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Grow Your Mailing List Using 5 Superb Tools

Here is an Email list statistic that a ton of people ignore, Email lists degrade by about 22% each year.

When this statistic is processed, it really means that unless you add at least 22% new registrants each year, it’s pretty likely that your mailing list base is actually shrinking, which in turn will have a negative impact on your website earnings. Hence grow your mailing list using 5 FREE superb tools

Whether individuals on your mailing list switch companies, decide to purge an old address they don’t use anymore, or simply opt-out of your email communication, they are gone and it’s pretty likely they are not coming back.

Since Email is still the single most effective marketing channel that digital marketing have to engage with their potential customers, news like mailing list decay is going to ruffle some feathers. After all, more focused subscribers one engages with = more sales.

Most shrewd digital marketers therefore strive to fill in their potential customer engagement gaps, left by email database decay. In this Blog post, I’m going to talk about five superb tools which will undoubtedly grow your website’s mailing list.

I’m going to talk about Pop-ups, Sticky bars, Twitter Lead Generation Cards and more, all of these resources are designed to help maintain and scale an email list.

The Pop-Up

You’ve probably heard mixed reviews about using pop-ups on a website. Some digital marketers indicate that using a pop-up is an invasive, (often) site visitor irritating technique to try and capture the site visitor’s Email Id. My push back to this is that a pop-up is only as obtrusive as you’ve set it up to be.

I believe that as long as you are:

  • Triggering the pop-up appropriately i.e. not just when the site visitor lands on the webpage
  • Have a clearly visible way of closing the pop-up
  • Use an eye catching design


  • Offer something both relevant and useful to your site visitor

The pop-up will not be considered obtrusive or irritating and will be an effective way to capture your site visitor’s Email Id. This in turn will empower you to engage with the site visitor subsequently.

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Still need some convincing?

Social Media Examiner reported that its pop-up, opt-in form helped grow its email list by 234% in just one year. Its founder, Mike Stelzner, attributes as much as 70% of that success to the pop-up.

While I think this information is significant, if you are still concerned there are less disruptivealternatives for those who are still worried about bothering their site visitors when they land on a webpage.

One less obtrusive option, is to use a pop-up or slide out form, to capture the site visitor’s Email Id that is displayed only when the site visitor is engaged in reading the webpage and is in fact scrolling downwards towards the bottom of the page.

If such a form makes the site visitor an offer they cannot refuse they will happily give you their Email Id in return, permitting you to engage with the site visitor and move them from leads to paying customers.

Such pop-up or slide out forms normally do not cover the entire page content, look terrific and have an awesome Call To Action (CTA) as shown in diagram 1.

NOTE: The eye catching colors used. The clearly visible X at the top right hand corner that will swiftly move the pop-up / slide out away from the visitor’s sight. The really valuable Freebie offered. The prominent Download Now CTA.

All enticing enough to get the site visitor to a download page that asks for the minimum, relevant, blocks of information which most site visitors will happily part with.

Bingo – your mailing list is growing.

Aside from slide-in forms that display irresistible CTAs, you can also customise the functionality of the pop-up by specifying a delay in seconds or setting it to appear only once per session.

Just ensure you have an offer that strongly encourages site visitors to convert.

Here is another excellent example of an irresistible offer in diagram 2.

There are multiple approaches to using pop-ups or slide-outs on your site. While there has definitely been success with traditional pop-ups, do experiment with an alternative approach, like the slide-in form with a great CTA, before making your final call on pop-ups or slide-outs.

Check Out SumoMe

Do check out SumoMe. This free tool makes it easy for you to get up and running in just a few minutes.  SumoMe offers three different pricing tiers for more advanced work, you can access all of its awesome application for free with its beginner plan.

The Sticky Bar

If you’ve made up your mind that you will not use a pop-up or slide out on your website, then do consider using a Sticky Bar.  This is bar is a full-width bar that sticks to the top of a webpage and follows the visitor’s scroll.

Diagram 3A & 3B shows what it looks like in action.

As the site visitor slides up or down the page the sticky bar at the top displays your offer and itsCall TAction button. This technique is definitely less intrusive than the traditional pop-up, yet it helps achieve the same goal, the capture of a site visitor Email Id and thus produce a lead.

ProBlogger (featured above) credits its sticky bar with a 25% increase in subscriptions.

DIY Themes also found the sticky bar approach of capturing leads to be an effective way to grow its email list after it helped them generate an extra 1,180 emails in just 30 days.

Check Out HelloBar

If you would like to try out a sticky bar on your website, do take a look at one of the leadersHelloBar.

