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Gain A Site Visitor Trust And Business Follows

If anyone asked me what’s the scarcest and most valuable online resource I’d say it’s – Trust. Gain site visitor’s trust and business always follows.

Trust is scarce because anyone can publish content online. There is nothing and no one around to ensure that all online sources are checked (and then double checked) to ensure they are not downright nasty ones.

Trust, is an awesome commodity, once established, it opens the door to a world of opportunities,

  • More Blog post readers
  • Higher opt-in subscriptions
  • The opportunity to engage using newsletter
  • Greater affiliate revenue
  • Increased product and service sales

And so on.

The good news is that there are tried and tested techniques that can help make your website more trustworthy to your site visitors.

Ways to Build Trust with Good Web Design

I found what Tara Hornor says about Ways to Build Trust with Good Web Design very interesting and worth a read.
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Here are 13 tried and tested tips that work, on how to gain a site visitor trust.

#1 – Check And Rectify All Broken Links On The Site

There is nothing like encountering a couple of 404 Page Not Found errors to mark your website as one whose site owner does not really care.

Its Broken links that give rise to a 404 Page Not Found error and these are really easy to fix.

I recommend Xenu as shown in diagram 1. This is a free to download and use tool. Xenu check every single link on your entire website. No link is overlooked. Xenu delivers explicit details all the URLs on your site that are broken.

It’s awesomely accurate and has never thrown me a curved ball over the multiple years I’ve used it.


#2 – Use A Fair Amount Of Blue On Your Webpages

Colour psychology indicates that the colour blue creates the sensation of trust and security. So do consider using a blue colour scheme for your website and its web pages. Hey! notice that Facebook uses this subtle technique.

#3 – Always Display An Image Of Yourself On Your Website

About Ivan Bayross

A photograph establishes a whole lot of trust. Perhaps on the About Me (or About Us) web page display a well shot, photograph of yourself perhaps in a family type setting. It’s amazing how much trust (and instant engagement) this kind picture can deliver.

Never fight shy of displaying some personal details about yourself whenever appropriate, Neil Patel does using a caricature. This helps in keeping your image alive in the site visitor’s mind. Believing that real people are behind a website makes it much easier to trust the site.

#4 – Do Not Autoplay Audio/Video On A Webpage

Very many people get a little startled when a video (or podcast) starts to auto play.  Especially if like me they open multiple tabs and multiple sites (or webpages) in Browser, then they begin to read some page content and suddenly there is a loud blare of a video starting up.

They have to frantically hop across various Browser tabs to locate the offending one, breaking their current line of thought. Often in annoyance they will just shut the tab to return to what has caught their attention. You’ve just lost an opportunity to engage.

I think it’s disrespectful to me as a site visitor. It’s the quickest way to lose my trust.

#5 – Get A Professional Logo Designed

Professional Logo Design

Sure a great logo design does not come cheap.  That said, it’s the single biggest investment you can make in the trustworthiness of your online brand.

Your logo will go everywhere you go, from your header to your business card.  Create a logo that shouts out high quality (i.e. a high level of professionalism) and site visitors will view your online business in high esteem.

#6 – Allow Site Visitor Engagement Via Comments

Most site visitors are not disrespectful online (their disrespectfulness is automatically visible to a huge audience). Do not hesitate to allow comments on your Blog posts or wherever you want to engage with your site visitors.

Comments, often indicate that you are confident of what you are delivering the world via the Internet. It shows that you are confident enough to handle both negative and positive comments with equal aplomb. To me, that equates to trustworthiness.

#7 – Keep Your Website Copyright Year Up-to-Date

Very many people do not seem to pay much attention to this small detail.  It’s normally right at the bottom of a webpage, it’s always in a small font, and often the who reads the copyright year anyway takes front and center in our thoughts.

Many site visitors do.  If your website shows a copyright year of let’s say 2010 many site visitors will hesitate to link back to your content assuming that it could be terribly out of date. Ensuring that your copyright year is up-to-date is so very easy these days.  If your site template does not automatically do this, then discard that template and install and configure a better one.

My take on this is either update all your site pages every year on the 1st January or ensure that this is automatically done by the site template. I’m strongly recommending the latter approach.

