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Get A Steady Income From Blogging – Here’s How

Every Blogger, after they have setup their Blog site and skinned it to look exactly as they want it to, are bubbling over with great plans for churning out epic, world changing, Blog posts. They are all excited about deriving a steady income from blogging.

Most Bloggers believe they know how to start a blog business and get paid. Deriving an income from Blogging is uppermost on their minds.

Most Bloggers spend time on the Internet searching for content that contains tips on how to get a steady income from blogging but somehow when they implement these tips they never seem to earn a liveable income.
They usually discover they have zero site visitors / post readers.

Okay, I accept that tools don’t make a blogger. It’s how much time and energy they spend:

  • Studying the top bloggers in their niche
  • Improving their writing skills
  • Cultivating and nurturing relationship with their readers and niche influencers

That over time determines exactly how successful their Blog site is going to be in helping them earn an income from Blogging.

In such a scenario, time assumes great importance.

Hence, how fast the Blog site grows, how wide will be its reach, is going to be determined by which tool(s) they use and how effectively they use them.

The Entrepreneur Who Blogs

Entrepreneurs are clear headed about the fact that they are running a business.

For them blogging is an essential promotional strategy.  When blogging is used successfully as a promotional strategy, it determines exactly how far and wide their Blog post content will connect with appropriate readers and draw them in to engage with the business side of the site.

The entrepreneur blogger does this more or less full-time, hence they have more time to spend experimenting with tools that other Blogger’s cannot.

Since blogging drives their business engagement, they are always willing to invest money in the purchase and use of proper blogging tools.

Even the relatively high prices of some of the Blogging tools does not put them off, especially if the use of these tools multiples the growth of their business, saving them time and energy that they can use elsewhere.

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Setting Up A Blog

Purchasing A Domain Name

NameCheap is a great domain name registrar.

It’s really not wise to purchase your domain name via the same company that hosts your site. If you decide to shift web hosts later, getting your domain name away from them can get complicated.

Purchase your domain name via a separate domain name registrar, which is independent from the web host you’re choosing. Do some Googling on how to purchase a domain name from a domain name registrar. Ensure that your name and postal address is used as the domain name owner.

Choosing A Great Web Host

Choose a webhost that is dedicated to WordPress hosting, BlueHost is an excellent WordPress dedicated hosting company as is WP Engine.  Google for webhosts dedicated to WordPress and you will find several excellent hosting companies to choose from.

Use a webhost that has been in the business for a while and has proven long term stability. There are several small web hosting companies that sometimes disappear overnight that can cause a ton of pain to their site owners.

Also mature, stable, hosting companies always offer plans that grow as your business and site engagement grows.  When you are an entrepreneur blogger this will make a huge difference as your blogging driven business takes off.

Build Your Blogsite Using WordPress

WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) of choice used by all bloggers who want their Blog site to be taken seriously.  WordPress is really the industry standard in CMS, no other CMS is worth considering.

All large webhosts offer a one click (no brainer) WordPress installation from within your hosting account. Alternatively if you’ve a minimum of tech skills, you can download the WordPress core and using the webhosts cPanel or Plesk panel do a manual install of WordPress.

There are any number of great tutorials on how to do this, you just have to Google for them.

You can setup a superb looking Blog, with awesome functionality with just a couple of mouse clicks, without having any knowledge of coding at all.

Skinning WordPress So That Your Blogsite Looks Terrific

WordPress themes determine the look, feel and functionality of a Blogsite. You can pay a web designer to create one for you or you can buy a customizable WordPress theme.

Visually superb, functionally excellent, premium WordPress themes can be purchased from a minimum of about 25 USD/- to a maximum of about 80 USD/-  While there are several premium WordPress theme sellers, I use Envato Theme Forest almost exclusively.    Envato’s excellent products and after sales service works perfectly for me.

ElegantThemes is another trustworthy premium WordPress theme site. It pretty easy to customize any Elegant theme. For about 90 USD/- a year you have access to all 87 themes and all their WordPress plugins as well. This yearly cost included great customer support.

Developer pricing and a lifetime one-time fee are also available.

Having said all of this, there are several superb, Free WordPress themes available for download and use as well, just Google for Free WordPress Themes and enjoy access to some remarkably good looking, free for use, WordPress themes.

Using WordPress Plugins

The WordPress core delivers pretty much standard content management functionality and does this rather well.

After your Blog site is ready as its owner you need to extend the functionality of the WordPress to deal with Social Media sharing, Email list building, site Analytics, site performance analytics and more.  This is always done using a WordPress plugin.

Social Media Sharing:

There are dozens of social media sharing plugins are available for WordPress. Simply Google for them choose any one that you like best and run with it.


