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Why To Use Content Curation? Infographics

Creating 100% unique content for the web, day in and day out is a herculean task today.

Without unique, value add, engaging, content, your site will lack site visitors, registrants and engagement. Simply put your site will simply be a cost to you delivering nothing in return.

There is an elegant solution to the humungous pressure of creating unique, value add, engaging content every day, it’s called – Content Curation.

When digital marketers curate content, they are relieved of the stress of generating unique content each time they publish content on a website.

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What Is Content Curation?

Content Curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting someone else’s digital content that on a specific subject.  Complete acknowledgement of the original source of such content, is delivered along with such content.

Content curation is fast becoming a standard marketing technique, used by many companies, to create a successful online presence.

Here are the benefits of adding content curation to your content marketing mix:

  1. Improved Search Engine Optimization
  2. Establishes credibility as a thought leader
  3. Supports lead generation
  4. Streamlines lead nurturing
  5. Complements social media & blogging really well

Can Curation Help Your Business?

This infographic created by Pawan Deshpande (Founder and CEO of Curata) describes the benefits of content curation and how it can help marketers overcome the great (constant) challenge of generating fresh content.

Quotes from Great Digital Gurus about Content Curation:


Founder Moz

The greatest benefit of curation that I see is to help distill signal from noise and become a trusted an authoritative resource in your field. If you’re the source of what’s truly important and useful, you can stand out even in crowded markets and earn a significant audience.


Author Global Content Marketing

The biggest benefit of content curation is to stretch your marketing budget so that you don’t need to create all content from scratch. Select content intelligently and carefully so that they will read your curated content with a sense of wonder such as ‘Wow, that’s interesting…’ or ‘Oh, I didn’t know that…’.


Head of Strategy At King Content

Curation allows you to scale your conversations beyond what you can afford to initiate with original content only. By understanding your audience, curating relevant content allows you to host a broader range of discussions and act as a hub of information broader than what you could create on your own.

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