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Do You Know How To Build Your Brand Online?

There is a really simple way of checking just how visible you are on the Internet, i.e. if you’ve done anything at all to build your brand online. Simply Google your name and see what the search engine delivers on its first results page.

These results will tell you whether your efforts to build your brand on line has paid off.  Especially what people see about you when they search the Internet for information about you or even if they see you at all

If you’ve not built a brand online yet, here are tried and tested techniques that you can use to build your brand online. When you do, you will have a vibrant online brand, which is how Internet users will perceive you. This is really your online brand. Over time it’s your online brand that helps gives you authority within search engines.  Here is how you can start building your brand online if you’ve not done so yet.

A Simple Blog Commenting Strategy To Build Your Online Brand

Identify other Blogsites that deliver similar or parallel material to what you deliver and leave a well written comment on specific Blog posts. Structure your comment so that it in turn draws comments from others, i.e. generates a discussion. This gets people curious to know who you are. Gradually they begin to think of you as a subject matter expert in that niche and your online brand starts being built. This goes a long way in building up a level of trust between you and the Blog site visitors. Building trust eventually give you a great deal of credibility on the Internet.

Leaving comments on Blog sites does not have to be a chore for you, not if you truly identify excellent Blogsites that are delivering content that excites, intrigues, engages you.  Leaving well crafted, engaging comments on topics that you share a passion with the Blogger, can be a lot of fun.  When you comment, it must make you feel that it was worth the time and effort you put in. When that happens you will see this in the comment content you write and as a spin off it will go a long way in building your online brand.

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Upload A High Quality Profile Photograph To

A great looking, well composed and cropped profile photograph is a single element that helps build trust (and by projection your online brand) quickly. Get a professional to do your profile picture.  Upload this profile picture to it’s free.

Gravatar = Globally recognized avatars.


Almost every Blog site today can automatically connect to locate your uploaded picture and display a thumbnail adjacent to your comment. Instant visibility and quick building of trust and just perfect as a great brand strategy.

Attach this photograph to almost anything you do online. This give site visitors a visual association with you that stays with them for a long time, especially if they keep encountering the same picture multiple times mapped to excellent Blog comment content. This picture should not be of you when you were 20 years younger, but a recent photograph of you and you alone.  Remember it’s Your Brand that you are building.

Create A Video And Upload This To YouTube

Making a short, interesting helpful video and uploading it to YouTube is are great way to increase your online visibility. If the video you’ve created and uploaded entertains and educates, it will strike a chord among the people watching it. People really love to watch videos. Having a series of videos out on YouTube is a superb way to build reputation and trust.

Always Give More Than Promised

Under promising and over delivering is a sure fire way of building a strong online presence. Always strive to give more than you get. The more you give to people the more they will trust you. The more they will get curious about you and want to discover ways to interact with you.

The more you dish out in terms of excellent content, the more people will want to get from you. They have figured out that your content adds genuine ( measurable) value to them.

A great way to build relationships via the Internet is to share links to valuable content that other Bloggers have created. Other Bloggers will love you for this and would most definitely reciprocate by adding links to the great content you’ve created within their Blog posts.  This is just amazing for building your online brand.

Ensure Your Presence On Multiple Social Media Channels

Create your presence on Linked In, Facebook, Twitter quickly. Ensure that your profiles on these channels are as complete and contain all relevant details about you. The first thing that most site visitors do is a search on these channels looking for your profile by name. Your details on these SM sites add a huge amount of social proof to you.

Once you are on these SM sites, then do some research on what other SM site you should have a presence on for example, Google+, Pinterest and so on and develop your presence there as well. Once you’ve got a presence on these SM channels start interacting on them regularly. Always keep in mind that you should want to help the other person as much as you possibly can.

What’s great about you visibility on the Internet is that you do have some control over it. It’s you who decides whether you will have a strong, vibrant Internet presence or whether you want to largely stay anonymous.

Having said that, if you want your Blog site to earn you an income, either via affiliate links or through the sale of your products and/or services them honestly staying anonymous is not an option. You do have a real vested interest in creating a strong, sustained, vibrant online Brand that is identified with you and has instant recall.

Use Article Directories Judiciously

There are some really good article directories on the Internet.  Hubpages, Buzzle are some of the names that come to mind when looking for good article directories.  Research the article directories via the Internet carefully first. Read what other Bloggers / article writers are saying about an article directory you are interested in.

Once you’ve zeroed in on one / two (tops) article directories then create your account on them and read through their Terms Of Service (TOS).  All good article directories have their own specific TOS which details what content you can and cannot post on the directory. Pay careful attention to this as you do not want your account banned and your content deleted.

Once you’ve (your articles) have been accepted, then at regular intervals, perhaps twice a month, write an informative article and post this on the article directory you’ve chosen.

NOTE: Good article directories always check what you post, to ensure that the content conforms to their TOS.

Article directories allow upto two links within any article.  This is a great way to build sound back links to your money site. It’s organic, i.e. slow and steady. If you post great article content you can easily get a fan following on the article directory.  This is a tried and tested way to build a great online brand for yourself as well as get some ethical and valuable back links to your money site.

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It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please pass on your bouquets or brickbats in the comments section right below.

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6 responses on "Do You Know How To Build Your Brand Online?"

  1. Dear Ivan,

    True to your nature – brief, precise and most important – imparting knowledge – gained by experience.

    All the Best,


  2. Simple but very much important for a programmer and web developer .

    And it’s comes from working implementing
    and fulfilling the industries need….

    but one more thing we need today is a presentation over slide share

    Thank You sir

    • Thank you Rishabh,

      It was really nice of you to stop by and add your remarks. Appreciate this a heck of a lot.

      Would you really like a distillation of this as a set of Slides on Slideshare? I honestly never thought of that.

      Do let me know and I’m sure I can do that for you and others who would benefit from such input.


  3. Hi Ivan, listing your site on local directories and multiple social media accounts will display more brand search results for your company. I have also noticed creating profiles in relevant industries wherever possible gives you high rankings.

    The biggest ranking factor with Google with brand search results is reviews. Posting your business details to review sites and asking people to give your product a review on their blog always delivers 1st page results.

    Thanks Ivan. Kev Massey – SixtyMarketing Derby

    • Hi Kev,

      Thanks for adding value by these suggestions. Appreciate this. This is the very first time I’ve heard about review sites to be honest. I’m learning new stuff all the time. Fascinating. I’m off to Google and find out what are review sites and how to use them.

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