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Unleash a Surge of Email Subscribers

Does this remind You of You?

You’ve worked hard to establish connections with editors. You’ve shared your most valuable tips. You’ve taken a great deal of care to polish your Blog post content until each word stands out to grab attention.
When your article is published?

There is a sense of great disappointed.  Little or no site visitor engagement. No sign ups to your newsletter. Zero leads generated. Guest Blog post to guest Blog post to guest Blog post.

You left wondering, why people don’t join your email list?

What’s stopping them?

Today, I’ll explain the simply elegant solution of using a landing page to get more email subscribers whenever you guest Blog post. The difference it makes can (and will) take your breath away.

I’m going to share:

  • How to write an author bio to seduce readers to click through to your website
  • How to create a desirable sign-up incentive
  • How to write landing page copy so readers don’t bounce off your website

Among other things.

I’m seeing it happen all the time. People spend days slaving over guest posts and then squander the opportunity to establish meaningful connections with their readers. The truth be told, I believe I did exactly this in my early Blogging days.

Then I learned the huge value add that the following brought to my guest Blog posts:

  • The quality of the guest Blog post content
  • The details in my author bio used as the signature of the guest Blog post
  • My landing page content
  • My sign-up incentive


  • Subsequently every email, every blog post, and every interaction

Engage Your Email Subscribers

I found what Kim Lachance Shandrow says in her info-graphic in the article How to Engage Your Email Subscribers From the Moment They Sign Up very informative.

I found that the info-graphic added such a lot of value to me that I decided not to share it with my Blog readers would be a shame. Its definitely worth a close look.

Read my articles on 10 Ways To Get More Opt-in Subscribers will help you increase your subscribers list.

Step 1. Initiate Conversation

Your guest post is the introduction (and connection) to another Blogger’s readers.

In your guest post, empathize with the readers. Provide simple workable solutions to their problems. The guest post is really a great opportunity to show how helpful you are.

Once you’ve proven you are an exquisite problem solver, you get noticed. Your post contents begins to warm your reader’s heart.

Its then your reader starts to think they want to stay with you.

Step 2. The Importance Of Your Author Bio

You can write a ton of things in your Author Bio. Here’s what I recommend you really do.

In your author bio, must explain in three sentences:

  • What’s special about You
  • Why readers should care
  • Then invite readers to check out your place – (i.e. a special landing page)

A strong author bio fulfils these three objectives.

Here is an example:

Ivan Bayross is passionate about Digital Marketing. I’ve been using digital marketing strategies to multiply business income for years.

This tells my readers who I am and what I do.

I’m on a mission to cut out the fluff and teach entrepreneurs how to use Digital Marketing strategies to multiply their Internet driven income.

Next I share my mission and what I’m passionate about.

Get my 20-Part Actionable Digital Marketing Course for Busy People and learn how to engage with, and enchant your site visitors and move them to leads and from there to paying customers.

Lastly, my author bio encourages the reader to click through to my site. I clearly indicate what the reader will get (i.e. a free course), but I also explain how they will benefit (learn how to engage with, and enchant your site visitors and move them to leads and from there to paying customers).

What you have to do is:

  • Keep your author bio short
  • Add a dash of personality
  • Seduce readers to click through to your landing page

Step 3. Propose A Seductive Bribe

Since your author bio is driving readers to your landing page, focus on your landing page content which determines whether an actual conversion takes place or not.

The site visitor, sign-up incentive, on the landing page must be clearly worded, and so valuable that people will start sharing the landing page URL among their friends on their social streams.  They should even be willing to pay for it.

Hence the question: How to create the right type of incentive?

  • Think about your reader’s struggles
  • What is the problem(s) that you can solve for them?
  • Consider the first hurdle they face in their struggles. How can you help them jump over this hurdle easily?

Make sure the tips on offer are simple to implement. You want to make your site visitor feel better instantly. Nothing makes anyone feel better that the thought – Really? Wow I can do this.