#8 – Implement Testimonials

Testimonials are definitely key to building trust online.  This is especially true if you’re selling a product or service.

When a satisfied customer or reader, voluntarily gives writes a testimonial to you, it’s really time to say a sincere Thank You and display the testimonial prominently on the site.

Do not hesitate even a little bit to ask for testimonials. Then feature these prominently on your sales page. You may be surprised at how much trust testimonials build.

#9 – Don’t Make Promises You Cannot Keep

If you’ve promised a free eBook, have this available and ready for download before you make the offer.  If you’ve promised a 1 hour Skype consultancy ensure that you execute this, irrespective of if you sense that business will not happen.  If you promise a Blog post every Monday you’d better have that Blog posted every Monday.

Broken promises, even if they are for excellent reasons (like illness) destroy trust.

Believe me trust is very fragile. Difficult to build and oh! so easy to tear down.

#10 – Don’t Fake It Until You Make It

You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.  – Henry Ford

Fake it until you make it, is sometimes seems sensible advice.

Today most site visitors are a matured lot. There are far too many Blog authors who claim to be Gurus in SEO, SEM, SMM, web design and more. Their Blog post content clearly indicates (often shouts out) otherwise.

If you are indeed a novice, state this clearly and ask your site visitor to accompany you on your journey to becoming an expert in the field. You may be amazed at how much trust and genuine site visitor engagement, this approach can bring you when compared to claiming to be something you are not.

#11 – Never Be Afraid To Admit It When You’re Wrong

Everyone makes mistakes. That is what makes us human. Even though I do a ton of research and a lot of proofreading, I still publish content with spelling mistakes and Grammar that’s a tad off.

When you make a mistake online it’s futile to try and cover it up. Own up the mistake. Fix it immediately.  Publically acknowledge the individual who pointed out your error first.  Always acknowledge how this helped move your content towards the quality you strive for.

This will get you a ton of support from you site visitors and build you up as completely trustworthy.

12 – Certify Your Website As One That Cares Deeply About Security

Trust Verified Badges For Website

There are multiple organizations and services who verify that website is as secure as it can be. If your website passes their stringent tests, you can proudly display their badges on your site and boost your trust with visitors.

Use https instead of http by buying an SSL Security certificate from providers and using this certificate on your website.

Here are just three URLs where you can get your SSL certificate from.

Regularly scan your website using Sucuri. Subscribe to Sitelock.  This is what really increases site visitor’s trust in your website, which always translates into trusting you.

#13 – Keep Website Ads To A Minimum

There’s nothing wrong with having ads on your website. Many of the world’s most trusted websites do. Ad revenue does help in the monetization of your website.

That said, having Ads jump out at your site visitors and every possible juncture is a sure fire way of upsetting/irritating them. This is just the beginning of their distrust if your website.  Keep Ads to a minimum, keep Ads that are closely related to web page content and you should be good to go.

In Conclusion

The best way to gain site visitor’s trust is to be a genuinely trustworthy character. Be patient, be honest, keep your promises, and treat other people the way you want to be treated. You will be surprised at how quickly this grows site visitor trust, how rapidly this information spreads across your customer base.

Be measurably trustworthy in the online world and business always follows.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please pass on your bouquets or brickbats in the comments section right below.

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12 responses on "Gain A Site Visitor Trust And Business Follows"

  1. Hello Ivan,
    I love this post. Trust is one thing every business man and marketer needs to succeed in what he’s doing especially on the internet where there are lots of scam.

    Its really had to trust people on the internet unless you give people a good reason to trust you.

    Keeping up with all your promises is sure one way to ensure this and also, it’s good to show you’re human and that’s by having a picture of yours boldly on your site.

    Also show them you care for them and they will trust you for that.

    Thanks for sharing Ivan.

    • Hi Theodore,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Really nice of you. I agree with you completely, Trust is something that all Internet businesses must develop and sustain. Remove this element and I’m not sure whether Internet driven businesses will sustain themselves.

      Giving people reasons to trust you on the Internet is harder than one thinks. That said, you’ve got to plod at it and over time Trust builds.

      Keeping promises, under promising and over delivering, these seem to be more heard/read about than actually delivered on the ground.

      Every website owner who wants to make a living on the Internet needs to apply these – Sayings – in real life.

