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Don’t Gasp – 20 Ways To Stay A Mediocre Blogger Part 1

While crafting your Blog post, I’m pretty sure that the thought has crossed your mind – Will anyone ever read this? Perhaps occasionally you’ve wondered about what makes your Blog posts different from the tons of other bloggers who litter the Internet with very forgettable Blog posts?

You are not alone. All Bloggers go through such phases, multiple times, while they work at crafting hugely engaging Blog sites.

The bald truth goes something like this, you’ve been doing everything that bloggers do:

  • Crafting posts
  • Making multiple mentions about them event on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and more
  • Multiple times in a day
  • Perhaps using an automated, pre-programmed tool or manually

You’ve been diligently leaving one line comments on popular Blogs like:
– Wow! terrific post, made for an awesome read. Keep it up.

Regretfully, when you look at your site’s Google Analytics no one, seems to give a hoot.

No one is following any of the links you’ve left behind back to your site.

Your Blog posts are, unread and have zero comments

When you sit down and take a dispassionate look at your GA you get the feeling that:

  • You’ve not managed to offer anything new
  • No one sees enough reason to visit your Blog site

The real problem: You have no clue at all, how to fix this.

A really simple way of figuring out what to do, is to first understand what NOT to do.

8 different things that Bloggers do to make sure they stay a mediocre:

Hence, they are always off the radar of site visitors, who matter.

How many are you guilty of?

#1 – Don’t Tell Boring Stories

Telling a boring story is often considered worse than not telling any story at all.

Unless you’re a trained storyteller, your stories are pretty much guaranteed to be boring.

Doubt me? Put this to a test.  Go to a party and start telling a story to someone in a voice just loud enough for everyone to hear.

If everybody stops talking listens to you, you’re a great storyteller. If they all begin to talk louder than you hoping to drown you out – you suck at storytelling.

People love stories, but that doesn’t mean they will automatically engage with any and all stories especially boring, meandering, pointless ones.

I found Nancy’s Blog post titled “23 Blog Directories To Get More Exposure For Your Blog”, really valuable. Read this blog post and identify the choicest Blog Directories to submit your blog to.
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#2 – Don’t Always Be True To Yourself

A while ago you’ve discarded tried and tested marketing techniques. These techniques just don’t feel right to you. You’ve slung them overboard, because you’ve always wanted to be – Authentic.

Yes? Oh Boy! Today I’m definitely psychic

I’ve noticed almost all newbie Bloggers feel this way, until they wise up?  Yet all of them have to do it anyway.

Apparently, to become great at something:

  • One must take all proven techniques that lead to greatness AND screw them up
  • Then hopefully learn
  • Next follow all proven techniques that lead to greatness faithfully, AND become great

One fine day, when you’ve been following proven Blog marketing techniques for a month of Sunday’s, and you’ve become darn good at it, YOU will invent your own proven technique(s).

Well the good news is, if you feel a tried and tested technique is not authentic, most likely it’s not because there’s something wrong with the technique. It’s more likely because you’re doing it wrong, and you need to keep practicing.

#3 – Don’t Build Your Twitter / Facebook / Google+ / Pinterest / LinkedIn Following First

Okay you’ve got it figured out.

The reason your Blog is not getting any traffic is because you just do not have a following on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or <insert your social network name here>.

Once you’ve got a ton of faithful followers on these social networks, when you promote your Blog posts on them, your Blogsite drown in site visitors.

Woopsy. Boy! Are you wrong?

Yup, without any argument being part of multiple social networks is important.

BUT – Ah! You guessed there was a BUT coming right?

Unfortunately what you really need most as a newbie Blogger is – Focus

By dividing your attention across multiple social media networks, you’re pretty much ensuring that you are not doing anything great (i.e. memorable) on any of them.

Here is what today’s authority Bloggers did.

They ignored social media networks entirely when they started their blogging journey until they had at least 1,000 blog subscribers. Then they began planning and building up a following on a few, carefully chosen social media networks. They did this by focusing on those social networks their blog subscribers hung out on.

They got their first 1000 Blog subscribers, by:

  • Speaking at meetup groups, thus getting noticed
  • Ensuring that their on-page Search Engine Optimization was well done
  • They applied a lot of time an energy into Search Engine Marketing efforts
  • Built high quality, valuable, back links from carefully chosen Blog directories and Article marketing directories

And more. . .

Today’s authority Bloggers really did not kick off by acquiring large followings on multiple social networks when they just started blogging.

#4 – Don’t Write Short Posts

You’re confident all your site visitors have the attention span of a gnat. If they encounter a Blog post of more than 300 words, they just blank out, turn into zombies and bounce off.

I’m really sorry to shoot notion that down.

Here are a few key reasons why a blogger should consider publishing a Blog post of not less than 1,000 words. Really, 2,000 words should be the goal.

