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Book A 30 Minute One On One Appointment With Ivan Bayross

Here’s Instructions On How To Book Your Appointment.

 Click on the Book an Appointment image on the right hand side.

 On click, a popup form will be displayed.

 First choose a date and time that works for you.

 NOTE: Our appointment system auto detects your timezone. Then shows you available time slots in my timezone.  Depending on our timezones some or all of the time slots may be greyed out. This indicates unavailability of a mutually convenient time slot.

To set a different timezone other than the one auto set, please locate the timezone dropdown as shown in diagram 1 a.

Select the timezone of your choice as shown in diagram 1 b.

Once selected, my available time slots will automatically change according to the timezone set as shown in diagram 1 c.

Appointment Popup 1 a
Diagram 1 a - Timezone Automatically set
Appointment Popup 1 b
Diagram 1 b - Change Timezone
Appointment Popup 1 c
Diagram 1 c - Time Changed As Per New Timezone

  Once your timezone is set, please select the appropriate time slot you would like to have your one on one call.

  Second Step is Enter Your Email Id and Full Name and click Continue as shown in diagram 2.

Appointment Popup 2
Diagram 2 - Enter Your Name And Email Id

  Third and Final Step is to review and complete your booking as shown in diagram 3.

Appointment Popup 3
Diagram 3 - Review and Complete Your Booking

  Once you have confirmed your booking, you will get a Thank You message with an option to add the appointment date and time to different calendars as shown in diagram 4.

Appointment Popup 4
Diagram 4 - Thank You

  Simultaneously you will also receive a Confirmation Email as shown in diagram 5.

Appointment Email Confirmation
Diagram 5 - Confirmation Email

If none of my time-slots are available in your timezone,  please send me an Email with a suggested a date and time that works for you.

Once I receive that Email, I will come back to you with an confirmation or a change request.

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