A comprehensive, sometimes overwhelming guide does not work. (There is a time and place for this as well, just not on your landing page).

A flimsy checklist with some slapped on, common-sense advice structured as bullets doesn’t work either. (Almost everyone’s been there done that).

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Here’s a great example of a seductive bribe.

My Digital Marketing course helps you multiply your Internet income by 5X times.

Create a series of videos, an email course, or an eBook. The format is less important than the quality of the tips and inspiration on offer.

A desirable bribe helps readers save time, find clients, become more productive, avoid stress, or be happier.


How will readers benefit from your bribe if they take up your offer and visit your website?

Step 4. Make The Visitors Registration Journey Smooth

Your landing page content is what drives the reader to decide whether or not they want to build a relationship with you. To answer the often hidden question – Can they trust you?

The most common mistakes I see on landing pages are:

No consistency: The landing page content does not match the message in your guest post author bio, even remotely.  Landing page copy should always match the message and tone of your author bio perfectly.

Too many distractions: Your landing page has only one objective, to get readers to part with their email Ids. Ensure that you remove all distractions from the landing page, such as links to other pages even social share buttons.

Your reader’s time is precious: Your landing page content is not explicit enough, nor is it really engaging enough, nor takes the trouble to explain exactly why they should spend their precious time wanting or reading your newsletter content.

Often a reader’s inbox is chock-full of unread newsletters. To get people to join your list, you have to be ultra-persuasive.

Some Examples Of Great Landing Pages.

Example One:


Enchanting marketing landing page

The Design Flow Of This Page

The logos at the top establish instant credibility because of the pedigree of the companies they belong to.

The headlineFREE 16-Part Snackable Writing Course — matches the promise made in the author bio exactly.

The subheadLearn how to write persuasive content and win more customers — highlights the benefit of the course.

The bullets points arouse curiosity, reduce sentence bloat, while reinforcing benefits — persuasion tricks, winning more business, avoiding reader irritation.

The testimonial below the sign-up form helps enhance credibility.

Example Two:


Content verve landing page

The headline7 Universal Conversion Optimization Principles — match the promise in the author bio exactly.

The subhead highlights a benefit (increase conversions) and boosts credibility (based on 4 years of research and over 350 real-life A/B tests).

The first bullet point addresses the common objection that eBooks often take too long to read — Read the book in just 25 minutes.

The book image faces the text, (i.e. vertically slanted towards the bullets) guiding the reader’s eye toward reading the bullet points.

Testimonials with photographs subtly helps boost the credibility of the testimonial.

Landing pages that convert show a clear hierarchy:

The most important information first. You guide your reader to sign up, offering a smooth journey. With clear signposts. And no surprises.

When your guest posts are about a variety of topics, you may need to have multiple incentives, multiple bios, and multiple landing pages to create a smooth reader experience.

When you write consistently about the same topic, you can use the same bio, offer the same sign-up incentive, and create one landing page.

The Truth About Seducing Readers To Join Your Email List

When any Blogsite accepts a guest post you’ve wrote, you have an opportunity to start a relationship with a lot of new readers.

Don’t throw away this wonderful opportunity by offering an unplanned and un-thought through reader journey.

To start your relationship with new readers, at each step of the way:

  • Take your readers by the hand
  • Tell them why they should care to connect with you
  • Explain how you’ll make their lives easier, better, and happier

Your guest post is the beginning of a conversation. A chance to connect.

Treat your readers like delicate princesses. Any minor inconvenience will turn them away.

Make them feel valued.

Sweep them off their feet.

Please Leave Your Comments They Are A Big Help

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not upto your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please pass on your bouquets or brickbats in the comments section right below.

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10 responses on "Unleash a Surge of Email Subscribers"

  1. Hi Ivan,

    What a wonderful post on how to “Unleash a Surge of E-mail Subscribers” I feel like I was lead by the hand and taken on a journey to signup as a subscriber. This is one of the best posts I’ve seen.

