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Do You Expect A Shake Up In Digital Marketing Strategies In 2015?

Digital marketing strategies are often described as a seemingly erratic volatile space to work in. The moment you believe you’ve wrapped your mind around the nuances of a specific digital marketing vertical such as let’s say Facebook marketing, FB changes the rules of the game and you’re back to square one.

It’s almost as though, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest deliberately choose to churn things around every once in a while just to ensure that the lives of Digital Marketers have a touch of excitement in them.  I often wonder what’s the big idea of having to be constantly dancing with the changes being made? Versus Sticking to the tried and tested, which unfortunately is in the throes of a delicately nuanced upheaval.

I’m constantly struggling to find a balance between these two worlds while delivering measurable Return On Investment to the clients who place their faith in me. Scary that actually.  My belief is that one needs to accept an actionable strategy, measure the results of that strategy, and tweak it proportionally where required, and one is bound to succeed, BUT I state the obvious.

What I’d really like to share in this Blog post is a few digital marketing verticals I’ve discovered, that you can keep in mind of the next several months, (if not for a year or three).

Having a clutch of largely unchanging, digital marketing verticals, to blend into your digital marketing strategy, which always delivers measurable results, ought to be really helpful.

I teach at a few MBA schools in Mumbai India. Over time I’ve grown to believe that even MBAs with a specialization in Marketing do not necessarily have the mindset to document, execute, monitor and tweak a DIY digital marketing strategy inspite of their advanced education.

A pretty large percentage of marketing executives and managers seem swamped by the digital marketing tsunami occurring around them and are struggling to stay afloat.

For them, and all my Blog post readers here’s what I want to share.

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Stop making Google your sole focus

Please do not misunderstand this statement; I’m definitely not saying that defocus from Google, which would be ridiculous.

However, after years and years of domination Google’s hold on the search engine domain may be on the decline. Take a look at upcoming search engines such as DuckDuckGo while they are nowhere close to knocking Google off its pedestal, their search engine market share has grown to around 3%.

While 3% may seem a really small %, it’s still 3% of a colossal space. The numbers (i.e. people) using such a space are growing every day.

The growth from unknown to 3% is a sure fire indicator that consumers (of search engine services) want alternatives – i.e. a choice not to depend solely on Google if they do not want to.

Perhaps, Google is unperturbed about a 3% growth in a competitor, that perfectly OK for Google but as a digital marketer, if your target market is using such an alternative, it ought to be a whole lot simpler to connect with them there than on Google.

While Google is without question one enormously large basket, perhaps ask yourself whether you are sure you want to put all your eggs in this one basket.

Sure search engine optimization is important, but searchers can accomplish their goals through more means than only Google.  It really is a great idea for digital marketers to rely just a teeny tiny tad less on Google and engage with more direct forms of interacting with their target audiences.

Mobile. Just mobile.

I definitely did not want to use the cliché – mobile dominates, hence I tried stating this differently.

Today the mobile market is exploding outward at blazingly high speeds, compared to just 12 months ago. The number of site visitors that access site content using mobile devices has jumped up exponentially.  Hence, I just cannot understate the importance of mobile search, mobile optimization, mobile engagement, mobile conversions, mobile driven business profits.

I’m definitely not going to wax eloquently about mobile devices in this content, I really want to gently drawn your attention to the fact that – Mobile – has become the access method of the masses, and therefore using a digital marketing strategy to tap this segment must be a priority for any digital marketer.

Social conversion has arrived (a while back just in case you had not noticed)

There is a huge amount of material written the power of social networks, however I believe that not enough has been said about the importance of social conversions.  For all Ecommerce and Lead generation sites, social streams today deliver a mature and growing opportunity to target specific audiences, engage with them, and improve conversion rates.

Never forget the added advantage of social streams offer to digital marketers – New customer conversion channels.

New payment methods are rising up

Today small vendors are using really simple technology to accept payment from customers via mobile phones. This does not require a credit / debit card at all.  The vendor send the invoice to customer, which is received via on their mobile devices, the customer makes a safe, secure, private payment from their mobile phones via their bank account to the vendor’s bank account.  The vendor gets an SMS from their bankers assuring them that payment has been made – All in real time. Awesome.

