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Do You Know How To Increase Website Traffic?

Okay your brilliantly designed and brimming with useful information website is ready on mounted on the Internet.

BUT Do you know how to increase website traffic? Unless you have:

  • A steady stream of site visitors coming to your website
  • Staying there for a while reading and reacting to your material
  • Engaging with your Call-To-Action on your web pages
  • All of which makes your website interesting to Search Engines

You’re stumped.

Then it dawns, you must increase website traffic by putting in daily efforts to get focused site visitors coming and staying on your site.  I say focused because I believe that it’s best to get site visitors coming to your website who are looking for what your site delivers. These are site visitors who are the easiest to convert to paying customers.

Increase Website Traffic Tips

Here is what you need to do.  My approach is simple and focused. It should be about two hours of work every day, five days a week. The sixth and seventh days I guess you can rest OR not.

BTW, I discovered that resting on the sixth and seventh day was not such a great idea when my website traffic increased, and I wanted to sustain that increase and grow it to higher levels.  That said I always try to keep my work load to about two hours each day.

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Update Your Website with High Quality Content Regularly

There are two points to focus on in the statement above.

  1. Update Regularly
  2. High Quality Content

Remember I mentioned that you need to spend about two hours each day updating your website? The truth be told is you need several more hours each day researching, creating, curating the High Quality Content to be updated into your website.

Having a Blog section within your website is a great way to keep updating your website content.

Simply Blog on topics that you are passionate and knowledgeable about.  Your passion for the topic must shine through your Blog post content.  Believe me this happens with very little effort really, because you are doing something that you really want to do.

Regular Blog posts coming up on your Blog is a great way of keeping Search engines coming back to regularly re-index your website so that they can deliver the very best content to people who use their search services.

Now when you create your Blog post and publish it on your Blogsite do remember to:

Put Out An Excerpt Of Your Blog Post On A Few Carefully Chosen Blog Directories

NOTE: If you are using WordPress as your Blogging framework, this can be done automatically via your WordPress core itself.  The only extra effort being for you to tell WordPress which Blog Directories must be updated.

Ensure That You Add Great Tags to Each of Your Blog Posts

NOTE: Again, this is done via WordPress itself, when you are creating the Blog post. You can do this prior publishing your Blog post or subsequently.

Find out what are Blog Post Tags Here.

Add Keywords within Your Blog Post Content

Do some simple Keyword Research on the Blog Post topic. Carefully blend these keywords into the Blog post content, naturally.  Do remember that the keywords you’ve used within the Blog Post never exceeds 2% of the total number of words in the Blog Post.

Don’t know how to do Keyword Research have a quick read.

Add A Great Description To Your Blog Post

When you’ve completed your Blog Post, please put in a short focused description of what your Blog Post is about. Keep the description to about 65 words.

NOTE: Adding a description to each Blog post can be done via the WordPress Blog post editor itself.

Blog Post Commenting

Once you’ve got the process for putting out a new Blog post down perfectly. Then start of searching for Blogs that deliver similar content or parallel content.  Visit these Blog sites regularly and post well thought through comments for Blog posts that you particularly like (or strongly disagree with).

Your comments must always be polite, well written, and add some value to the Blogger and their site visitors. Bloggers are always grateful for excellent comments.  It adds to their Social Proof.

Many such Bloggers will click the link to your website and return the favor, thus adding to your Social Proof as well.

Comment On Comments

Respond to comments posted on your Blog, even a polite Thank you is great. If you disagree strongly with a comment, refrain from being rude, instead politely explain your POV and move on.  What’s really great is that some negative comments on your Blog posts is terrific.  A lot depends on how you handle these comments.

If a mistake is pointed out, what’s great would be to acknowledge it and correct the mistake, and thank the commenter. This really is a lot more powerful than people think.

Comment On Comments On Other Blog Sites

You can do exactly the same thing on other Blog sites as well, i.e. respond to the comments made by other commenters.  It works much the same way as it does for you on your Blog site.

Forum Posting

Research and check out a few good forums that offer information in the same space as your Blog posts. Sign up, and at regular interval, let’s say twice a week, surf the forums and reply to questions posted there.  Be as helpful as you can. Use your Blogsite link as part of your forum signature.

You will find a fair bit of focused traffic coming in from these forums.  Remember that I said be as helpful as possible do not SPAM to forum extolling the virtue of your Blog content or worse your website’s products and services.  That would get you banned pretty quickly by the forum.

Your Website And Each Webpage Content

When creating your website, remember to build it using the very best, Search Engine Optimization techniques.  SEO processes can be quickly divided in to two sections. SEO processes applied within webpage content itself, called on-page SEO.  SEO processes applied off your website completely, called off-page SEO.

Don’t know about SEO processes have a quick read here.

