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Does Your Landing Page Really Convert Inbound Traffic?

Very often when one takes a long hard look at a website’s landing page traffic, a common error will be noticed. The landing page is very – Generic – in nature, it’s trying to convert well for all types of visitors.  Such a landing page will regretfully never convert as well as it should. Landing pages cannot be all things to all site visitors a fact that is all too often overlooked by website designers, copywriters and/or owners.

All site visitors that hit a website are certainly not the same. Visitors who come to the site from a LinkedIn or Facebook page would be very different from those who hit the site via Google.

Hence the perennial question – How to maximize website conversion rates by increasing traffic to your landing page?

If the truth be told then one has to create landing pages that have:
A color scheme
Carry visuals

Have appropriate copy that are all specifically mapped to each marketing campaign carried out via the website.

That said, before you rush off to create your first landing page or change your websites current landing page there are a few things you must keep firmly in mind.

Does landing page textual content (copy) match the marketing campaign?

Very broadly, the content carried in the Google paid adverts, the page description and keywords that drive organic search engine listings, the back links – alt text – from related / parallel websites, and the marketing copy on the websites landing page all must convey / deliver a similar / identical message to the website visitor.

For the record the Obama Administration tested out headline copy on landing pages and found that by relating the headlines to previous pages and marketing campaigns, they were able to increase their conversion rate by 21%.

The approach, which makes obvious claim(s) in a marketing campaign, then delivers the very same content via landing page copy, definitely helps build trust with website visitors. This result is what President Obama’s team saw and believe me you are going to see similar results as well should you do the same.

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Ensure Your Headline Offers A Solution

Every site visitor who hits your websites landing page has a problem. Hence, start off by telling them how the site is going to – Solve – their problem(s).

What I’m going to do here is set out three kinds of common site visitor problems. Then I’d like to show how I would offer an acceptable solution for those site visitor’s problems.

Possible Visitor Problems

You are trying to lose weight
You are trying to get a raise from your boss
You are trying to learn a second language

Potential Solutions To These Visitor Problems – Possible Site Headlines

Would you like to lose 10 Pounds by working out only 30 minutes a Day?
Use one simple tactic and ensure your get a 10 to 20 percent raise, surprised?  Read on
Wouldn’t it be awesome to learn a second language while sleeping? Now you can

As far as possible express your solution within your headline as a question. Each of the above solutions could be potential headline. Do make sure that the headline matches the product or service provided via the website.

Do not Overlook Landing Page Sub-headings

The fact that your landing page headline states the solution available on the website is usually not enough to convert site visitors to paying customers. Definitely provide a more detailed explanation of the solution on offer in a sub-heading within the landing page textual content.

Statistically, most web site owners know that they have about 8 seconds or less to grab the site visitor’s attention before they leave (i.e. bounce off the website). Ensure that all Landing page sub-headings provide a more detailed explanation of the solution available on the website.

Based on the above 3 headlines in the section above, here are 3 potential sub-headings.

Through our high intensity workout plan, burn more fat than when running on a treadmill, and in less time.
Once your boss is fully aware of the value you bring to the team you will get your raise and I’m going to teach you how to do that right here.
Listen to our audio lessons using a comfortable pair of earphones while you sleep, and you’ll become competent in a second language in less than a month

The key to excellent sub-headings is to follow the principals below:
Express all benefit(s) clearly
Keep the length within one sentence
Tie the message in the sub-head back to the headline

Clearly Indicate Who Are The Websites Potential Customers

Wherever you see an offer, do you wonder if the offer is a good fit for you?

It’s not just you who thinks that way. A ton of site visitors never end up purchasing because they are not sure if the website solution is a right fit.  Help resolve this. Clearly indicate who are the most appropriate users of your product(s) or service(s).

By explicitly adding who are the most appropriate users for your product(s) or service(s) on your landing page, expect to boost your conversion rate by about 30%, this really helps to resolve any doubts in your site visitor’s minds.

Another thing that works in the website’s favor is site visitors – Herd Mentality. If they see other people like them are signing up, they will as well. Most people feel more comfortable following others who are similar to them.

Always Include Stats And Data To Backup Claims

The website may be selling the best weight loss product available, but on the Internet there are tens of thousands of other website making that very same claim. Hence, always offer social proof of measurable value that your product(s) or service(s) brought to its purchasers.

Get testimonials from satisfied customers to back up the statements made within the Landing Page copy. Testimonials should contain a full name, picture, and specific results achieved. If one can get video testimonials conversion takes a jump up due to believability. Case studies are another great way to back up landing page claims. The key to having a case study labeled as a great one is to be as specific as possible. Show every single thing done to achieve the result as it helps build trust.

The structure of a high converting case study is as under. It includes:
The problem statement
The solution applied
Specific details of the solution
The Results obtained
A (video) testimonial or three
A double opt-in registration form
And / or
A very definitive – Call To Action

Call To Action

You may be surprised at exactly how many landing pages forget to add – Calls To Action – among the page content. Do a lot of A/B testing with various – Call To Action – content on the landing page and discover which landing page does the very best job of conversion

Use Buttons with and without image content, Text links, Images as the – Call To Action – blended within landing page content. Depending on (vertical) page length there could be multiple – Calls to Action – blended within landing page content. Remember simply placing them – above the fold – does not automatically ensure maximum conversion.

Over the years statistics have proven that – Call To Action – buttons that are related to the Landing page product(s) or service(s) tend to convert better than the ones that are generic.

Trust Elements

Not everyone is comfortable with making purchases using their credit / debt card on the Internet. Apple and Amazon may have a much lower % of such issues, but your website is not Apple or Amazon. Your website brand just not as trusted, which is why &ndash, Trust Elements – on the landing page, is important.

Truste, Hacker Safe, and other such &ndash, secure badges – help boost conversion rates. Please ensure that these trust elements are used on all the website pages associated with your marketing funnel and not just on the landing page.

For example, let’s assume the website sales funnel has:
A landing page
That leads to a pricing page
That leads to a checkout page
Ensure the – Trust Seals – on all these pages

In the example above, include the trust seals on all pages. Adding them on a page or two in the sales funnel does not help as much as placing them on all pages associated with the website sales funnel, especially when advertising and search engines are driving site visitors to the website’s landing pages.

This was recently tested on a website selling tangible health products. By placing trust elements on all the website pages associated with their sales funnel, instead of just the landing page, this website saw an increase in conversions of nearly 9%.

To Conclude

Now that the basics are in place, either modify your current landing page to fit what you’ve learned here or create your first landing page incorporating all these suggestions and watch your conversions grow.

That said, never lose sight of these two essential facts:
You are going to have to explain your product(s) or service(s) available in detail. If you find it difficult to craft landing page copy, then create video(s) explaining the value added to the purchaser of your product(s) or service(s).
Split test everything. Do not assume that you’ve created the best landing page for your website. Split test your landing pages and just go with what converts the best.

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