    I think that using a landing page like the one’s you described in this blog post is a terrific idea when you do a guest blog post. I never would have thought to do it that way.

    You explained everything in such an enjoyable way, I myself would sign up for it. I am not into digital marketing but if i needed a digital product, I now know where to go for it.

    Thank you for sharing, Ivan and you have an awesome rest of the week!


    • Hi Linda,

      Wow! thank you for your kind words Linda. Really appreciate them. My Blogging soul is lifted, definitely.

      Well thought through and crafted Landing pages add huge conversion value to any site.

      If ever you need to sort out any issue in digital marketing do reach out, I’d be happy to help.

  2. Hi Ivan,
    The takes on Propose A Seductive Bribe and Landing page examples are most practical and revealing. I guess it would be cool to employ the steps and strategies shared herein.

    Site visitors can be lured with valuable incentive and if this hits the mark then it becomes easier to convert the traffic.

    These require good practice and consistent application. Simplicity of application is still a vital watch word!

    I left the above comment in as well

    • Hi Sunday,

      It’s great to hear that the content I shared on seductive bribing and landing pages helped. I’ve been using the very same techniques myself and they’ve helped me build my mailing list slowly but steadily.

      Yes, all of this does require A/B testing and watching Google Analytics to understand what’s working with your audience.

      Hard work indeed but it pays off handsomely over time.

  3. Hey Ivan,

    I have to agree with Linda!

    This post was quite easy to read and I did feel like I was held by the hand, and lead step by step to sign up as a signup. And this is what your readers want. They want a true leader that understands their problems and will lead them to glory 😉

    I like how you broke down how to set up a productive Landing Page. You don’t want it to be so convoluted with detail information and at the same time you don’t want to leave it barren with very few detail at all. I heard this saying that it’s about the sizzle and not the steak. If you’re readers can smell the food and they’re hungry, then they’ll follow the smell. In this case, you want to speak their language!

    Thanks Ivan for the share and it was truly valuable! Have a good one!

    I found your post on under the category of email marketing

    • Hi Sherman,

      Thanks heaps for dropping by and leaving your valuable comment on my Blog. I really do appreciate the trouble to always take. Very kind of you to post on both Kingged and my Blog.

      Honestly, my Blog needs the love that you give it. Thank you.

      Your words are really kind considering that you are a Master at what you do. High praise indeed. God Bless.

  4. One of the best marketing methods is email marketing. You need to have a huge amount or a good amount of email subscribers that has the interest about your products and services.

    Author Bio has a big impact increasing email list. Previous works, stating expertise, a dash of personality and so on will encourage the readers to click through the site link.

    In marketing, your target market’s needs are important. The struggles they have needs resolution and the marketer should help them and create a line of attack to attract and win the game.
    I also agree with “Make The Visitors Registration Journey Smooth”. Minimize or remove the pain. Doing so, you can unleash a surge of email subscribers.

    • Hi Metz,

      Yup, absolutely correct. Email marketing is highly targeted and is therefore a great marketing method.

      Sure, the Author Bio, often neglected completely, is really a great place to trigger engagement with your Email readers.

      Glad you found the post content useful Metz. Always a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your comments.

  5. Loved the post! Getting more email subscribers is every businesses and bloggers dream because it’s true when they say that the money is in the list. It can be tough getting more subscribers, but the biggest thing that you are going to want to do is give the readers some type of value. It was great when you said in the post that you are going to want to open up the article with some type of intro letting the readers know that you are going to be solving some type of problem. When you can provide value to people on a consistent basis, they will be more inclined to learn more and subscribe.

    • Hi Lawrence,

      Yup, in today’s competitive Internet world, with everyone jostling for attention, its getting touch to create and maintain a community around your site.

      That said, as you’ve rightly pointed out, the only thing that works (perhaps over time) is giving your subscribers – Value Add – content.

      Thanks for your kind words Lawrence. It does a Blogger’s soul a whole lot of good, as it does mine.

      Great of you to drop by and comment. Thanks heaps.

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