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Don’t Gasp – 20 Ways To Stay A Mediocre Blogger Part 3

Here’s part 3 of my 3 part epic blog post on how to multiply site visitors, rocket post engagement, and generally become a blogger whose blog posts deliver great value and are must reads.

#15 – Don’t Agonize Over Your WordPress Theme

This is exactly the same as searching for and registering the perfect domain name. You will never find it. Even if you do, you’ll probably hate it later.

Pick a WordPress theme that looks pleasing, is responsive and is reasonably priced (or free). Then get on with creating your awesome Blog.You have 10 minutes. Go.

#16 – Don’t Wait Until <Insert Freelancer Name Here> Can Help You

Are you waiting for a specific:

  • Graphic designer
  • Programmer
  • Copywriter
  • WordPress specialist

To help you with something?

Don’t.  If you want to get your Blog site / Blog post done, refuse to wait for anyone. Ever.

This could mean doing without, your fancy theme modifications or custom logo or WordPress plugin.

Oh! I’m sure, having them would be terrific, BUT will everything grind to a halt without them?No? Then stop procrastinating.

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#17 – Don’t Use The Cheapest Hosting For Your Blog

Does the Blog site deliver its posts to site visitors?

Sure it will.

Should you use the cheapest web-host?

Not if you can help it. Here’s why:

With the cheapest web-host you’re going to have a problem with your blog sometime in the foreseeable future, guaranteed.

Your Blog will get hacked.
It will slow down so badly that site visitors just won’t wait for it to load in their Browsers.
It will disappear mysteriously one morning when the web-host decides its best to die.
You won’t know what to do.

It’s ever so likely that their support will be non-existent. You’ll be left to figure everything you need to know about hosting your Blog site on their web host on your own. You’ll waste days if not weeks unless you are technically competent.

In the end, realization always dawns (this is when it hurts the most really) that you were really foolish to skimp on hosting costs.

That’s when you move to a premium web-host like WP Engine, or Blue Host or some web-host that takes care of your site, and helps you fix things when they break.
You can be smart and just this right now. Your call really.

#18 – Don’t Build Your RSS Subscriber Lists

RSS is on life support. It will die any day now (unless it’s already gone – God rest its RSS soul.

Smart bloggers stopped using RSS feeds a long time ago. They deliver such irresistible content that their site visitors / readers subscribe to their Blog sites.

They capture their site visitors Name and Email Address and then they engage with then using email delivered newsletters.

You should to.

#19 – Don’t Publish Great Content In The Wrong Place

Is creating value add content important? Off course.
Should you create as much measurable, value add content, as you can? Absolutely.
Should you publish such awesome content on your own Blog? Ah! Well, probably not.

If you are a newbie Blogger, and you have rather small (or zero) traffic coming to your site, then your awesome content will simply lie unnoticed. Without an audience to read it, comment on it, share it, spread the word, create a buzz, your terrific content loses its power.

Hence, before you’ve gathered a discerning number of site visitors, publishing terrific, value add content, on your own blog is kind of a waste of your time, and I mean no disrespect to you, your time, or your content.

You’re a ton better off publishing your awesome Blog post as a guest post instead.

When you are a newbie, publish your best, most creative, most value add, Blog posts on a Blog site that already has a huge audience.

Labour to capture their attention. Intrigue them. Pique their curiosity. Get them wanting more. Then funnel those readers to your own Blog site AND hopefully into your mailing list as well.

Hey! If your content is as great as you know it is, they’ll come visit your website out of curiosity because of the link(s) you place within your author’s bio.  Once you have a small group of dedicated followers, THEN really ramp up the content on your blog.  Just not before, that’s all.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

#20 – Don’t Give Up . . . Ever

After reading through all I’ve mentioned above, you might feel like, Dear Lord, I’ve generally been a screw-up. I might as well quit.

Don’t. Here’s why:

We’re all screw-ups. In my first five years, I made every mistake on this list. Every single one.

My Blogs never got more than 1000 site visitors a month, notice how I say site visitors and not Blog post readers. Truthfully, my Bounce rate was around 85%.

Google promised never to display any of their ads on my Blog site. Why? They banned my site that’s why.

Why? Hey! I’d rather not get into details. Just say someone took over my Blog site without me knowing and was selling illegal medication, dirty pictures and a few other unmentionables via my site.

Google told me when they discovered this. Regretfully I just did not know what to do and my hosting company did not know either.  Later I learned that my cheap hosting company’s web-server IPs were banned within multiple SPAM control lists.

My guest posts were rejected by Blog sites that I knew desperately needed them.

Looking back, it’s mortifying how many mistakes I made, some knowingly and some innocently.
I’m still here.

I learned from each failure. I got up dusted myself down. I got advice from smart people. Gradually I mastered the craft.

Did I mention that I speak at WordPress meetups today? I conduct Tech and Content seminars for newbies. Ah! Yes! I did.

When you listen to the stories of other popular bloggers, and you’ll most likely hear the same thing, over and over and over again.

It’s no coincidence. This is exactly how SUCCESS happens. You live. You hurt. You learn. You evolve.

If you’ve made (or are in the process of making) some of these mistakes, it just means you’re a great newbie Blogger. You are totally normal.  You are at the start of your awesome Blogging journey.

Take your whacks. Learn from them. Evolve and get great.  Never, never lose faith in yourself.

You really can do this. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re perfect.


Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Huge Help

Do share what you do to pull in site visitors and multiply engagement for your blog posts. I’d love to read what you do and hone my own blogging skills.  My Blog readers will also be eternally grateful to you for what you’ve shared.

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please leave them in the comments section right below.

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May 22, 2017

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