EVM cards are widely in use today.  The intelligent chip embedded on the credit / debit card helps make transactions a ton safer. These type of cards are going to have their effect on online payment and Ecommerce sites.

Safety, privacy and accuracy are mainstream concerns for Ecommerce customers. Now its upto digital marketers to lead the way in educating, re-assuring and coaching Ecommerce customers during such transitions.

Paid advertising is here

As a digital marketer, whether you like it or not, you’re going to need to pay for the advertising spots you need. While PPC is definitely dying there are alternative forms of paid advertising taking its place.

Consider, YuMe, VideoNap, Vdopia, Collective and others, all of them provide video ads, which cost money. Multiple methods for organic/paid advertising are being consistently used as marketing techniques by various brands.  This signals a growing trend.

Marketing automation is necessary

Marketing automation is definitely not new.

It’s just growing bigger than ever and usage costs are dropping.  Marketing automation is affordable enough for most SME’s to use today.  Not too long ago only really large organizations with globally recognized brand names were using marketing automation, today this is no longer true.

Truthfully today marketing automation is a requirement for any business that wants to be at the top of its game.

Great content creators are going to be worth their weight in gold

Content is a vital ingredient to any digital marketing strategy today. Great content creators, including writers, developers, video producers, podcasters, and speakers are worth their weight in gold.

The drive to acquire high quality content today actually spotlights the epic shortage of awesome content writers.  Content writers, who can craft content that drive site visitors to engage, are a closely guarded and handsomely rewarded lot.

It’s no longer valid that you identify a great writer, today you need a great writer who knows your business niche.

Fantastic skills in written English is not the only skill sought after today.  The content creator must possess commanding domain knowledge, domain experience, and eternal domain curiosity AND the ability to tell weave an engaging story in words and pictures.

The search engines indexing algorithm will change, then change again

Search engines algorithms will change constantly.  This is because search engines take the job of delivering the appropriately correct content to their users very seriously.  As search engines understand the psyche of their users better and better each day they are going to tweak their algorithms.

This is something, as digital marketers, we have to live with, and if possible enjoy.

This is a well entrenched part of the search engine domain.  What’s fascinating is that as digital marketers we have to understand, Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and a host of other search algorithms.

Each search engine having its own nuances of seeking in its index and retrieving the most appropriate results for delivery to the user.

As a digital marketer, we need to know as much as possible, about how to use these search engines perfectly, so that we can deliver the very best Return On Investments to paying customers.

Conversion optimization offers a high ROI

If Conversion Rate Optimization, is not factored into a 2015 digital marketing budget, it must be.

Conversion rate optimization is the specific process of maximizing the number of site visitors who convert or make a purchase on the site.

Getting into the site visitors psyche, thoroughly understanding them, doing multiple AB tests to thoroughly understand what turns them on or off, especially to understand what elements of the website or landing page produces the highest number of site visitor conversions are all integral to CRO.

Conversion rate optimization pays off handsomely, instead of paying out large sums of money for adverts, and organic traffic, it’s always a great idea to have an in-depth understanding about what triggers the site visitor to convert into a paying customer and leverage that as strongly as possible.

The conversion rate optimization approach is tons more rewarding financially, than spending additional energy and money into driving more traffic to the website in the hopes that more site visitors will convert.

It’s not the quantity of site visitors today, but the quality of the site visitors that matters.

Mobile Advertising

Today, people are never very far away from their mobile phone. Hence, it makes the most sense to place your adverts on their mobile networks.

The Apps they download and use are not really for free.

Each App collects their personal data and delivers them carefully targeted Adverts based on the data collected.   The advert can display as a banner at the top or bottom of a page, or fill a whole screen.

There are hundreds of mobile ad display networks, Google for them.  Use appropriate forums to validate, which of the ad networks deliver the best results for the money invested.

Get intimate with the market that they display their ads to. Get into the minds of that marketplace.  When you do you may discover that the returns delivered through Mobile marketing efforts can be really rewarding.

To Conclude

These are the verticals, that today’s digital marketing specialists must have measurable skills in.  The rules / processes of marketing your client’s products and/or services within these verticals remain relatively constant.  Hence, are modestly isolated from all the changes happening all around you.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

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It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please leave them in the comments section right below.

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