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I do a fair amount of speaking at eCommerce Meetups, Marketing Seminars, Digital Marketing workshops, and similar platforms.

I’ve always had questions like:

 Do I really need an email list?
 What do I do with an email list?
 Do you know how hard it is to capture a site visitor’s Email Id?
 I’ve had a subscription form on my website for months, no one subscribes?

To all I respond in same way.

The volume of your website income is tightly bound to your mailing list.

This course consists of 10 in-depth, value packed modules.
8 course modules 2 bonus modules.

This means if you’ve got a weak, spam Id filled, mailing list, your website is very likely earning you absolutely nothing.

If you have a robust, trustworthy mailing list, mapped to a terrific, email based, engagement program, you will see your website deliver you a ton of income when compared to the situation mentioned above.

In this video based training program I’m addressing BOTH these issues very carefully.

 How to ensure that you create a robust, trustworthy email list via your website
 How to write emails and newsletters that engage with your target audience and get them to buy

Module 1: Why You Should Build A List And Different Ways To Do So?

In this video we are going to learn about:
 Why you must build an email list
 Different ways of building an email list

We will also take a look at what different autoresponder services have to offer. Especially how autoresponders impact your email list building exercise.

Module 2: How To Create Free Gifts Fast To Build Your List?

In this video we are going to learn about how to create valuable free gifts fast.

These are the incentives you will offer site visitors so that they part with their Email Id, and Name, ensuring your mailing list grows steadily.

Module 3: How To Use Exit Popups To Build Your List?

In this video your will learn about the creation of Exit Popups.  Exit Popups help capture your site visitor’s Email Id and Name which grows your mailing list really fast.

Module 4: Part 1 – How To Start Your Autoresponder Campaign?

In this video we are going to learn about how to create a mailing list with an auto responder service like AWeber or GetResponse.

You’ll learn how to:

 Create a list
 Create multiple messages which will be auto delivered to anyone who signs up
 Finally you will learn how to create the form that you’ll use to capture a site visitors Email Id and use this on your website

Knowing how to do this is what’s going to build your list of email subscribers on the auto responder service you’ve chosen.

Module 5: Part 2 – How To Add The Autoresponder To The Sidebar?

In this video we are going to learn about how to add the autoresponder form code, that we created in the previous video, into to the sidebar of your webpage.

Module 6: Writing An Autoresponder Email Series That Converts.

In this video you will learn how to write an autoresponder email series that converts site registerants to paying customers.

Module 7: How To Create WordPress Squeeze Pages?

In this video we are going to learn how to create quick and easy, squeeze pages, for your WordPress site.

Module 8: How To Create Raving Fans On Your Email List?

In this video you will learn how to convert site registerants into create raving fans that will buy from you instead of just being passive site registerants.

Your Bonus Training Modules.

NOTE: The bonus training is released to you only if you continue with this course for more than 32 days.

This bonus training delivers two additional modules to you, absolutely FREE.

Each of these modules deliver additional, in-depth, valuable information, on how to build a dependable, leverageable mailing list.

Bonus 1: Using Integration Marketing To Build Your List

In this video you will get an inside view of how to use integration marketing to boost your Email list building.

Bonus 2: Building A List By Piggybacking On Product Launches

In this video we are going to learn about how to build a large mailing list by piggybacking on somebody else’s product launch or site traffic.

This is a great method to generate commissions, as well as obtain a large customer mailing list, fast.

A dedicated forum for course participants.

You can ask questions and get answers in the forum.

The forum is carefully monitored, if there are questions which have not been answered, I always jump in and answer them.

Your Protection?

A 30 Day No Questions Asked Refund Policy.

If you believe that this training program did not work for you, you have a full 30 days, measured from the date that you signed up, to ask for a refund.

Your money will be immediately refunded.

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  1. More than expected


    I learned lots more than I expected.

    This email marketing course was an eye opener for me.

    I’m grateful that I somehow stumbled into it. As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

  2. Learnt A Lot


    Ivan is definitely the person to go to for email marketing advice!

    I have learnt a lot from him and have implemented all he taught me. I’ve started to see people buying my products driven in via my email campaigns.

    Building relationships through email is not easy, but Ivan taught me how.

  3. Detailed and Presented Beautifully


    This course is detailed and presented beautifully.

    I learned all I needed to start and run my email marketing campaign for my Internet business.

    My success, grew my confidence to the point, where I have meetings lined up with clients to develop their email database and manage newsletter campaigns all based on what I learned here.

  4. Great course


    This is a great course on email marketing.

    I’d recommended it for all website owners who want to tap into the power of email marketing to increase their website income. I especially liked the information on lead magnets and optin forms.


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