testimonials page.  Or you could use a different headline formula.  Whichever draws attention to those solid testimonials you worked so hard to get.

Use Headline Formulas In Your Product Names

A lot of business owners overlook the creation and use of engaging, arresting, product names.

See how Kimra Luna does this with the Command Headline in her product name.


You don’t have to use a long headline in your product names. You may be losing out on conversions and sales if you fail to capture your audience’s attention with a strong and compelling headline.

Stop Losing Traffic, Shares and Conversions With Boring Headlines

I’ve covered a lot of ground in this Blog post.

 I believe I’ve demonstrated exactly how great headlines are so effective
 I gave you the properties of a strong headline
 I went over a ton of headline formulas

All you’ll ever need to write a click-worthy headlines

This would be pointless if you did nothing with this information.

 Start, choose one of the options in the list of places to use headline formulas from this post
 Then, scan through the list of headline formulas to find one that resonates with you
 Apply the formulas in your chosen area

Don’t be afraid to test different headline formulas in different areas of your website.

Testing is the fun part!

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Deanna Castro July 24, 2018 - 8:48 pm

Hi Ivan!

I am loving this post. Headlines are so important to our content. No matter how great our content is, if we don’t have a click-worthy headline who is going to read our content?

This information totally resonates with me. I spend so much time brainstorming effective headlines for blog posts, email subject lines, Pinterest pins and more.

Thank you for listing all of those irresistible headline formulas. I will be bookmarking this post and referring back to it when writing any content headlines. I also really enjoy the organization of this post, it makes it super easy and comfortable to read.

Thanks for such a value packed post!

Have a great week,


Ivan Bayross July 25, 2018 - 9:56 am

Hi Deanna,

Thanks for all your kind words. This is music to any Blogger’s ears. I’m glad my Blog post added some value to you.

It was really nice of you to leave such an encouraging comment. Once again Thanks heaps.


Ivan Bayross


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