HelloBar is a great tool to help you deliver the right message at the right time. The free plan does incorporate ads. If you’re looking for ad-free bars, look into its Pro plans.

The Exit Intent Pop-Up

Exit intent pop-ups are different than normal pop-ups. They detect your site visitors behaviour and appear only when it looks as though the site visitor is about to leave your site. This is almost always when the site visitor moves the mouse cursor upwards to the Browser’s address bar.

By being displayed in such a timely way, (i.e. a pretty unobtrusive way) these pop-ups serve as a fantastic way of grabbing your reader’s attention and offering them a reason to stay and get converted to a business lead.

Diagram 4 is an example of the one HubSpot uses on its MakeMyPersona tool:

There are a ton of positive results that prove that this pop-up is effective in delivering results.

After implementing an exit-intent, pop-up, WP Beginners saw a 600% increase in sign-usps. This increase helped its Blog subscriptions jump from 70-80 new subscribers each day to 445-470 new subscribers each day.  That is a breath taking jump in prospective leads.

Neil Patel reported seeing a 46% increase in sign-ups after implementing this type of pop-up on his personal blog, In the QuickSprout blog, Patel added that the ecommerce site, Xero Shoes, measured a 28.4% increase in sales after implementing the same technique.

Check Out Layered PopUp

Here is a superb exit intent pop-up, available via Code Canyon which is an Envato products store.

It costs a flat 20 USD/- (one time fee) to purchase and use. I can vouch for how well this WordPress plugin works because I use it myself on the website that hosts this Blog post. I found it a terrific buy for the price. It’s named Layered PopUp.

The In-Content Subscribe Box

Another great way to encourage sign-ups for your Blog site is to include a sign-up box right in the middle of the Blog post content.

This technique is definitely unobtrusive, but is pretty hard to ignore, especially if your Blog post content adds real value to the reader. If you incorporate it half way down the page, the site visitor will only encounter it if they are engaged with the Blog post content.

Alternatively, you can place this sign-up box right at the end of the Blog post content if you decide that you should not really disturb the site visitor while they are engaged with the Blog post content itself.

The Eventbrite Ireland Blog claims a lot of success using this technique to convert site visitors into leads by capturing their Email Ids. Diagram 5 shows what this looks like.

Do Check Out Ninja Forms

There are really a ton of free WP form plugin options available.  Choose anyone such plugin that you like to use and create your Email Id capture form and embed it within your Blog post content at a place that works both for you and your site visitors.

The form builder I use on this Blog site is Ninja Forms it’s a free of cost WordPress plugin. Create your form and embed the form at exactly the place you want it to be.  While the Ninja forms core forms module is robust and absolutely free for use, they also sell a number of excellent form extensions for modest prices.

The Twitter Lead Generation Card

All of the pop-ups described above work effectively to convert site visitors to business leads, but why wait until site visitors arrive at your website?

Here is an approach that is quite different from all that has been described above.

Twitter Lead Generation Cards. With these you can ask your followers (or your competitor’s followers) to sign up for your newsletter or download a special offer directly within your Tweet.

Diagram 6 is an example of what a Twitter Lead Generation Card looks like.

Each Twitter Lead Generation card includes a short description, an image, and a Call To Action.

The description is used to provide Twitter users with the reason(s) of how they will benefit if they share their contact information with you.

Ask yourself: What value will a Twitter follower get if they voluntarily part with their contact Information with you.

The image simply serves to arrest the attention of your Twitter follower. When selecting an image, remember that the display size is rather small.

Keep the Call To Action, short, sharp, and actionable.

If you need more information on Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards do check out this resource.

Do Check Out

In order to use Twitter Lead Generation Cards you’re going to need a Twitter account.  If you do not have a Twitter account you can create one here.

Log in to you Twitter account and visit the Twitter Ads Page to get started.  Twitter Lead Generation Cards can be used entirely for free, although it definitely is a great idea to spend some promotional budget with Twitter to see really great results.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

Do share what you do in your newsletter driven, marketing campaigns that helps you win, consistently. I’d love to read all about this and hone my own marketing skills.  My Blog post readers will also be eternally grateful to you for your help.

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please pass on your bouquets or brickbats in the comments section right below.

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12 responses on "Grow Your Mailing List Using 5 Superb Tools"

  1. Hello Ivan, you have a wonderful roundup of tools and ideas in growing email list.

    It all boils down in giving the right value and targeting the right audience with the right tool.

