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Can I leverage Blog Post Content?

I’m often asked by Bloggers, who craft excellent Blog posts, if there is something more they can do to leverage their Blog post content.

Apparently, the problem they face is a peculiar one. They take great pains to create a superb 1200 word Blog post on an attention grabbing topic, and then publish it. The Blog post undoubtedly adds value to their Blog site visitor. They get a maybe 4 to 10 comments, which they reply to. That’s it but most of them don’t know to leverage their blog post content.

They are already crafting their next Blog post while engaging with their commenter’s.

Painfully, it’s almost the same group of commenter’s seem to be visiting their Blog site and leaving comments.

For many Bloggers this is so much like running on treadmill. You are moving, perhaps fairly fast, BUT going nowhere.

Can you change this? Oh Yes! You definitely can.

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Marketing Your Blog Post Content

This assumes that as a Blogger you have a presence on a few social streams like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on. If you don’t, then please stop right here and create your accounts on these vital social streams, right now. Social media plays a vital role in marketing your blog post.

Here’s how you can stretch out a single Blog post. It’s really not too difficult at all and pays back in spades.

Marketing Your Blog Post On Twitter

Most Bloggers, create Tweet content and promote through twitter with a tiny URL that points to their Blog post. Some Bloggers release this Tweet once, other Bloggers, release this Tweet multiple times a day. Here are some of the things that can happen.

Publishing the same Tweets multiple times a day looks a heck of a lot like SPAM. Your Twitter page visitors may begin to feel that you really do not have much to say on your Blog. Regular Tweeting pushes older Tweets right off the page. Beyond the line of sight of your Twitter page visitors. None of this is good for driving interested / curious visitors to your Blog site.

Here’s what a lot of Authority Bloggers do when they tweet about a Blog post.

They take the Blog post head line; create an appropriate Tweet with a tiny URL.

Next, they take several other sub-headlines from within the Blog post, and create Tweets using the sub-headlines content as the core of the Tweet and bind this to the same tiny URL which points to the Blog post.

Assuming that your Blog post has three sub-headlines, each headline being the start of something new within the Blog post. You can craft four different sounding Tweets from the Blog post Headline and its three sub-headlines.

Next, use one of many excellent and very modestly priced Twitter tools, such as Tweet Adder, UnFollow and so on to release this set of Tweets at different times in a day. You can repeat this for a couple of days, on let’s say alternate days after you release your Blog post.

Here’s The Kicker

Since four Tweets are ready, all connected to a tiny URL that points to your Blog post, you can re-use these same Tweets on:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+

Any other social stream that accepts content is such a format


Where your target audience is available

This way you make the effort once, of creating small interesting snippets of your Blog post content, bind this to a tiny URL that points back to the Blog post, and then use this across multiple social streams where you know your target audience hangs out to catch their attention.

Today there are multiple tools to schedule blog posts like HootsuiteBuffer etc that allow you to schedule the dispatch of such interesting snippets of information, which point to a Blog post, to multiple social streams at different times in a day.

Make the Information Snippet Eye Catching

A really simple way to make the snippets of information you are posting on various social streams visually arresting is to add a great image to the content.

The image arrests the attention of those who are viewing your social stream, they read the interesting textual snippet, hopefully this combination drives them to click the URL and wind up on your Blog site to read and leave their comments on your Blog post.

This is the secret that authority Bloggers use to drive a ton of focused traffic to their Blog site.

You’ll see this approach is really bringing you dividends when:

  •  You notice the increase in the number of comments on your Blog posts
  •  Google Analytics shows an increase in the number of visitors to your Blog site
  •  When the bounce rate of your Blog site goes down
  •  When engaging with your site visitors comments starts bringing in more business

To Conclude

Take your Blog post head line and sub-headlines. Spin them off into small interesting snippets of information. Bind a tiny URL to these snippets, add a great image and then release this on multiple social streams, multiple times a day, either manually or using a plethora of inexpensive tools.

Just choose a tool whose performance and User Interface appeals to you, and watch your focused site visitor numbers swell.

If you use any other technique please do share your approach in the comments section below. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you. I’m sure other users will benefit from your input.

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May 19, 2017

12 responses on "Can I leverage Blog Post Content?"

  1. Hello Ivan,

    I enjoyed the post. It’s simple and something that I already employ.

    Another tip would be for scheduling. With just checking your tweet activity, you can see the amount of your audience that sees your tweet.

    Then, with simple services such as Buffer, you can choose the right time to send your tweets.

    Thank you for your insight,


    • Hey Mark,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Glad you enjoyed my Blog post. I’ve found that the simple things in life work most effectively in the Blogsphere.

      Thanks for validating that for me. It always feels great when that happens.

      I’ve been using Tweet Adder for some time now and I’m disappointed with the tool. I’ve heard of Buffer I’ll take a close look at Buffer. Thanks for recommending it.

      Have a really great day ahead.


  2. Dear Ivan,

    Pleased to read the useful tips to make a blog more popular and enhance the readership number through social media tools.

    Liked the tip of not repeating tweets often which may result the message as Spam.

    The best thing what I feel is ‘the selection of theme’ and ‘the purpose with which the blog is created’. One needs to be honest and enthusiastic in fulfilling the frequency commitment for putting posts! The quality contents matter a lot and should be of common interest for the select target audience. Create your own group of readers initially and encourage the comments as add on points on the things liked.

