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Tips To Build Your Brand On Social Media Infographic

In 2017, if your brand is not online you are leaving a large chunk of money on the table. This is the best time to bring your brand to the social media world.

Before new SMEs come into the Social Media world they usually have a few questions:

  • Which platform to choose?
  • Where do I get my followers?
  • What topics should I promote?
  • Should I buy followers?
  • How to create new content?

The main question of it all: Where Do I Start?

With new SMEs in mind, Hayley Cantor from Printsome has compiled a list of 50 actionable tips that will turn anyone into a social network guru.  This is definitely worth the read.

Social Media Tips

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August 14, 2017

2 responses on "Tips To Build Your Brand On Social Media Infographic"

  1. Hello!
    I am Kamilla, writing from Printsome. We have discovered that you featured our infographics on your website:
    Thank you for liking our graphics!
    I would like to ask you to credit us by linking our blogpost to the image:
    Thank you in advance!
    Have a gread day,

    • Hi Kamilla,

      I wonder how you missed it. I’ve given the original Blogger explicit credit by name. There’s also a link back to your Blog post on your Blog site.

      It’s in the paragraph immediately above the infographic.

      Whenever I find excellent content and curate it in my Blog I always give credit to the creator and link back to where I discovered the content.

      I’ve believe that it’s a terrific way that Bloggers help spread the superb work done by other Bloggers.


      Ivan Bayross

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