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Grow Your Facebook Page Fans Using These 11 Proven Tactics

Today it’s all about community. Today you just don’t want fans you want engaged fans. Engaged fans are those who will bring other fans, through word of mouth advertising, because they love the content you deliver and are your advocates.

It’s pretty easy to get large numbers of page likes, post likes, comments or shares but growing your fan base is not just about numbers. What’s required are fans that truly appreciate the content you lay out and actively advocate this content across their social streams.

Before you to increase your fans, and do remember to increase your fans naturally, you must define your target audience very carefully you need to be intimate with their demographics. The more granularly you define the demographics of your fans the more accurate will be the fans that you attract to your page.

Once you are crystal clear about the kind of fans you want the next step is to attract them by delivering them content that they will find most useful, content that adds value to them on the social stream you’ve chosen, thus driving them to your website.

A carefully thought to well-planned strategy of delivering appropriate content to your fans will increase your fan base naturally, attract them to your Facebook page, thus building an engaged community around you.

The ultimate goal is to bring a genuine and engaged Facebook audience to your website where you can deliver products and services that add value to them, and grow your business.

The more fans you have on your Facebook page the more engagement you will have around your updates. This means that a lot more of your posts will show up in the news feeds of your fans.

Your fans don’t stop at liking your Facebook page, the actively engage with your content. They add their comments, they like it, they share it. They spread your word, which is vital for the success of your website.

Whenever they like or leave a comment or share one of your posts this content will appear in their friend’s news feeds also. Their friends then discover your brand and in turn are driven to your website.

Without any doubt growing your fan base really matters. This will grow your social traffic, help build your brand, get you exposure and more potential clients. All of this is great for business.

Here are 11 proven tactics that will help you grow your facebook fan page:

Add the Facebook Like Box / Fan Box

This article written by Syed Balkhi on adds value to any Blogger using WP. It explains how to add How to Add the Facebook Like Box / Fan Box to your Blog posts beautifully.

1 – Insert A Facebook Like Button Within Your Page Content

So you mean’s sharing awesome content in your Facebook stream. Content that is a real value add to all those who are engaged with you on your Facebook stream.

The reputation you’ve built (over time), the Facebook posts head line, image and snippet, delivered on your Facebook stream, captures the curiosity of your followers and drives them to your website. You must make it easy for them to like your web page content displaying it on their FB social stream and those of their followers.

This way people spending time reading your content, are one click away from becoming your fans on Facebook. They don’t have to leave your web page to go onto Facebook, the just have to click the like button inserted appropriately within your content.

Site visitors also, like all human beings, are touched by the herd instinct. You can leveraged the strongly.

Just add a WordPress plug-in to your site that shows all the pictures of your visitor’s friends who have already liked your page. Seeing this the site visitor will be more inclined to click on your like button (to join the herd) as well.

OSV Facebook Page
Diagram 1

2 – Connect Your Personal Profile With Your Pages

To make it easy for your Facebook page to get discovered, you must link it to your profile. In the About section of your profile, you can add your workplace as shown in diagram 2.

Ivan's Facebook Page
Diagram 2

Click the link as shown, then either choose from pages displayed in the drop down list or enter the name of your FB page and select it. Your FB page and your profile are linked together as shown in diagram 3.

Choose your Facebook fan page in your profile
Diagram 3

Now traffic that goes to your Facebook profile, will easily find your Facebook page is well. Everywhere on Facebook where your profile appears a link to your page will show up as well.

If you type your name in the Facebook search bar, you will see under your name your job title and your Page name as well.

If you mouse over your profile name in your timeline or News feed, you will see a box showing a short description of your profile which includes a link to your Facebook page.

Another benefit of having your Facebook profile and page linked, is that if you leave a comment on a website that uses the Facebook commenting platform, your page is linked to that comment as well.

If you comment on niche groups your Facebook page will be visible to getting more exposure from targeted groups and leading to more fans.

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3 – Ensure Your Current Audience Knows About Your Facebook Page

Make sure that all the people you communicate with, regardless of how you communicate with them, know about your Facebook page.

Ensure that there is a link to your Facebook page in your email signature. Mention it on all your other social platforms. Ensure it’s printed on your business card. Displayed in your banner ads, forums and all events.

People should know that they can find useful and exclusive information on your Facebook page that they just don’t want to miss. This way people you are communicating with regularly will be able to go on Facebook and like your page or add your profile and stay connected.

