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Here Is How to Promote and Market Your Blog posts

Having written brilliant Blog post content and published it on your Blogsite, your Blogging job is not yet complete.  Unless your Blog post content is read and appreciated by as wide an audience as possible, the pain you took in creating your brilliant Blog post will largely be unappreciated. You should know how to promote and market your blog posts efficiently.

This means after publishing your Blog post you have to make a planned and focused attempt to promote and market blog posts.  In this Blog post I’m going to share how I promote and market my blog posts.  You are free to do as I do, or better yet tweak what I do, so that it is the perfect fit for promoting your Blog posts.

The reality check, You (i.e. the Blogger) have to tell the Blog sphere exactly what they are missing if they do not flock to your Blogsite and read your Blog posts. You have to do this in places where your focus audience hangs out. When you do, you audience gets to know of the brilliant work you’ve done.

Those who interest is piqued immediately hop across for a quick read. If the Blog post adds value to them they will promote your Blog post on their channels, and more focused traffic gets driven to your Blog site.  Hence, a carefully planned and executed Blog post promotion process is a must for any Blogger.

To promote your Blog post successfully you simply have to know where your Blog post readers usually hang out. Then go there and announce that you’ve just published another Must Read Blog post that’s going to add some measurable value to them.

Here is what I usually do. It works for me, I’m pretty sure that it will work for you as well.

Using My Facebook Page

Facebook Page

First thing I do is post a small, but carefully worded description about my Blog post, on my Facebook page. I do my best to ensure that my Blog post name and description, post on my face book page is particularly attention grabbing.  When I’m marketing my Blog post I strive to write a Blog post name and description that instantly triggers that lets click this link and read reaction.

When done I always click the Blog post ‘like’ button.

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Using My Twitter Page

Twitter Page Image

Next I hop across to my Twitter account and add a Tweet indicating that I have just delivered another superb Blog post.

My LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Page

Image Source:

Then I ensure that I add the Blog post link and description on all relevant LinkedIn groups I belong to.


OSV Google+ page Image

Having completed posting on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, I hop across to my Google+ account and post the same information there as well. i.e. An attention grabbing Blog post name and a description that clearly shows the value my Blog post will bring to the reader.  These are the social channels that I focus on to promote and market my blog posts.

Using Tech Forums

tech forums image

Image Credits:

Now quite apart from these social media platforms, I’ve also identified a few specific tech forums, where I can find questions posted, that my Blog post content would be an answer to.  If I do, I then post a short to the point answer to the question posted there and I add a link promoting Blog post I’ve published.  When using this technique to increase site traffic make very sure that your Blog post will indeed be a big help to the readers who come to your site from the tech forum.

Leveraging a Friends Circle

leveraging friends image

Image Source:

I have a small group of old (and really trusted) friends to whom I shoot of a polite Email asking them to help by sharing, retweeting, liking and commenting on my Blog post on channels that they are comfortable with.  Since we all have history, many of them oblige me.

NOTE: I always reciprocate when they ask me for the same in return.

This entire exercise is to deliberately generate an interesting buzz about my Blog post. This gives the Blog post Social Proof that most Blog post readers look for (i.e. other people have actually liked the Blog post content).

Use Carefully Selected Blog Directories

There are free and paid for Blog directories that allow you to mention your Blog post within them.  These directories are regularly indexed by search engines.  Regularly posting to either these directories is a great way to market your Blog post. Since search engines regularly index these directories your Blog post content gets picked up and indexed by search engines.

NOTE: Carefully Google the Blog directories you are interested in. Read what other Bloggers are saying about a specific Blog directory you are interested in.  Cherry pick no more than two maximum three Blog directories.

Post information about your latest Blog post in the directories you’ve zeroed in on. Post under multiple (but appropriate) categories in all such Blog directories to effectively promote and market your Blog post.

Finally (whew!!) Engage With Your Blog Post Commenters

Never ever ignore your Blog post commenters.

They are a plucky bunch who do not mind spending time on your Blogsite just to tell you what they think of your Blog post content.

Read each comment.

React to comments, both the bouquets and brickbats.  If you do not understand a comment, ask the commenter to clarify.   If you like a comment, never forget to say Thank you in appreciation of the time the commenter spent on your Blogsite.

Everyone likes a Thank you. It indicates you read your comments and are humble enough to say Thank you.

If someone points out an error in your Blog post, if you agree, man up and fix this.  If you disagree, write a polite rebuttal.  This is what you must do to engage your Blog post readers. This approach give you huge credibility over time and definitely gets you a fan following.

