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Even Sceptic’s Can Get Targeted Traffic from Google+

8 responses on "Even Sceptic’s Can Get Targeted Traffic from Google+"

  1. Interesting Post Ivan.

    I am surprised that G+ delivers more engaged visitors that both Twitter and Facebook? Is that correct? I’d have thought both are still crushing G+. Or your saying not traffic numbers but more engaged visitors?

    Been using G+ more myself, but I am sure I have not pushed it as much as I can. Although, I am not done much with the communities. Maybe that is a big part I am missing.

    Course there is probably alot I don’t’ understand about the service 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Ivan.

    • Hi Ron,

      Well, there are visitors that hit a site and bounce off in under 15 seconds. I’ve never figured out why they hit the site in the first place. These visitors actively contribute to Google noticing a – High Bounce Rate. Not good for the site, not good for business.

      Facebook and Twitter, seem to be Major culprits on my website for such strange site visitor behaviour.

      Then there are site visitors who stay while and engage to some extent with the site content. Watching their movement through the website pages tells me this. It also indicates what seemed to hold their attention for a bit.

      Finally there are those site visitors, who stay a while and actively engage with the website content. The comment (for or against) with enthusiasm. Add value to one’s Blog post. Write an Email to the site admin pointing out an error that needs to be fixed. In general, site visitors that I’m grateful for.

      I’ve noticed Google+ being responsible for driving a decent percentage of site visitors of the second and third types to my website and Blog.

      All of this really works only if I reciprocate of course, BUT that is what the Internet is all about isn’t it?

      Have a great day Ron. You always trigger something that makes me think. I enjoy your visits and your comments.

  2. Hey Ivan,
    Thanks for this detailed expose on the use of Google+. Personally, I use Google+ and its quite awesome for increased targeted traffic.

    You are right by stating that what works for Twitter and Facebook may not work for G+, so it becomes important for marketers to identify what works for them.

    The tips shared on how to maximize the use of Google Plus are clear. Its time to revisit our perspective of G+.

    I left the above comment in as well

    • Hey Sunday,

      Glad this Post content helped. I think Google+ is a underutilized social media channel, that does drive a lot of focused site visitors to your Blog posts or Landing pages.

      Focused site visitors being the very best kind of site visitor in my opinion.

      These are the visitors that spend time on your site, and engage with content your site. All of this makes your site so much more interesting to search engines.

      Yes, indeed. Its important for digital marketers to know which social media channel delivers adds what type of value to your website

      Wow! I triggered something in you – the desire to give Google+ a re-think, terrific.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting Sunday. Always a pleasure hearing from you.

  3. Usually bloggers don’t like Google+ much. They all focus on Facebook or Twitter, but I think they ought to utilize Google+ like you said. I’ve been sharing there for quite some time and my experience is similar to yours. I find that G+ users engage more and somehow seem more positive. But that’s just my experience 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this. Your tips are great!

    Have a good day!

    • Hey Viktor,

      Great to read your comment. Real nice of you to drop by.

      I do agree, Google+ has given me a lot more positive engagement than any other social stream. A lot more clued in people are visiting my websites from Google+ and leaving interesting comments.

      Thanks fro dropping by Viktor really appreciate it.

  4. I’ve been using G+ for a long time and I do understand the potential it has as a traffic source. I’ve ran fashion blogs on it as well and I’ve been getting more traffic from it consistently the past years. Even for my own site, it’s one of those great traffic drivers so I can see and get your point.

    There are just some other niches that just won’t ever work with the user types on Google+ at the moment, maybe if they bounce back with all their new plans, but right now, there are really niches that just won’t ever work with it. 🙁

    • Hi Dennis

      Yup, you said it. Google+ is indeed a great traffic source. I happy that Google+ has delivered focused site visitors to your fashion Blogs and your website.

      I think a lot of site owners ignore the tremendous potential that Google+ has of delivering focused site visitors.

      Do share the names of the niches where Google+ does not deliver well and your reasons please Dennis.

      I’m sure both my Blog site visitors and I will really benefit from your input.

      Really nice of you to drop by and leave you comment Dennis. Thanks heaps.

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