4 – Link Your Facebook Page In Your Email Signature, Forums, & All Community Profiles

Email is the primary form of communication these days, both for business and personal purposes.

Adding a link to your Facebook page or profile in your email signature will make it easy for people whom you communicate with daily, to add you on Facebook or link to your business page. This offers people a great opportunity to know you better, as shown in diagram 4.

Facebook In Email Signature
Diagram 4

You can add a link to your Facebook profile or page in an email signature by simply adding a link with the text “Follow me on Facebook”.

If you want a fancier looking button you can use a tool like WiseStamp.  WiseStamp is free and allows you to create a very professional looking link to Facebook in your email signature.

When sending out a newsletter to your email list, don’t forget to add your Facebook links in the newsletter. Using simple techniques such as these, you can increase engagement on your Facebook profile and page tremendously.

When creating your profile on forums or communities within your niche you want to add the link to your Facebook page or profile in the signature.

Readers who find your comments or posts useful will kick your links to learn more about you and begin to follow you on Facebook or other social platforms. Since you’ve chosen the forums carefully so that they map to your business interests, people on these forums are your right target audience.

5 – Ask Followers On Social Platforms To Follow Your Facebook Page

Confidently ask your Twitter, instead, or LinkedIn audience to follow you on Facebook as well. Let them know they can have exclusive content on your page and they will be more than happy to follow you.

Tweak your Facebook URL to your followers and let them know that they can get value by liking your page.

Link your Facebook profile and page on your LinkedIn profile and share your blog post with your LinkedIn connections of fellow group members as well.

6 – Interact On Facebook As Your Page

Go to other pages in your business niche (preferably not the competition) and comment on those pages posts as your page. If you’re commenting is excellent this will catch the attention of people who are your target audience, who might like what you have to offer.

Also consider posting a link to your page on events related to your business.

7 – Be Active On Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a way from creating communities of people with common interests. Unlike Facebook pages, the posts on groups have better organic reach. Although Facebook has reduced organic reach by as much as 30% as on today.

People joining groups have notifications set by default so every time someone posts comments on the group they will be notified. People are a lot more active in groups. They engage a lot more with the content being posted on the group. This is a signal for Facebook to show them more of the same sort of content.

So it’s a sound strategy to join groups in your niche, offer valuable content and leave useful comments. If you help as much as you can people in the group will notice you and they will notice your Facebook page because it is linked to your profile.

The more adventurous can create your own group, bound to your business niche where your fans can join and discuss topics related to your products and services. Either way you need to be active and get yourself noticed by the members of those groups.

DMTM Facebook Group

8 – Guest Blogging

With guest blogging you will get a lot of extra exposure and traffic for your website as well as your Facebook page. Obviously there will be a link to your Facebook profile and/or page in your author’s bio link.

Before thinking about guest blogging, you would need to build your own blog with terrific content which is the representation of you and your brand.

This is the only way you can prove you are an expert in your business and you know how to express unique ideas about the products and services within your business.

The most sensible thing to do is to check out the blogs of those leaving comments on your blog posts. These are people who have read your content and are happy with it. If you have high quality blog post content these are the people who will be first willing to accept guest blog posts from you.

They already have a degree of trust in your inherent ability to deliver high quality material having read your blog posts and have been satisfied.

Do read their guest blog post guidelines carefully before offering your guest blog post.

When you contribute your guest blog post, make sure you add links to your social profiles and pages within your author bio. With almost every blog that accepts guest blog posts, you can add a link to your Facebook page and profile.

9 – Add Social Share Buttons To Your Blog Posts

Each blog post on your website must include social share buttons. This makes it easy for your site visitors to share your blog post content on their social media streams.

There are literally tons of free WordPress plug-ins that help you add these buttons to your blog posts. You can place the social share icons at the beginning of the post and at the end. You can even place the social share icons within your blog post content if you so desire.

Test different positions of your social share buttons and figure out which position get the most clicks as shown in diagram 6.

Social Shares Plugin
Diagram 6

10 – Add A HelloBar To Your Website

Use the HelloBar to add a Facebook like button to the top of your blog post.

While the most common use of the HelloBar is to build an email list, to get traction on your Facebook page, at least for a limited period, add the Facebook button, which is linked to your Facebook page to the HelloBar.

