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How To Be A Blogger People Pay Attention To

Okay you know that the Blogosphere is gigantic.

Each day in every way, there are tons of delusional people adding their Blogsites, thinking – Hey! Blogging is easy as pie, I’m going to get rich.

The result is that today Bloggers just have to do a ton more than they are currently doing, just to noticed.

Here are a couple of questions:

  • Are you a Blogger that people are paying close attention to?
  • Are you a Blogger that inspires other people to push the envelope and evolve?
  • Are you a Blogger that creates unforgettable content?
  • Are you a Blogger whose content will stand the test of time?

Were you even able to answer yes to any two of the above questions?

All I’ve said above may appear to require superlative skills, AND you can do it.

Secrets behind every successful blogger

This article written by Jeff Bullas reveals secrets behind every successful blogger. This article added value to me I am sure you will benefit too.

Here’s how.

The Three Things You Must Do To Get More Attention

Blogger Outreach + Promotion Four Strategic Tips You Need To Follow To Grab More Attention+ Leverage = More Attention

Blogger Outreach

This has been written about for a long time on multiple Blogging sites.  Blogger outreach requires that you reach out and engage with other Bloggers, get friendly with them, build a relationship of trust and friendship.

All you have to do is:

  • Identify the Bloggers who deliver content of greatest value to you regularly
  • Ensure that you leave really engaging comments on at least two of their Blog posts a week
  • Share their Blog posts on your social media streams, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter at least three times each week
  • Use Hashtags where appropriate to let the Blogger know what you’ve done
  • Try and get the Email Ids. Perhaps from their Contact Me page

Send in an Email to your favourite Blogger, ask an intelligent question about a specific technique you’ve notice them use. Share you technique(s) willingly.  Maybe you’ll get a reply maybe not, BUT the next time you comment, you will be noticed and remembered.

If you have sound technical skills (today many Bloggers have sound programming skills) off to do some – Free – tech tweaking if you’ve noticed something that needs correction.

A relationship is building. Keep working at it steadily.  Find different ways to add value to the Blogger you want to engage with and deliver that value via comments, social shares AND Emails OR messages via their Contact Me page.

Leverage The Relationship

This happens after a strong sustained relationship is built and maintained over some time.

Ask them if they will be willing to give you a Guest Blog post.  Almost all Bloggers, with whom a relationship has been built will agree happily. One or two may not, be open to that.

When such Bloggers write a Guest Blog post for you they usually mention this on their social streams. This drives their readers to your website and you will notice a jump in traffic with a lot of comments rolling in.

You are leveraging the relationship.

Ask them if they will permit you to leave a Guest Blog post on their Blog site. Almost all Bloggers, with whom a relationship has been built will agree happily. One or two may not, be open to that.

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If they say Yes, (please read their guest Blog rules carefully) and do your very best to craft an exquisite Blog post for them on a topic you both have mutually decided on.

If they request you to edit the Blog post, please do so. They know their readers best. Happily tune your Blog post content, to their readers needs.

What you must be very very sure of is:

1 – The contents of your – Author Bio
2 – The link to your Blogsite within the Author Bio

The one or two lines in your Author Bio must catch the attention of the reader and drive them to click the link included.

There are far too many insipid, uninspiring Author Bios floating around in the Blogosphere, don’t let yours be one of them.

When the Blog post is published, always, (but always) engage with their readers who leave comments.  Even if the Blogger is replying to each comment, make sure you reply to every single comment as well.

You can be quite sure, that there will be curious traffic coming in to your Blogsite from the Blogsite on which you’ve left your Guest Blog post.

You are leveraging the relationship.

Got it? Great.

Ok, you’ve got that.  Now it’s quite likely the question uppermost on your mind is:

How do I actually get people to start paying attention to me?  

Fine, let’s talk about that right now . . .

Three Tips That Really Help You Grab The Most Attention

This is what I do on my Blog constantly to arrest a site visitor’s attention. They work. They have always produced great results for me.

#1 – Create Detailed Posts Filled With Ready To Apply Content

Okay, I know there are a number of Blogsite that say, any Blog post greater than 400 words, bores the reader to death and increases your bounce out rate.

Yes, that’s quite true.  There are tons of Blogger who apparently have nothing much to say BUT do use a ton of words to say this in.

Don’t be one of that cadre. Not if you are serious about becoming a Blogger who is noticed and taken seriously.

Just for the record, there are 966 words upto the previous line, full stop. If you are still reading (perhaps smiling a wee bit maybe) – I’m walking my talk.

400 word Blog posts, in my opinion, are ineffective, engage almost no one, and usually deliver very little instantly useable content. They should really be extinct.

I strongly believe that if I want to deliver – High Quality – content that contains a lot of instantly useable information I cannot do this in 400 words.