    It takes time to get the wider audience for which basic ingredient is the usefulness of written posts with adequate links for additional reading.

    I recommend you to please subscribe to by Dan Rockwell who has been recently rated amongst the top 30 World Leaders. His blog has been quite popular and he writes 4-5 times in a week with less than 300 words.

    By any chance, have you started any blog or intend to do it? Please inform once done.

    I consider this as a good writing platform to express your views with a series of posts and get satisfied. It’s a mode of gaining popularity. Is there any commercial benefit through this medium?

    Warm Regards,

    • Hi Mrunal,

      What a lovely surprise. Its great to read from you here. This is my pet (Tech and Marketing) Blog where I post regularly. I actually own this website.

      I’ve been a long time subscriber to the LeadershipFreak (Don Rockwell). I always read through his newsletters when I see them in my mailbox. Lots of great stuff in them.

      Oh Yes, Mrunal, if you have a business plan and begin Blogging carefully mapped to your business plan, after you get maybe about 100 to 200 faithful and repeat Blog site visitors its really not a big task to monetize your Blog site in some small way.

      I’ve had an Internet presence for more than 29 years now. Love to write and share what I have with anyone who wants to partake of it.

      Have a great weekend. All the very best.



  3. Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for the tips you shared here. I liked that idea of creating 4 Tweets based on your Heading and Sub-headings – that’s a good idea.

    Do you find you post more to Twitter than say Facebook or Google Plus? I read elsewhere that you should publish your post once on those places whilst you can tweet more on Twitter as people might miss your other tweets. Any thoughts?

    I’m using Buffer for my social media posting too.

    – David

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for stopping bay and commenting. Appreciate that.

      Well truthfully, I use the re-purposed Blog post content on all my social streams equally. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+

      On some streams I use an image with the tiny URL to my Blog post to mix it up a little bit and to make it eye catching,
      Twitter is a good place to do this really, as is Facebook.

      I’ve found this approach helps such Tweets get more eyeballs – because of the image. BTW, I’ve always found Twitter very noisy.

      Buffer is a great tool, thanks for sharing.


      Ivan Bayross

  4. Hi Ivan,
    Wonderful post for all bloggers!
    Yes, one may create wonderful and very useful posts, but the sad part is that it never reaches to the genuine readers and thus it got abandoned and lay aside, the marketing tactics one need to apply in their hard made contents.unless it reaches people the effort put in will be a mere waste

    Many newbies just neglect the part of sharing their contents thru social media. Of course the major ones are good but i use the share button provided in my page and use other sites too to share my post, like digg, etc, these days i share at Tsu, scoop, and few other newly developed and fast growing sites. Of course the major one like twitter has its own advantage like can post thru different ways.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information to your reader, especially to the newbies.

    Have a great day,

    Keep sharing
    ~ Philip

    • Thanks for dropping by Philip, always a pleasure to hear from you. How do you find Tsu? Has Tsu added value to you? Do share your thoughts on this website. I’ve been thinking about using it. I’ve created my account but not done anything with my account yet.

      I’m happy that you found the content useful.

      • Hi Ivan,
        Thank you so much for the quick response to my feedback.
        I found Tsu via David Leonhardt our kingged friend and I joined in and was active for sometime and later somehow i could not find time to go further, it looks like a wonderful place for those who are able to spend some time on social network. In fact with the help of David I wrote a post too in this regard even then i could not actively take part due to lot of other commitments. I am sure for further detail you can visit this link and ha, of course speak to David the right person to contact in this regard. Another interesting thing i found there is that you can send your post two other places when you post at Tsu it automatically takes to you twitter and fb accounts.
        here is the link for the reference:
        Have a good and godly day. 🙂
        ~ Philip

        • Thanks a ton Philip. Always glad to hear from a fellow Blogger about a website. I too heard about Tsu from David.
          I’ll read the link and do some learning. Thanks again

  5. Hi Ivan!

    Great tip for promoting your older posts!

    I think what all bloggers should learn to do, is Re-Purposing their content.

    That is what I do!

    I share the same type of content I share on blog posts, on Videos, Audio, eBooks, Presentations, etc.

    I try to find many other ways to deliver the content from one blog post, all over the internet. This is what we call; Re-Purposing Content – right! 😉

    For the epic blog posts I publish, I usually turn them into a PDF File and offer them in exchange of an Opt-In. It is a smart way to grow your list, because a lot of people like that.

    You can also re-purpose your Tweets, just like you are advising here 🙂

    You can definitely find creative ways to promote your blog posts, over and over again, on your Social Media Accounts!

    Good tips you got here man!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Keep up the great work!

    Have a fantastic week! 😀

    • Hi Freddy,

      Wow! Its been a while since I heard from you. Hope all is well.

      Yup, far too many Bloggers struggle over what content to post on social media channels, without really re-purposing their current (or older) Blog post fully.

      I’ve experienced the feeling, its like running only to stay in one place.

      Its when a Blogger understands the nuances of content pre-purposing that a whole new world of site visitors suddenly opens up.

      Planned re-purposing of Blog (or article) content delivered by a tool like Hootsuite or something similar makes a Bloggers life so much more comfortable.

      What tool to us use to queue up your re-purposed content for social media Freddy. Do share please.

      I’m glad you found my post content useful Freddy. Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comment.

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