    Since we live in the generation where technology is in demand and continues to roar higher, the line of attacks became more creative and more effective.

    Using social media like Twitter, The Twitter Lead Generation Card, make it easy for people to express interest in your business. It is a form that can be attached to your Tweet that allows your followers to directly send you their contact information with the click of a single button in Twitter.

    • Hey Metz,

      Thanks so much for commenting on my newest Blog site. Really appreciate that. I need to learn something about the Twitter Lead Generation Card. Have been meaning to sit down and read about it from some authority site. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m going to sort that out today. Thanks for the jolt.

      You are absolutely correct about delivering the right value, targeting the right audience using the right tool.

      Would you share which social media tools you’ve used to your advantage, on this thread please? I’m sure my readers would benefit hugely by your input.

      Have a great day ahead.

  2. Great job detailing them Ivan.

    My fav is the popup. Nothing beats it for general purposes.

    The only thing I have experience that CAN beat it is when people voluntarily click on something (like a lead magnet or a dedicated newsletter page) but in sheer hands-free volume, popups always win.

    • Hey Dennis,

      Yes, my favourite is the Popup subscribe form as well.
      Offer something really useful when the PopUp is displayed and you will get a huge jump in subscribers.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment Dennis. Appreciate that.

  3. Increasing email list is one way of ensuring online business success. The use of the right tools to achieve this is what many businesses ought to explore.

    The 5 tools shared here are okay to be explored but it is more important that businesses ensure that value-addition is created each content shared.

    The best traffic generation begins with valuable content!
    I left the above comment in where this post was found.

    • Hi Sunday,

      Thanks for stopping by on my new Blog site. Always a pleasure to hear from you. I agree using the right tools and the right mind set is what Internet driven businesses must
      use when trying to increase their leads to paying customer conversions.

      Without a shred of doubt, the best traffic is generated by consistently delivering valuable content.

  4. These are some great tools that can definitely increase your mailing list optins. I have read an article recently about exit-intent pop-ups that increased the sites mailing list subscriber by almost 400%. I have yet to implement the strategy but after seeing this I am more inclined. I also think that you are right when it comes to pop-ups. Alot of people have negative feeling towards pop-ups, but I think with the right strategy and design, it can be very beneficial.

    • Hi Lawrence,

      Well I do not know if 400% is a sensible number or not, (i.e. zero subscribers to four subscriber = 400% increase as well). That said I use a exit intent pop-up on my Blog site and I’ve noticed a my own zero subscribe rate go up dramatically. I’m definitely smiling. I purchased a Multi layer Popup plugin for WordPress from Envato, and I’m really happy with the results it delivers.

      I recommend two instances to use a popup without triggering annoyance in your site visitors:
      1) When they have scrolled right to the bottom of your Blog post
      2) When they indicate their intent to leave the page

      In either case ensure that the popup has a prominently visible method of closing it and you should be good to go.

      Thanks for the comment Lawrence. Real nice of you to stop by and comment.

  5. Hey Ivan,

    Great write up on the tools we can use to grow our mail list. For the longest I was so against popups because some years ago they were quite irksome. But later on I found out the benefits of having popups as well as how you can manipulate them to show up at a specific time.

    I like the idea of Twitter Lead Generation Cards. I heard of them before but never dove into them. Since i’ve been using twitter quite often on my phone, this would be something interesting to look into!

    Thanks for the share Ivan! This is definitely bookmarking material!

    I found your post on under the category of Email Marketing!

    • Hi Sherman,

      I’m glad you’ve changed your mind about Pop-ups Sherman. They do convert. I use a pop-up on my Blog site and its unobtrusive till one indicates that they want to move away from the page. They are definitely converting for me and I’ve not had any complaints yet.

      I’m also intrigued by Twitter Lead Generation Cards. Like every new fangled idea I’m reading about their usefulness and how to best use them on various sites. Have not made a decision yet though.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Sherman, I’m always grateful when you do.

  6. Superb website you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew ofany discussion boards that cover the same topics talked aboutin this article? I’d really love to be a part of community where Ican get responses from other knowledgeable individuals that share the sameinterest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.Many thanks!

    • Hi Fidealia,

      I’ve just started a Facebook group in which I will share my knowledge of course building and course marketing with group members. I’m pretty sure that being a part of the group would add value to you. You can ask questions. Get answers from your peers or I will answer. Here’s the link in case you think you should join I would be happy to have you on board. Copy / Paste the link into your Browser. Visit the FB group. Look around for a bit. If you find stuff there that resonates with you ask to join.


      Ivan Bayross

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