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Do YOU Want To Be An Unforgettable Blogger?

I believe that all Bloggers are mortally afraid of being completely ignored / overlooked in the Blogosphere. Deep inside Bloggers need to be remembered.

As Bloggers we want to pass something that future generations will find valuable enough to remember us by. We yearn to leave a mark in the Blogosphere that says – I was here.

To be completely honest, one of the reasons I Blog is because I find it very comforting to know that my thoughts hang out there for anyone to read.  These have the power to live on sharing, teaching, inspiring and germinating in the minds of thousands of readers over time.

While this is my – grand vision – (Oh! do stop laughing and foaming at the mouth) what happens too often is that after I pour my heart and soul into crafting a Blog post, no one cares.

Hardly any engagement, little no comments of consequence, no backlinks setup, lousy references, it’s positively disturbing.

24 hours after you publish your Blog post, you revisit it eagerly and you see – 0 Comments – next to it (Hey your mother commenting out of pity does not count) You realize nothing has changed.

Your eloquence is going undetected, it’s passing into oblivion, and you wonder what’s happening. Where’s are the Blog post readers, the commenters, so necessary for bringing excitement into a struggling Blogger’s life?

10 Mistakes Bloggers Are Still Making

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The good news?

Yes! This can change, BUT your Blog post content – by itself – does not bring you immortality.

If that is what you want – and which Blogger does not? – YOU have to be unforgettable.

You have to touch your readers deeply, make them laugh, then make them choke up. You have to connect with them on multiple levels and so powerfully that your content is burned into their minds.

Let’s figure out what you’re up against

WHAT? You thought your readers were alive? Good lord No!
Hey! do notice that more often than not the walking dead? (Okay I know it’s a tad harsh but . . . )

Just walk into any restaurant and watch people for an hour or two, you’ll soon notice:

The corporate honcho, stack of papers in one hand a cell phone in the other, shovelling food into their mouth in between seemingly desperate reads and hurried phone calls.

All so that they can hurry back to their day jobs, that they (very likely) dislike strongly.

Did you notice the married couple? They take a few bites of their food, glance up, and look astonished because they had forgotten their spouse was at the same table.

The old couple sipping coffee, while they would never admit it, the restaurant is the only time of day when they escape from – stationary lives.

Here is the one common characteristic that binds all these people together.

They’re bored out of their minds.

Look at their eyes, they are not even present. It appears that their mind, heart and soul have drifted off to sleep. Their body is operating on autopilot.

If that does not upset you enough, here’s one cold, harsh truth that will:

These people are our readers!

ReadersIf you are getting no engagement, comments, likes or shares it not necessarily because your Blog post sucks (while there is always that) it’s highly likely that 97% of your Blog post readers are among the walking dead.

Honestly, immediately after scanning your Blog post they cannot even remember what your Blog post was all about, much less think of something intelligent to say in a comment.

To drive interaction you have to – Wake them up. Shake them out of their boredom. You have to pump some life back into their veins, so that just a for a few minutes they are human again and can leave an engaging comment, share your content, click Like, or do whatever needs to be done to give you the boost you crave.

Let’s examine how . . .

It’s all up to you to examine your audience for – signs of life

The great news your audience / readers are not 100% dead – dead.  Which means they are slightly alive.

It’s your job as a writer is to find those signs of life.

  • Watch them like a hawk
  • Talk to them if you know they are hearing
  • Study them like a doctor studies a patient suffering from a baffling illness

How To Be A Blogger People Pay Attention To

Read 3 things every Blogger must do to get more attention shared on my articles on How To Be A Blogger People Pay Attention To.

Why? You’re searching for a spark.

Buried deep inside, they have hidden fears, dreams, desires, hatred, anger, love and every once in a while, those emotions leap to the surface, giving you a clue about what turns them on and makes them alive.

The corporate honcho slips on his earbuds, his face lights up as he listen to the latest country music, fingers gently tapping in time on the table. Oblivious to all the paper strewn across the table and the congealing food on a greasy plate.  A moment of being alive.

The bored looking lady at the adjacent table receives a phone call from her son at college. The tired lines on her face erase. Her eyes light up. Her voice becomes warm and strong. Her smile broad. He called to say – Happy Birthday – (even if it was a day late). A moment of being alive.

The old man almost absent-mindedly strokes the back of the old lady’s hand while he reads an article that interested him.  The old lady’s face softens, and glows while she sips her coffee. A moment of being alive and unmeasurable companionship.

  • One moment, eyes are dull and lacklustre. The next, they’re shining
  • One moment, skins are grey. The next, the skin’s glowing pink
  • One moment, their bodies are is stiff. The next, they appear full of vitality

It’s like watching someone come to life, although that’s not exactly true, of course.