      Thanks for sharing Theodore. Appreciate this.

  2. Hey Ivan,
    I will align with you on the point that trust is the most valuable online resource, and to earn it we must be genuinely trustworthy character. Nothing can be farther from this truth.

    Credibility on provision of valuable information and keeping to promises brings about trust for a brand. We must ensure that this state of mind is sustained.

    A site visitor will not trust a site that never offer values nor break promises!
    The 13 points shared here are definitely on track!

    • Hi Sunday,

      Thank you for coming over and commenting Sunday. Really nice of you.

      I so glad you align with me on the idea of – Trust – being the most valuable online resource. Its tough to earn and so easy to lose.

      I guess the very best Bloggers really strive to win and retain s- Trust – in their online relationships.

      No serious business can ever happen without this element.

  3. Wonderful article! One should focus on improving the website’s basic needs to gain site visitor trust and business follows.

    Reading about Xenu, it’s a tool that could help resolve broken links problem. Checking good and bad links in a website manually is difficult and kills time. Xenu is a perfect tool to use to finish the work fast and for you to continue improving the other basic needs.

    Your image is as important as the copyright year in your website. One example is, if a copyright date on this site says 2012. Is the company even around anymore?

    All in all, trust is difficult to have, but with proper website set-up, and having the basic needs, you’ll gain trust and reap the good outcome.

    • Hi Metz,

      Its been a while, kinda missed reading your comments on my site. Thank you for dropping by. Appreciate it.

      Yes, I’ve learned that business without trust in pretty near impossible.

      Xenu, its a superb tool given away for free use by a brilliant programmer. He has contributed something really useful to website owners and web masters.
      I’ve been using it for years now and its helped me keep my website links in perfect condition.

      Have a great weekend Metz.

  4. Hi Ivan,

    To gain trust from the visitor is essential to becoming successful, I never thought these many factors can influence the trust, comments, using fewer ads, helping other bloggers, joining hands for joint ventures, blue colour, these tips are really amazing, I thoroughly learned all the tips to implement in my blogging career.

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us, see you soon.

    • Hi Sid,

      Hey, I’m really glad that my Blog post added value to you Sid. That lifts me up this Friday morning indeed. There are a ton on very strange social signals that site visitors respond to either directly or sub-consciously. An understanding of these signals and their use in structuring a website really adds to the site’s conversion capabilities.

      At the end of the day all of us are looking for a website to provide us – Willable Income – I am for sure.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment Sid, always a pleasure to hear from you.

  5. Hi Ivan,

    You’ve listed down the points perfectly. The most annoying thing i find are those website overloaded with Ads and affiliates. One or 2 are fine, any more becomes pure visual noise. The very essence of the website or a blog becomes null with them.

    I wouldn’t come back the second time!


    • Hey Piyush,

      Nice of you to drop by and leave a comment.

      Glad you found my Blog post useful.

      While I agree with you on sites that are packed to the gills with Ads and Affiliates, all screaming for attention, can be terribly annoying, at the end of the day a Blogger has to pay bills and eat.

      Most Bloggers do not place their affiliate ads within their content (except perhaps the pretty dumb ones).

      Hence, if the Blogger’s content has value I still make it a point to read their content and ignore the rest. There are times that one has to accept the good with a little (or a lot?) of the not so good.

      Thanks Piyush, appreciate you commenting.

  6. Getting people to engage and trust your brand is one of the most beneficial things that you can do when trying to sell your products and services. You need people to trust your brand if you want them to but from you, These are some great techniques that you can use to help build your brand and customer trust. I really like the testimonial part, as well as replying to comments. As you said, you should also keep things up to date and professional looking. Also, provide as much value to people as you can. When you offer them free value, they will begin to feel more entrusted that your products will offer even more value to them.

    • Hi Lawrence,

      Glad you found my Blog post content useful Lawrence.

      Trust, is (and has always been) the top most ingredient in any relationship.

      It’s probably a little more so in Internet relationship where you do not physically meet and interact with anyone, except via reading their content and the occasional Skype call perhaps.

      It’s a tried and tested fact that when one delivers value to their site visitors consistently, Trust Builds.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Lawrence. Very kind of you. Appreciate this.

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