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Don’t Gasp – 20 Ways To Stay A Mediocre Blogger Part 2

#9 – Don’t Worry About Search Engine Optimization

A lot of the bloggers that I’ve spoken to seem to believe that they have to create Blog post content to catch the attention of search engines (i.e. acquire incoming traffic website organically).

They spend a lot of time researching keywords to rank for. Then they spend even more time creating Blog post content in which such keywords are artfully/cleverly (or downright stupidly) distributed.

Apparently they believe that by doing this, in a few months time their web site will have a huge amount of regular (organic) traffic sent to it via search engines.

Regretfully, regular, large quantities of traffic cannot be acquired using this technique.

Getting search engine traffic really is not about keywords.
It’s not even about blog posts.
It’s about creating content that is so valuable to people that everyone talks about it, links to it, and shares it.

This is what makes search engines sit up and take notice.

Focus all you energies in doing this. Don’t ever worry about SEO at all.

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#10 – Don’t Start Multiple Blogs

Honestly, it’s impossible to build a popular (authoritative) Blog in less than 15 hours of work each week.  To grow the Blog quickly you must add on another 15 hours of marketing work.

That total’s to 30 hours of work each week for a single Blog.

If you have 2 Blogs, and you apply the same logic, you’ll need about 60 hours each week to ensure that both Blog sites consistently deliver superb quality content and are marketed on the Net well.

Ask yourself:
Are you willing to dedicate that kind of time?
Do you even have that much surplus time in your week?

If not, pick the Blog that’s most important to you. Drop all the other Blogs.

Otherwise, you’re not blogging. You’re faffing around . . . hoping.

#11 – Don’t Spend A Lifetime Identifying The Perfect Domain Name

Blogs display some of the attributes of living things, i.e. they evolve.

Even if you bought the perfect domain name today, you could hate it a year from now. Simply because over time, the focus of you Blog content changes, as you change.

The simplest solution: Pick a domain name that you believe is good enough. Run with it.

Okay, I know changing the domain name later is a headache.  Never having a Blog because you’re a perfectionist is an even bigger headache, don’t you think?

Pick you domain name.
Buy it.
Host/Create your Blog.
Commence blogging.
Get a move on you’ll be terrific. Really.

#12 – Don’t Show The World How Clever You Are

You’ve got:
A clever domain name?
A clever headline?
A clever post?

You’re tickled pink with yourself, right?

I hate delivering bad news, but cleverness almost always backfires. People don’t get it.

Oh! Sure they would understand, if they spent a few minutes thinking about it.
Unfortunately, they’re in a hurry.
They have a trillion other blog posts to read. None of those Blog posts require so much thinking.  Thinking, especially sorting through cleverness, HURTS.

Instead, be clear. Don’t force site visitors to figure it out.  They’ll reward you by coming back to read your Blog posts again and again.

#13 – Don’t Try To Be Seth Godin

I speak at Blog meetups pretty regularly.  Very often after I’ve explained an approach, I get the response – That’s not what Seth Godin does.

Here’s what my reaction to that.

Seth Godin is freakishly talented. He’s been doing what he’s been doing, for as long as I can remember.  Seth has already done things, which others have not even thought about. Even trying to emulate him in the hope that one day you will be able to wear Seth Godin’s shoes can be deadly.

Stop trying to copy him.
You don’t have his kind of talent.
In truth, if you did, you’d NEVER copy him anyway.
I normally never respond to such conversation entree’s.

#14 – Don’t Wait Until You’re In The Right Frame Of Mind

Oooh! That’s so tempting, isn’t it?

You’re feeling:
<Insert your negative emotions here>
You think, crap, I’ll never be able to write anything.

I’ll just stop and come back when I’m in a better frame of mind.

You want the truth?

You’re putting off for later what you should be doing right now. You are finding it difficult to express what you’re thinking, AND you’re using your emotions as an excuse to quit.

Unfortunately, it’s not what good writers do.

Good writers write.

It doesn’t matter if they are tired.
It doesn’t matter if they are going through a stick breakup.
It doesn’t matter if their kids are screaming.
It doesn’t matter if they’re sick and/or dying in hospital.

Good writers write. Period.

They are know it’s the constant grinding that polishes them to a blinding sheen.

Part 3 of this 3 part, epic blog post, is being readied especially for you. The rough draft is ready. Now it’s being polished up.

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Do share what you do to pull in site visitors and multiply engagement for your blog posts. I’d love to read what you do and hone my own blogging skills.  My Blog readers will also be eternally grateful to you for what you’ve shared.

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please leave them in the comments section right below.

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