Don’t use aggressive popup boxes take the site visitor’s screen hostage until they do what you want them to. This is a great way to lose engagement on your Blog very quickly.  Take a look at the CodeCanyon layered popup.

This is a really well designed and polite popup that can be setup in multiple different (unobtrusive) ways.  You can use it to get email subscribers, likes for your Facebook page and register site visitors for a webinar and more.


Google Analytics is free and easy to install. Later as your traffic increases you may want to invest in a paid analytics program but for the short- and mid-term Google Analytics will provide enough data to make your head spin.

Site performance:

A great WordPress cache plugin to use to speed up the Blog’s page load times is WPSuperCache.

Consider it fine-tuning for your Blog’s content delivery engine.

Finding The Perfect Images And Stock Photos For Your Blogsite

The very best thing to do is Google for royalty free images and stock photos and then choose from what’s displayed. There are really a great number of sites that give away images and stock photos royalty free.

Identify one or two that give you the images and stock photos that work best for you and stick with them.

If you cannot find the appropriate image or stock photo using this technique, consider using a paid for stock photo site.  There are several such sites where the pricing is relatively inexpensive for small pictures. Searching for the most appropriate image or stock photo can be very time consuming, hence identify one or two sites that deliver what you want and stay with them.

4 ways of creating images without using stock photography

An information packed article describing 4 ways of creating images without using stock photography written by DRE BELTRAMI. Really worth the read.

Establishing An Email List

Your first focus as a Blogger is to build your opt-in Email list. How you are going to do this should be planned for from the day your Blog goes live.

Plan and create your Blog site so you have a tried and tested technique in use from day one that helps ensure that site visitors voluntarily (and happily) share their Email Id with you.

What’s wise is to start with perhaps the free version of MailChimp to begin to capture and create your mailing list. MailChimp (I have a paid for account) has a clean and easy-to-use dashboard and there is a ton of sensible stuff you can do with its free account.

What you cannot do however, is create a series of auto-responder emails that will be dispatched automatically when someone signs up to be on your mailing list.  Having said that it costs only 15 USD/- per month to access MailChimp’s auto-responder services and more. Believe me if the 15 USD/- is affordable, it’s really well worth the money invested.

When you mailing list grows to more than about 250 to 300 Email Ids, perhaps it’s time to consider investing in MailChimp’s auto-responder service and other premium services that MailChimp has on offer.

Social Media Listening / Analytical Tools

Feedly is a free replacement for Google Reader that you can use for tracking posts delivered by Bloggers you are following in your niche.  Setup Feedly so that it has folders that segregate Blog posts by Topic or Size or Influence, whatever you are tracking or whatever works best for you.

When you’ve just made your Blogsite live, the free version of Hootsuite is usually more than enough to monitor what’s happening in response to your posts on different social media channels. Hootsuite ensures that you will have all the information you need in your Hootsuite dashboard, i.e. all in one place, as you follow influencer bloggers in your niche.

Adding Custom Sign Up Boxes On Your Blogsite

Once your on Page / Blog post, search engine optimization efforts start getting organic traffic coming to your Blog site, and/or when your planned and executed social media marketing strategy starts to pay off, driving focused traffic to your Blog site, you must consider adding customized Sign Up boxes on your Blog site.

There are plenty of WordPress plugins that get the job done, some plugins are for free and some belong to the premium plugin variety.

If you can afford it I recommend that you take a long close look at various premium WordPress plugins that add custom sign up boxes to your Blogsite.

I recommend that you consider using Enavto Code Canyon’s, Multilayer Popup WordPress plugin.

This WordPress plugin costs only 19 USD/- but is tremendously versatile and simple to setup and use even by who are technically challenged.

The very best thing however is the great after sales service available from the plugin creator via Envato Code Canyon.

Offering A Free, Autoresponder, Delivered Training

Once you’ve got about 50 to 75 opt-in (or double opt-in) subscribers, it’s definitely time to create a simple, autoresponder delivered, Free, training program.

To be able to get your Email service provider to automatically deliver your, training program via autoresponder, to those who opt for it, you will have to upgrade from a free MailChimp account to a paid one.

All email service providers provide pretty much the same service. Their services are definitely competitively priced. Pick the email service provider you like best (or find easiest to use) during their free trial period and go with them.

Your free, autoresponder driven training, is what kicks off the building of trust between you and your subscribers. Business follows naturally, when you upsell the participants of the free training, a more in-depth training program which has a modest cost.

Develop An Audio Course As A Product

Once the participants of the free, autoresponder driven, training begin to trust you and perhaps recognize your authority in your niche, you could offer them an audio course for a modest fee.