1 – The truth is that site visitors / readers perceive long content to be more valuable. They’re more likely to bookmark it, link to it, share it, and generate a buzz about it.

2 – Most other bloggers are too lazy to write long content. If you’re willing to put in that effort, you will stand out.

3 – There’s measured evidence that Google prefers long content. Giving Google what it wants is really a smart thing to do.

Bottom line: STOP! Writing short posts, please.

#5 – Don’t Deliver Great Common Sense Advice

Oh! Right you believe in preaching good old-fashioned common sense?

I’m really concerned about you because, Common sense is boring.

Site visitors / readers have heard the same old common sense stuff so often that they flee from the scene very quickly the moment they encounter anything that remotely smells of it.

“But… but… common sense is what they need!” YOU say.

My response: Does it even matter? If nobody is engaging with you, you can spout all the common sense in the world. It’s really going unread and hence unheard of.

On the other hand, think of what will happen if you stopped writing posts that make site visitors / readers want to stop reading and run?

#6 – Don’t Insist On Originality

This is really the opposite of common sense, and it’s also dangerous.

Some bloggers get obsessed with being original. This can (and often does) make them incapable of ever publishing anything worth a read.

If/when they do happen to generate an original idea, the content they produce as a Blog post is so strange and foreign to a reader that they can’t follow what the blogger is driving at.

A great approach:  Discover ways to look at old topic content from a fresh perspective. It’s a lot easier. It’s a ton less risky.

#7 – Don’t Be Polite

You hold back from asking influencers for links because you’re worried about bugging them. You hold back giving your readers the truth because you don’t want to offend them.

Here’s some great news: Bloggers fight for their ideas. Without being obnoxious though.

You have to:

  • Command/Demand attention
  • Take a stand(s)
  • Be totally and utterly shameless

The world has enough wishy washy, wimpy, people. Please, don’t be another one.

#8 – Don’t Write When You Can

For a ton of bloggers, finding time to write is like packing a suitcase.  They put in all important things first, then close it to see if everything fits.

If it does, they know they can stuff in some more stuff, then they check if it closes again. They iterate through this technique until there’s no more room to add anything to the suitcase.

Then whatever does not fit, gets left behind.

Bloggers schedule their important things first, such as job and family. If they have any room left, they tend to schedule meeting friends, recreation and so on.

At the very end of that list, they slot crafting blog posts.

Unfortunately, because crafting a blog post is the last to be scheduled, it almost always gets left behind. Not because bloggers want to neglect writing, but because their life is full to bursting point. They just can’t find the time for writing.

The solution: Schedule writing it first, not last. Make Blog post creation one of the important things that you must do first. Believing there will be time for it last is just delusional.

Part 2

Part 2 of this 3 part, epic blog post, is read. Click here to read part 2.

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If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please leave them in the comments section right below.

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4 responses on "Don't Gasp - 20 Ways To Stay A Mediocre Blogger Part 1"

  1. Hi Ivan

    Great points, great post.

    I am guilty of doing a lot of your dont’s. I tend to write short posts – blame my newspaper background – give common sense advice and hesitate to connect to the big boys even when I know that drawing from power gives you more muscle,

    I even tried very hard to get a following on several social media sites as a top priority. The result was that my daily planner flew out the window. The day was just too short. I ended up going here there and everywhere just to achieve nothing constructive.

    Thanks for the wake up call. I needed it.

    • Hi Igert,

      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I’m glad my Blog post got you thinking. That is really music to any Blogger’s ears.

      Developing and executing a Social Media Marketing strategy (that delivers expected results) requires some planning and thought. Simply buzzing around working madly (I’ve definitely been guilty of that myself) never produces expected results. This generally delivers a drain on energy and some depression 🙂 that usually goes along as a sort of side kick.

      Today with the plethora of Blog posts available its getting tougher and tougher to be heard. Without being heard, appreciated and engaged with Bloggers always feel a tad abandoned.

      Thank you so much for coming over and leaving your comment Igert, really appreciate it. All the very best always. Keep Blogging.

  2. Hello Ivan

    Great post for both #1 and #2 . I am definitely guilty doing a few of your don’ts.I will get on Twitter and Facebook getting likes and shares and you look up and half the day is gone. I really liked #7 “Don’t be polite”. Keep up the great work. I know it’s helping a lot of people. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Darrell,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. This was really nice of you. I’m glad you liked the posts content. It kind of touched a chord with you. That is what all Bloggers really want to hear.

      I totally empathise with you when you say you are working on Twitter and FB panning for shares and likes, then look up and the sun is low down on the horizon. Been there, do that often :-).

      BTW, fascinating name spelt with the double RR and the double LL. First time I’ve seen it spelled like that.

      Have a terrific day ahead of you Darrell. Do drop by again soon.

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