Come Join A Mastermind Group.

Which can get you from Zero to $1000 monthly, in around 180 Days.

Sustain your $1000 income. Then grow that income as high as it can go.

It’s absolutely free of cost. With no strings attached.

Why Join A Mastermind?

The internet is full of starry-eyed folk, dreaming of making millions. After all, there is no dearth of millionaire stories to fire up your imagination, virtually on a daily basis.

Every day there are thrilling stories of 7-figure income entrepreneurs published routinely.

Most 7 figure income entrepreneurs started wrong, before they got it right . . . Years of effort later.

Regretfully, for each millionaire that exists today, there are literally millions of others who fail.

If you’ve built a better mousetrap hoping to cash in millions, but are stuck with cobwebs right now, you still have hope.

Join this Mastermind. It’s sharply focused on:
– Helping YOU make a sustained, living income, from the web.

Most folks invest, time and money:

 Purchasing a domain name

 Hiring website space with a web hosting company

 Setting up their website

 Deciding on which product or service they want to sell

Then you wait with bated breath for sales to happen.
In reality however, you experience low to zero sales.

That’s when you start hurting, wondering what you are doing wrong?

Wondering when others are earning in millions, why are you not earning in thousands or hundreds?

Apparently, you’ve completely overlooked that it’s taken each millionaire:

 Years of hard work

 A good helping of heartbreak

 A fair amount of pain from mistakes made

 Lots of self-doubt

AND more . . . before each became a millionaire.

As a website owner I’m sure you secretly believe, you’ll earn a living income via your website.

A living income being one, which pays all your current lifestyle bills
Generates at least a 25% surplus for your personal wealth creation.

Regretfully, What History Proves?

History, (and Google) proves, that a remarkably high percentage of such Internet entrepreneurs are not even earning their monthly hosting costs from their websites.

 Their websites are not their asset

 Their websites are a cost to them, earning next to nothing

worried website owner

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Which raises these questions:

What did today’s millionaires do to start making millions via the Internet?

What do today’s millionaires do to sustain making millions via the Internet?

(i.e. Creating and running multiple profitable businesses successfully).

Earn in hard currencies

This Is Where This Mastermind Group Comes In.

This mastermind focuses on delivering sales success through sharing. It’s structured to help businesses, small and large, thrive in the digital world.

What’s A Mastermind Group?

In our specific case, a mastermind is:

A small, select, group of individuals

Each bringing unique, collaborative skills and life experiences, to the table

Each capable of dealing with constructive criticism from others positively

All of whom have the same want and desire

To earn a sustained, living income, via their website

What’s The Purpose Of This Mastermind Group?

Select and gather together a small group of just 8 people

Each of whom, brings supportive, collaborative Internet driven business skills to the table

For the sole purpose of each member earning a sustainable income of USD 1000/- per month

Within a 180 day period

Then, grow that sustained Internet driven income to as high it can go.

How Will Mastermind Group Members Achieve This?

By Training

By Teaching

By Sharing


There’s a ton of terrific, top quality, marketing and sales training, available on the Internet. Most of which is usually priced outside the affordability range of newbie, Internet driven, entrepreneurs.

I’m talking about serious marketing and sales training, delivered by elite trainers, priced >= USD 1000.

A carefully curated bunch of such training programs, will be made available to mastermind group members, absolutely FREE of cost.

Only when we learn from the very best, will we get the business results we want/need.

I’m positive you are curious about the training programs referred to above.
Here’s a tiny list.

Ben Adkins

Cold Email Clients USD 199.95
Why your next 90 days matters?

Ray Edwards

Copywriting Course 2 USD 1995

Neville Medhora

Copywriting Course USD 750 per year

Chris Rocheleau

Code of Conversions USD 2295

Andrew Payne

Affiliate Success Coaching USD 750

NOTE: Each training program is created and delivered by the actual practitioner of the craft.

Someone currently working in the trenches. You cannot better trainers than such people.

Now imagine a supply of such training programs made available to you.

Check out the URLs.

Verify the cost of each course. (Mentioned adjacent.)

You’ll get access to such training content FREE if you are accepted into the Mastermind group.

Each training program chosen is the hottest and latest.

This is NOT stale and outdated training material. You’ll learn exactly what works today and why.

You never waste your time with outdated processes, which don’t work.

To the very best of my knowledge, none of these training programs are available at any digital marketing training institute across India.

After all, tactics get ancient. Then they stop working on the web.

You must renew what you know every once in a while.

This Mastermind group will help you do exactly that, with ease.

Teaching & Sharing.

Specific mastermind members will be given access to a specific course

They must invest about 2 hours a day studying course topics, six days a week

They must create notes for themselves when studying

Once a week, each mastermind member, will teach other members the topic they’ve studied

They’ll share their notes, diagrams, infographics, videos or whatever they’ve distilled when learning

I will deliver a Zoom meeting room access to facilitate this

This sharing will be done at a mutually agreed upon time that works for all Mastermind members

NOTE: Mastermind members who cannot/will not teach others, will be removed from the group.

Additional, Modules For Mastermind Participants.

Documenting your Internet driven business model

Important marketing aspects to understand and apply to your business

Important sales aspects to understand and apply to your business

Do you need a brand? How to run a successful Internet driven business

How to build your website so that it’s your asset. Not just a yearly cost to you

What are your most important website pages? How do you rank on search engines?

How to choose the best content framework?

To determine the most engaging webpage content flow, for your business.

How to create landing pages which have great conversion rates?

Do Pro’s have a simple, effective content marketing strategy? If Yes! What the heck is it?

Leverage Google Analytics data intelligently to boost sales

Ivan Bayross Picture

As The Mastermind Facilitator?
Here’s how I will add value to you.

36+ years of hard core, coding experience.
I still code.

23+ years of executing Digital Marketing strategies for worldwide clients.

Designing, executing, monitoring and tweaking digital marketing strategies is not rocket science. It’s a learnable skill.

 Assist members in creating and achieving powerful goals

 Hold members accountable to the goals they’ve defined

 Create trust and rapport in the group

 Help members coach, advise, and grow each other to complete success

Curious? Want to read some more about Ivan?

Mastermind Meetings & Personal Growth.

Mastermind meets will be once a week. On a day and time line, mutually convenient for all mastermind participants.

Meets will be via the Internet in a Zoom meeting room, which I will provide.

How Will This FREE Mastermind Benefit Participants?

Because it’s group learning and distillation of group expertise, your learning will be accelerated across all internet marketing disciplines, and Internet driven business processes.

You’d take much longer to do things on your own, when compared to doing this through a mastermind group where knowledge is shared freely. You’ll multiply and leverage your knowledge swiftly.

Such knowledge gives you wings [ More than RedBull ever can ].

You can consult on digital marketing, help small businesses grow, collaborate with group members on projects, train folks for a fee . . . The sky is the limit on what you can do.

NOTE: The soul of a mastermind group is participative, collaborative learning.
Hence, no recordings of mastermind meetups will be available.

Your physical presence at the mastermind meetups is of prime importance.

Do YOU want to be considered as a participant in this FREE mastermind?

Fill in the Mastermind application form adjacent. Submit it immediately.

NOTE: Mastermind seats are limited to 8.

NOTE: The Mastermind is free. There are no strings attached.

Have questions about this FREE mastermind?

Send then in via email to ivan at ivanbayross dot com.

Mastermind Application Form.
Register for a income growth Mastermind.

Mastermind Application Form

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