If a Blogger has commented on you Blog post, it’s only polite and the correct thing to do to hop across to their Blogsite and post an engaging and appreciative comment for one of their Blog posts.

Doing this will not make you a better Blogger, or improve your Blog post content, but it sure will help you get a lot more traffic by the goodwill it generates. Goodwill always helps in increasing Blogsite traffic.  This kind of in-bound traffic is always appreciative enough to spend a few more minutes on your Blog site. This really is a win: win for everyone.

This is my blog post promotion process. It’s a simple yet effective way to announcing your Blog Posts. Follow it faithfully, and you’ll notice that it begins to drive a lot of focused traffic to your Blogsite.

Create a Work Flow to Streamline Your Strategy

To help you carry out all of the above faithfully and correctly, I suggest is that you create a work flow document which, step by step details all that you must do immediately after you’ve published each Blog post on your Blogsite.

Normally your work flow document will have:

  • The URLs to each of your social media websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, Twitter etc.
  • Their associated Login IDs
  • Their Associated Passwords
  • The URLs to each LinkedIn group you are connected to
  • The URLs of the Blog Sites that you are following, where you routinely post comments and build credible backlinks to your Blogsite

That said, as your experience grows please feel free to add / delete any details that you want to.

Save this work flow document to your hard disk so that you can retrieve it whenever you feel the need to.  This document is going to be a great support in helping you sustain the marketing your Blog posts correctly, especially when you first kick this off.

For each Blog post that you publish, create a Notepad (any text editor will do really) document:
I suggest that it has the same name as the Blog post title and save this to your hard disk:
Within the Notepad document create the following:

  • The Blog post Title: i.e. A catchy title less than 60 characters in length
  • The Blog Post Description: i.e. An interest provoking Blog post description of about 155-160 characters
  • A set of keywords separated from each other by a comma
  • A set of tags separated from each other by a comma

You are going to need this information to add to SEO section within your Blog post editor and you are going to need this information to add to various social media website and Blog directory sites when you promote your Blog post.

Using the Work Flow and Notepad Documents

When you are ready to announce a Blog post to the world, open the work flow document, the simply ctrl click (or copy paste) the social media URLs in the work flow document – one by one.

This will open your default Browser and take you to the social media site you want to announce your Blog post in.

NOTE: If you need to login to the social media website for any reason, you have their Login ID and Password at you finger tips in the work flow document under each URL.

Then use the contents of the Notepad document to copy / paste relevant content on each social media site. Trust me, such an approach is a really huge time saver.

Additionally, you will always be able to refer to what you posted on each social media site by referring to the Notepad document whenever / if ever you need to.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

Do you have any special SEO tips and tricks you’d like to share? Please add then in the comments section below. Sharing such information will add real value to all those who read this Blog post. Let’s all contribute to the change we want to see.

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6 responses on "Here Is How to Promote and Market Your Blog posts"

  1. Hey Ivan

    Am really and truly thankful for this. But to tell you very honestly, I need to learn more basic stuff, like – Use Carefully Selected Blog Directories, Using the Work Flow and Notepad Documents, etc

    You see and I must admit I come from a very different space altogether but once again appreciate your time and effort.

    Warm regards

    Ivan Couto

    • Hi Ivan,

      Thank you for visiting my Blog and leaving your comment.

      I’d be happy to share with you all I know in – The Basic Stuff. Keep aside sometime twice / thrice a week when you can come over and I would willingly share all the little bits of knowledge I’ve gathered over time. Teaching, I believe that is really the best way of ensuring that I get better at what I do.

      Do get in touch.

  2. Well written article Ivan. I particularly liked the part where you describe your workflow. Efficiency is very important and this becomes even more of a priority when you’re managing multiple brands (e.g. company & personal). In my work this is what I do and I find it useful to make use of tools like Hootsuite with which I can post to various social media profiles from the same platform. However this is done, its always helpful to have a fixed workflow and its great that you pointed that out. Cheers.

    • Hi Jaffrey, thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment, appreciate that heaps.

      Yup, I’ve always found having a clearly defined and understood work flow really helpful when dealing with multiple brands.

      Hootsuite is an excellent tool no doubt about that. I use a WordPress plugin named NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster (SNAP) myself. I’ve found it answers my needs prefectly.

      As soon as I publish a Blog post on my Blogsite SANP posts information about this to various social streams that I use regularly.

      The plugin in has reduced my social media posting work by at least 80%. Worth every penny I aid for it.

      Enjoy the day ahead Jaffrey, its going to be a great one.

  3. Hi Ivan. I found this post really interesting.It is well written and easy to understand.Even beginners can understand it without a problem.Thanks for sharing your views and ideas.

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