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Can You Make Your Website Visitor Friendly?

Often when I visit websites I notice that a fair amount of effort has gone into the website’s design elements. The website looks great. Then I begin to navigate around the website trying to access material that is of interest to me, and it hits me. The same amount of effort that was put into the website to make the website visitor friendly . Based on my website experiences , I thought that I’d write about a few website things that one can and should do to make your website visitor friendly. A really amazing thing that happens is that when a website is visitor friendly the website is seo friendly as well.

Let’s Start With – Top Menu Items

Website web pages always have menu items that assist site visitors navigate the content of that website. While I know that not all websites have Top Menu Items I’m using these as a reference point because about 90% of the websites I’ve visited have top menu items for website (i.e. content) navigation.

Let’s assume that the webpage has a header section, which normally holds the top menu items as shown in diagram 1. Additionally the page header section often displays the company Logo as well.

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Diagram 1.

Here are a few things that you should pay attention to, if your page header holds the company Logo and the top menu items.

Position the Logo, which often has the website’s catch phrase below it, at the top, left hand, side, of the webpage. The Logo should be a hyper link. When a site visitor clicks the Logo, the site visitor should be taken to the website’s Home page.

Ensure that the Top Menu Items are displayed at exactly the same positions across all the web pages.

Please use a readable font-size for top menu items. These should be a minimum of :
10pt, 13px, 0.8em, 80% or a tad larger.

When a Top Menu Item is clicked do not open the webpage in a new Browser tab or window. Open the webpage within the same Browser tab or window in which the top menu item was clicked.

There is one exception to this however :
If the top menu item clicked on opens a PDF ( or any other document ) then feel free to open this in a new Browser tab or window.

As an added bonus, taking care of these small but important issues goes a long way in making your website seo friendly as well.

Use Breadcrumbs if you can. Most templates offer this facility today, Breadcrumbs are a technique that shows the site visitor exactly where they are on the website, as shown in diagram 2.

Diagram 2

Let’s Move On To Textual Web Page Content

Most web pages have quite a lot of textual content, broken up using images, videos, or podcasts to break textual monotony and make the webpage an interesting read.

Start textual content with a catchy ( attention arresting ) content Headline.

Break up the textual content into paragraphs. Each of about four / five lines tops. Large, heavy on the text paragraphs, may make the site visitor bounce of the webpage.

Inter space the paragraphs with interesting sub-head lines, appropriate to the content they precede.

NOTE : Add A Link To Write Great Headlines Post Here.

Appropriate and interesting head lines help a site visitor jump directly to web page content that interests them the most. This is a great way to keep site visitors on your webpage.

Diagram 3

Diagram 4

Remember that Sans-serif fonts are easier to read at small sizes. Serif fonts are easier on the eye at large sizes.

Centre the webpage content in it’s display area. What this means is ensure that there is some white space on the left and right hand side of the webpage content in the display area. When you pay careful attention to these issues your website becomes search engine friendly.

Use a webpage content width appropriate to the web sites target audience. Older people tend to use lower display resolutions on their laptops / desktops as they need to see a modestly larger webpage, whereas tech savvy, younger people would use higher display resolutions to get sharper but smaller web page content.

Use a fair amount of white space to logically group items on the webpage.

Change the font-size, color, font-style, to drawn the attention of site visitor to interesting / important sections of textual content. Changing font-size aesthetically a goes a long way in helping to break up the visual monotony of text heavy page.

Use a line-height of about 1.3 to 1.5 to help spread your textual content on the webpage and thus making the webpage easier on the eye to read.

Use quotation signs (several appropriately sized icons are available free ) and a very light grey background to make an especially important block of text to stand out from the rest. There are some quotation signs available today within a font-family as well for really terrific convenience.

If you are linking to blocks of related text within a large document, ensure that site visitor can clearly recognize the links. It is really a good idea to ensure that the link’s colour is the standard, default blue used by all Browsers.

Most site visitors have got used to visually associating the colour blue with a link, so if possible, desist from changing the link colour on your webpage to that delicate shade of magenta that you so love as it’s going to fox your site visitors.

Often to help ensure that webpage content is easy to read, the webpage creator uses a CSS rule to suppress the underline that normally, visually, indicates a link.

If that is done, please ensure that when a site visitor hovers their mouse cursor on such content, that the mouse cursor changes shape to a hand and that an underline appears. This approach really does help site visitors identify a link within web page content.  Focusing on these issues really does help your website to have a seo friendly web design.

What’s really interesting and proven is that dark grey text, instead of black text, on a white background makes for easy textual content reading. So, it may be a good idea to make the font colour of your webpage text a dark grey instead of the usual black.

Do your very best to maintain a consistent webpage layout, colours and font styles throughout the entire website. Your site visitors will indeed be grateful to you for this.

Remember to test each page of your website in the latest version of at least five different Browsers to ensure that the webpage looks the same in all of them. The Browsers are, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome.

IE is a notoriously bad Browser when compared to the other ones. Do check the webpage in the latest version of IE and at least one older version of IE to see that the webpage does not break but renders correctly in both versions.

Keep website forms, used to capture site visitor information, as short as possible. Think about it, if you want to send a site visitor a Newsletter all that you really need is an Email Id, no more. A subscribe to Newsletter form in much more likely to be filled in by a site visitor if it has only one text box to fill in i.e. an Email Idcapture textbox adjacent to a Submit button.

All too often website owners do not pay any attention to the 404 Page not found error page delivered by their web server. Hence, if the site visitor hits a broken link, a rather cryptic, most un-helpful, 404 Page not found error page, is displayed to the site visitor and in a flash the site visitor bounces off to your competitor’s website.

Create a well thought through, customized, 404 Page not found error page that helps the site visitor identify other areas of interest to them on the website, which encourages them to stay on the website.

Finally remember the greatest incentive for site visitors to keep re-visiting the website, there is nothing like, excellent, unique, helpful site content.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

Do you have any special SEO tips and tricks you’d like to share? Please add then in the comments section below. Sharing such information will add real value to all those who read this Blog post. Let’s all contribute to the change we want to see.

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