This is really beneficial right in the beginning to get the first few thousands of likes before organic growth of your Facebook page kicks in.

11 – Use A Popup That Request Likes

It’s difficult to get likes on your Facebook page of the beginning people don’t want to be the first ones to like your page. You need social proof to get the ball rolling.

One way to get more likes for your Facebook page is to ask for a like by using a pop-up on your website/blog site. When a user is about to leave your web page, a pop-up should appear which asks to stay connected and get more exclusive content via your Facebook page as shown in diagram 7.

Social Share Popups
Diagram 7

If site visitors liked your content (your content should really be excellent) many will like your Facebook page to when they encounter the pop-up.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

When you work through these 11 steps they will help you grow your Facebook page fan base quickly and correctly.

You really don’t need to purchase fake fans, that don’t engage with your content, which can end up doing a lot of harm to your online reputation.

You need a genuine community of engaged followers that will help you grow your page by their actions. What you do to grow your Facebook page engagement? Do let us know in the comments section below.

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please pass on your bouquets or brickbats in the comments section right below.

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6 responses on "Grow Your Facebook Page Fans Using These 11 Proven Tactics"

  1. Hi Ivan,

    Nice reading your tips on increasing Facebook fan page.

    Using pop-up plugin is something I never thought of, but will certainly experiment with it and see how it go.

    However, using facebook ads platform to get likes for your fan page seems to be more of effective strategy than others I have tested. And placing of like box on your blog too works really well.

    Using facebook ads to get likes will give opportunity to determine your audience base on the type of content you publish on the blog. And you can just specify anything about what and type of audience you want to attract to your FB fan page.

    Facebook groups is a good place to get started with it also, has there are many groups on FB dedicated to getting or increasing your FB fan page likes, but in my opinion…..this strategy will only add more irrelevant and not so targeted audience to your fans.

    This is much like “reciprocating” some kind of a thing, which is not so good for marketing especially if quality is what really matters to you.

    Thanks Ivan, nice reading.

    • Hi Shamsudeen,

      Nice of you to drop by and leave a comment. Appreciate this.

      Do experiment with a pop-up plugin, there are a couple of great ones available at Envato Theme Forest. I personally favour (and use) the multi layered pop-up myself. My conversions have doubled since I started using the plugin.

      Yes, Facebook has cut down organic reach drastically. Hence, the only way to really get a broad enough reach for your content is via FB Ads. Its not overly expensive, but I feel as though FB is pushing me to advertise just so that I can reach out to people with my content. Just a tad unhappy with that.

      I never use FB groups dedicated to getting more likes for a page. Somehow it does not quite feel right. Hence I completely agree with what you’ve said.

      Thanks for dropping by Shamsudeen. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

  2. Hey Ivan,
    Growing a Facebook fan page is a proactive preoccupation. If we genuinely take steps to share value on the platform then it becomes easy for fans to be engaged.

    Among the 11 tactics shared on this post, I see connecting personal profile and interacting more with the audience as crucial to social success. Being active on Facebook group is another important step that will increase the propensity of a veritable engaged fan base.

    • Hey Sunday,

      You said it. Growing engagement on any FB fan page is an ongoing job. Never stops, never lets up. If it does stop or let up you will notice engagement plummeting.

      The only way to overcome this is to ensure that – At Regular Intervals – value is added to the people who engage with on the FB fan page. This could be a 1 hour free consult. A free (or paid for) Webinar on a topic(s) of interest to various members of the group. Help with creating a WP website stuff like that. Then the engagement stays and – Trust – builds.

      Connecting a personal profile is very helpful. It helps make the FB page owner a – Real person.

      Thank you so much dropping by and commenting Sunday. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

  3. Simple yet smart and proven tactics to grow your Facebook Page fans.

    I couldn’t agree more!

    In social media marketing, a social media account with complete profile details and active account ears more trust and likes. It’s simple to go behind the rules. If posting time is your problem, Facebook allows scheduled posts, marketers can take advantage of that.

    Place Facebook Button on your website and include your Facebook link in your email signature. This will inform followers and email recipients that you do have a Facebook account and they are very welcome to follow.

    • Hey Metz,

      Thanks so much for coming to my Blog site and leaving your comment. Really appreciate that. You are absolutely correct in all that you’ve said about social media.

      Really nice of you to share your perspectives.

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