They were always alive.

It’s like they just forgot for a while, and they need someone to remind them.

Newsflash: That “someone” is you.

NewsflashHave you left your car sitting idle for a few weeks? What happens?

Its battery dies. Not because there was anything wrong with the battery, but because no one has been using it.

How to charge up that dead car battery?  Simple, get a car with a fully charged battery alongside your car, connect the two battery’s together using jumper cables.

Then rev the engine of the car whose battery is fully charged, and you should be good to go shortly.

Well, people’s emotions work pretty similarly. If they’ve not been using their emotions for a while, they find it hard to get their emotions chugging along again. Often times, someone else has to give them a bit of a boost.

As writers, that’s our job.

Our readers are like dead battery.
We are the live one.
Our written content is the jumper cables.

The secret is knowing exactly where to connect those cables.

On the reader’s side, you have to connect them to a place where your reader is at least slightly alive.

On your own side, you have to ensure that the jumper cables are connected to content that is really the kind that can switch them ON.  It’s like ensuring that the positive and negative terminals across the batteries (i.e. the reader and you) are connected correctly.

In other words, YOU’ve got to be turned on – big time – when you crafted your content. That passion (experienced in your content) is really what turns on your reader. Big time.  Otherwise, you’re really wasting your energy. That’s why studying (and knowing) your audience is so critical to your Blogging success.

Take a close re-look at a Blog post that got you going. You’ll notice it is powerful enough to charge you up.  The Blog post content was certainly not ink on paper or just pixels on your laptop screen. It was like electricity in printed form, it definitely gave you a jolt.

Where does electricity come from? YOU i.e. the author.

When you read Steven King, you get fully absorbed in the story of everyday people and their struggle to find the courage to stand up against the psychopathic baddies who threaten their world.

If you read Seth Godin, you get drawn into his passion for extraordinary people who create extraordinary businesses which help change the world in extraordinary ways.

When these authors write they do not trickle their emotions in the content, no sir, it’s a raging streams in full flood of feeling that lifts you up and carries you along for the ride whether you like it or not.  Because if you feel the way the author does, it charges you up.

That’s why these authors are so popular.

So How Do You Write With That Kind Of Emotion?

  • You rev your engine
  • You charge yourself up
  • You live the emotion you want to trigger in your reader
  • You deliberately fan that fire of emotion in yourself
  • You cry, laugh, get so mad your keyboard needs to be replaced, because you’ve banged it to death

That’s how you cut loose when writing your Blog post.
YOU let all your emotions out using the words in your Blog post.

  • Your readers will feel it.
  • They’ll wake up.
  • It’ll make them feel alive.


They’ll remember you forever.

Instead of sitting down and crafting your Blog post cold because you need to publish – something.

How to be unforgettable

It’s not about how smart you are
It’s not about how slickly your Blog site is designed
It’s not about giving your site visitors readily useable tips and tricks

It’s all about the way you make your site visitors feel.

You want them to cry.
You want them to laugh out loud.
You want them to shake with anger.
You want them to feel alive.

I’m confident that you’ve felt exactly like this at a great movie, a live music concert, a breathtakingly delivered play.

When it all ended, you’ve felt different, a little bit more awake, your juices were churning, and you felt measurably more alive.

Well, great content does exactly that.

When you write a single (great) Blog post, tens (or hundreds) of people will be affected by it.
That is the most remarkable gift any Blogger can deliver their audience.

The point?

Start taking your Blog post creation seriously.

When you sit down to write your Blog post – Don’t:
Write another Blog post because you have to fulfil your Blogging calendar.
Give your readers one more tip or trick.
Tell just another cute story.

Set your freaking reader’s hair on fire.

Write with so much passion, energy and enthusiasm your reader’s feel a shock of electricity course through them. That is what you have to do.

Then maybe for a day or two OR and hour or two, they will FEEL like a different person.

When you do this they’ll:
Write their comments
Share your post on ALL their social channels
Subscribe to your Blog
Buy your products / services
Constantly come back for more

From then on, you’ll be their hero. They’ll think about you every day.

You’ll be, quite literally, unforgettable.

Get to work. Your readers are waiting for you.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please share them in the comments section below.

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2 responses on "Do YOU Want To Be An Unforgettable Blogger?"

  1. This is one blog I’ve commented on in years, I think.
    Thank you really.
    I stumbled on this at a time I’m about getting serious with my blog content.

    • Hi Felix,

      Nice. I’m happy that its my Blog post that got you commenting again. There’s quite a lot of great Bloggers content here as I love to create Blog posts that add value to my readers. Welcome back to read anytime. Get serious about your Blogging and it can bring you a supplementary income over time.

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