When you craft detailed Blog posts that offer immediately useful information you:

  • You increase traffic because readers are more likely share such content
  • Readers realize you want to give them the absolute best content – which ultimately builds trust

You’re grabbing attention.

#2 – Don’t Be Afraid To Go Above And Beyond What’s Expected

If you really think about this, it’s the truth.

To be successful you have to stand out from the crowd BUT the real question is, how is that actually achieved?

Go above and beyond what’s expected of you.

When you do this specifically within the content you are offering on your Blogsite, here is what is actually happening:

  • You’re creating loyal readers who love your content
  • They trust you because you’re providing them with high quality, useable, information
  • You’re building authority for yourself and your site, in the niche you are in
  • Your content is going to be shared a lot more by such loyal readers

All of this is just perfect for – getting noticed and building authority in a noisy Blogosphere.

#3 – Leave Really Meaningful Comments


Meaningful CommentsUniversally, comments are a perfect way to build long lasting, strong relationships. Engage with other Bloggers and drive good quality traffic back to your site.

The more you comment, the more you will be seen. The more you are seen the more curious people become.

Oh! Do remember, crappy one liners – Great Blog post, keep up the good work – doesn’t count as a comment.  Short meaningless paragraphs that simply repeat what the Blogger has written about don’t count either.

Comments should show a bit of your personality. A touch of humour, a touch of class, that’s what triggers curiosity when anyone reads your comments.  It’s the curiosity that drives traffic to your site.

The very same applies when you are replying to comments on your own Blog. Always make your comments meaningful and genuine. At the end of the day, it’s all about connecting with people and triggering their interests.

When you leave excellent comments, here is what you are achieving:

You are building a sense of community

You are showing that you really want to engage with the Blogger

If you feel you are not getting very far with your commenting efforts, PERSIST.  Give it a sometime, perhaps, four to six weeks of real effort. Don’t lose interest or feel your efforts are gaining you nothing PERSIST.

The more interesting comments you leave in the Blogosphere, the more you are seen.  The more Bloggers (and other commenters) will start to notice.

3 Tips On How To Comment Like A Pro

#1 – Question The Blogger

question-markI love to do this with certain Blog posts that I read.

Asking questions about something you’ve read within your comment, shows that you are not only interested in the Blog post content, BUT also willing to get a conversation going as well.

This helps increases engagement and helps build a relationship.

The questions need not be very complicated, for example:

I notice that you do not use CAPTCHA in your comments section.  How do you prevent SPAM bots from flooding your comments?

#2 – Quote Something From The Post In Your Comment

I use:

I copy and paste a Blog post snippet here

If you want to show that you really read the Blog post, place a quote from the Blog post within your comment and then mention what you feel about that snippet.

Express whether you agree or disagree with the snippet.  Back this up with your reasons.  This really does add quite a bit of value to the Blog post content.

A Blogger will almost always reply to you. That’s it, Blogger engagement has kicked off nicely.

#3 – Explain How The Blog Post Content Helped You

All Bloggers feel terrific when they hear from readers how their Blog post sorted out one or more of their problems and/or inspired the reader.

Simply stating exactly how the Blogger’s content has helped you is a huge Buzz for all Bloggers and is a great starting point of a strong relationship.

Is It Really Worth All This Thought Time And Effort?

Is this really what I have to do to start getting people to pay more attention to me? Oh man, I didn’t know it was going to be so much effort.

Oh Yes! Such effort pays off in spades.

The top Bloggers really work pretty hard, perhaps more than some of their peers, because they realize that’s what they need to do if they really want to succeed.

Doesn’t matter what you Blog about OR what you comment on, YOU know it takes time and effort to truly get ahead, AND you know what, YOU actually do it.

Good on you.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

Do share what you do in your newsletter driven, marketing campaigns that helps you win, consistently. I’d love to read all about this and hone my own marketing skills.  My Blog post readers will also be eternally grateful to you for your help.

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please pass on your bouquets or brickbats in the comments section right below.

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2 responses on "How To Be A Blogger People Pay Attention To"

  1. Thank you for sharing some excellent and really straight forward tips and strategies Ivan!

    Without a doubt, I can begin to immediately apply several of your excellent and spot on

    And the really best part about it is, none of them are overly complicated and or too techie for
    the average blogger to successfully implement!

    Which means, you’re not competing with anyone else!And also, you constantly
    see (on a daily basis), exactly what you are advocating, being done by
    all of the most influential and successful bloggers online!

    So you know it definitely works! Thanks so much for cutting to the chase and sharing
    exactly what it takes to consistently get noticed online!

    • Hi Mark,

      Wow! Thanks for your kind words of praise Mark. Really appreciate them. Makes all the work envolved in delivering useful content so very worth it.

      I’m glad you found actionable tips within the post’s content i.e. stuff that you can choose to use immediately.

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comments Mark.

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