Audio courses are easy to produce. They do not require a lot of costly equipment. A top quality, USB connected microphone, with noise cancellation is usually good enough.

Today’s laptops and desktops usually have very good quality audio cards on board.  Hence, the combination of a great USB headset and your laptop’s audio card should be quite enough for you to create high quality, audio, training modules for participants.

Audio courses are really the best way to figure out whether you are connecting with your audience appropriately without spending a lot of money on expensive equipment and a lot of time in production.

To deliver the audio course you can use your email provider’s autoresponder to send out engagement emails which contain a link to each module of your audio training program.

Modules could be freely downloadable if participants desire.

If you want to conduct webinars then have a quick look at InstantTeleseminar or GoToWebinar.

GoToWebinar is the oldest webinar service provider I know of.  Some say it’s user interface is a bit clunky, but – It Works. For what it’s worth, I use GoToWebinar.   It records automatically and customers can join your teleconference calls via phone, or the Internet.

Adding Landing Pages To Your Blogsite

Since you are offering product(s) or service(s), or paid for webinars or teleconferences, or Internet driven training it makes a lot of sense to drive site visitors to a – Landing page – on your Blog site.

There are several WordPress plugins that will allow you to create appropriate landing pages and deliver them via your Blogsite.

Just Google for – Create landing pages for WordPress – and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what comes up.  Today, building a landing page which will deliver great conversions for your Blogsite is really not rocket science.

Adding A Shopping Cart

Well since you are – selling – products / services via your Blog site, and a landing page, it’s wise to offer your site visitors a shopping cart of some kind, which empowers them to make purchases.

Great payment gateway choices are PayPal, eJunkie and Clickbank. Each payment gateway, service provider delivers a slightly different set of features.  Make sure to compare what each payment gateway service provider has on offer first and determine the best fit, payment gateway, to use.

Most eCommerce / shopping cart, WordPress plugins, today have built-in connections to multiple payment gateways. Most shopping carts have PayPal, eJunkie, Clickbank integration and more.

Use A Tool To Automate Social Media Sharing

You should know where your idea audience hangs out on social media.  HINT: Check each social media channel for – focus groups.  Join any/all groups on a social media channel which have common interests with the product(s) / service(s) or training you have on offer.

Use a social media tool like Hootsuite via which you can queue up, information laden, value add, content snippets on various social media groups to which you belong.  Quote / link to other Blogger’s content and mention this using their hashtag on your social media stream.

All of this helps drive focused traffic to your Blog site and helps you build relationships with other Bloggers in your niche.

Optimize Your Blogsite For On-Page SEO

I recommend you install and use the YOAST SEO plugin for WordPress to optimize Blog post and page content on your Blog site.  The free version of YOAST does a superb job of ensuring that you do a prefect job of on page SEO.

YOAST has a lot of great – training videos – and site full of helpful stuff.  Patiently go through this and you will be able to ensure that each Blog post and/or each page delivered by WordPress is search engine optimized perfectly.

Just in case you believe you must have the premium version of YOAST, it certainly does not cost an arm and a leg. It’s definitely affordable.

Back Up Your Site

Please ensure that you backup your Blog site regularly. DO NOT depend on your web host to do this for you. If you do it’s sowing the seeds of disaster for your Blog site.

Install a WordPress backup plugin. I use the free version of Updraft. I back up regularly to my Dropbox account automatically and for free. This has bailed my backside out of the fire on at least three different occasions.

Harden Your WordPress Site

WordPress is the most hacked in content management system.  This is not because the WordPress core has been created vulnerable, not at all.  The WordPress core modules are pretty secure.  It’s the plugins use to extend the WordPress core modules that make the WP core vulnerable to hackers.

There is a SUCURI owned website devoted to informing people of the most vulnerable to downright nasty plugins in circulation.

As your Blog gains traffic and get more and more noticed it will also catch the attention of hackers and other nasties. I use WordFence to protect my Blogsites.

Just take a look at the number of people who have downloaded and use WordFence at their first line of security against hackers and other nasties and you will know that WordFence is trusted to do its job. It’s free to use and I can vouch for the fact that – It Works.

Well there you are, here is what I recommend that you work through to make your Blog site and Blogging efforts productive.  By productive I mean, your Blog site and Blogging efforts all help earn money for you.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

Do share what you did to help ensure your Blog site and Blogging efforts earned you multiple paying customers and put money into your bank. I’d love to read what you did and hone my own Blog site and Blogging efforts.  My Blog readers will also be eternally grateful to you for your help.

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please leave them in the comments section right below.

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