Provide Compelling Content On Your Website / Blogsite

Finally, ensure that your website content is superlative, simply the best.

  • Great subject matter – well researched and original
  • Exceedingly well written – short, crisp, easy to read English sentences
  • Perfect Grammar – No  colloquialisms please and no slang
  • No spelling mistakes – A really big no no this
  • Great images sprinkled judiciously within the content – Ensure royalty free images please
  • Associated Podcasts if possible
  • Associate videos if possible

Gradually, as Search Engines learn that your website offers superlative content, your page rank within the Search Engines will go up.

When your page rank goes up, your webpages will start to come up more often in the very first Search Engine Result Page.  All of this really helps to drive focused traffic to your website.  The traffic that converts to paying customers.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

If you use any other strategy to increase blog traffic then please share with us in the comment section below.

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11 responses on "Do You Know How To Increase Website Traffic?"

  1. Kindly check my site & suggest if it looks fine !

    We write blogs & without doing any SEO, we are getting traffic

  2. Hi Ivan,

    You offered some very helpful advice! In addition to creating the best content I could, I really worked hard to lay the foundation for my business.

    I focused on discovering what business I’m “really” in by:

    1. Learning the tangible values I offer my clients.
    2. Learn what “specific” problems I solve through those tangible values
    3. Ask who do I “specifically” solve the problems for
    4. Discover how my products or services are a solution.

    Once I got really clear on my business I begin connecting with influencers who served the same audience I do but in a different way and then I began networking with them over several months. Now my blog is exploding because of all the networking I do through commenting, social shares and engagment and guest blogging.

    My community has helped me earn the opportunity to be on several major podcasts and a radio live in-studio, on-air interview in Philadelphia.

    If people take your advice and work hard Ivan, they can succeed. I’m proof of it!

    Great post and I hope you have a great week!!!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hi Don,

      Your words are music to my ears. Thank you for all that you’ve said.

      That’s a really succinct way you’ve defined your process of figuring out what business you really were in.

      Your comments on connecting with influencers after you figured out what – Business – you were in is brilliant.

      What technique did you use to identify the influencers?
      Where did you find them?
      How did you initially engage with them?

      Do share some of your experiences achieving this either in a Blog post or Podcast or Here.
      It would be wonderful to read, understand and implement.

      BTW, I’m absolutely convinced that with clarity of purpose, and hard work anyone can succeed.

      Perhaps with a teeny tiny smidgen of – Magic – called luck?

      Enjoy the week as it opens up before you.

      You really have achieved a whole lot of success using that approach.

  3. Really enjoyed your post. I am recently started a micro niche blog and trying hard to get traffic. Do you have any idea to get my micro niche blog placed in search engines?

    • Hi Mohamed,
      Do share which micro niche your Blog occupies.
      Drop its URL here as well.
      Would be happy to take a quick look and share my observations.
      What are your current efforts to get your Blog placed in SE’s.

  4. Hey Ivan,

    You have some helpful tips here for both beginners and experience bloggers. I’m one that like to see what others are doing to see how I can improve incoming traffic for my blog.

    I do a lot of the similar activities you provided here. It all starts out being passionate about the topics you write about. It’ll all shine through your content and your visitors will definitely feel it.

    The one thing I don’t do that you mentioned is using forums. I spend most of my time leaving comments and sharing my posts on social media and blogging communities. But I can see how forums can be beneficial because it also sets you up as an authority.

    Thanks for sharing Ivan! I hope you have a great rest of the week!

    I found you post on under the category of intent marketing

    • Hi Sherman,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Oh Yes, set aside just 60 mins of your day to answer / help people on one or two carefully chosen forums.
      The rise in site traffic will be pretty satisfying. This is really worth the Monday to Friday, 5 hour, devotion to this task.

      You ought to smile at the huge engagement it brings you / your site.

  5. There are a lot of tip to help increase blog traffic here. I like how you covered everything from content and keywords to interacting with other bloggers. Really great article Ivan. Appreciate you taking the time to write this and share your knowledge. Have a great day.

  6. You know Ivan,

    I keep telling myself I need to get back into the forums and yet, I find myself rarely there. Your advice, I think, is the final push I needed.

    Great article, all-around. I would like to think that I do do all the other tips you suggested, but how well? Well, no one’s perfect. Even an expert can still improve. 🙂

    Thanks for the post,


    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad my Blog post helped. Oh Yes, no ones perfect. I find myself slipping sometimes then I pull myself together and get my act going again.
      I guess we are all human that’s what makes us real. Stagger the timings of the various things you need to do in a day to keep your Blog alive and relevant. Change the timings
      around once n a while to avoid getting into a boredom rut. Little things like this helps keep your shoulder happily welded to the wheel.

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