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Write A Blog Post Quickly

Read this Blog post to learn how to write a Blog post quickly, while still delivering awesome quality and content.

When I attend Blogging meetups I’m often asked how long it takes for me to create one of my Blog posts, my usual reply is around 180 minutes. This almost always leads to a gasp and/or chuckle of disbelief from all those listening, occasionally a definite sneer of disbelief.

Then the question comes, what’s the average number of words contained in your Blog post?

My answer:
Usually around 1500 to 2000 average.

This is normally followed by a pregnant silence when the people around are trying to figure out whether:

  • To continue the conversation with me
  • I’m giving them a great line of BS
  • I’m onto something magical in the Blog post creation department

Fortunately there’s no BS and definitely nothing magical I can call upon (how I’d love that) to help me create my Blog posts.

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My Blog Post Creation System

Total Blog Creation Time

I follow a system, that’s evolved over time, which helps me do create a 1500 to 2000 word Blog post regularly. In this Blog post I’m going to share my system with you. I promise, if you use this system it will dramatically shorten the time you take to create your own Blog posts AND you will be able to both notice and measure this.

Truthfully, earlier I used to spend anywhere between 8 hours to three days to create the very same Blog post, now this has reduced to about 3 hours on an average.

Here Is My Approach

Research Using Google – 30 Minutes

I had decided when I started Blogging that would really do my very best to deliver value to my readers. Hence, I work real hard at delivering research-backed, Blog posts with real statistics.

I research the topic I’ve decided to write about using Google. I always try and use relevant statistics to back up any claims made in my Blog post. Finally I deliver actionable takeaways that if implemented will deliver measurable value to my readers.

To find great content as a support for the topic I’m writing on I do a site: search in Google. keyword(s)

NOTE: The space between the end of the URL and the start of the keyword(s)

Here I’m searching for Keywords within my own Blog posts to locate articles I’ve written in the past to perhaps link back to or get inspiration from. You would need to replace the URL with a site URL that you want to search for particular keyword(s).

To find resources I can quote I do a drill down into social media statistics. I also do a lot of custom Google searches. Do try Google Scholar there are tons of excellent research papers to access if that is what you need to do.

Here are my three focus points when doing Google searches:

  1. I’ll start with a series of keywords, entering each into a Google search.
  2. I’ll refine the search terms, based on Google’s autofill suggestions AND suggested searches at the bottom of the page
  3. I’ll change the date settings to only show results from the current year
Google Search

Here I’m searching for information on Writing Content For Social Media, and my time line is set to the Past Month.

TIP: A Great Time Saver

I always have a XL workbook with several sheets in it. Each sheet represents a topic of interest. As and when I encounter s URL of a great Blog post on a topic I’m interested in, I copy / paste this URL into the worksheet associated with that topic.

Store Tweets, FB Blog posts, anything that’s of interest to you when you see it.

I sometimes write myself a small note beneath the URL reminding me why I saved that URL to the worksheet. The XL workbook has is a real time saver when it comes to locating content that I want as a trigger to write a new Blog post at a later date.

Post Outline – 10 minutes per post

When I create a new Blog post I’ll first create a Blog post outline. I usually take the content I’ve researched, copy / paste it appropriately in a Word file and organize it into a loose work flow. I always expect that my final Blog post would vary greatly from this work flow (or not).

I’ll slip in the Headline and various Sub-Heads.

Then (where necessary) I’ll add my statistics and/or quotes into each section. This approach works for me when rather well when I enter the next section.

Writing The Blog Post – 1 hour 15 minutes

Blog Posts

When I enter the WP editor I generally click the – Distraction Free Writing Mode – icon at the top right hand corner of the tool bar.

This moves out all the visually distracting content in the WP editor away leaving just me and the WP editor to work in. Just writing the Blog post is the most valuable thing I can do at this stage.

The Blog post content flow, with the Headline and sub-heads thrown in and no distractions helps me hugely when I’m writing. I’m definitely not stuck looking at an empty editor, whether this is a Word document or whether it is the WP editor itself. This approach has always helped me.

As I write, I’ll keep in mind things like:

  • Vary sentence length to help keep the reader’s attention
  • Vary paragraph size to keep content from being visually boring
  • I’ll add space for images (I use a placeholder text of (//Image Name or Simple Description)
  • Reminders to come back and add stats or specifics (I leave a little note to myself about the stat)

Beyond that, I just write. Even if it’s terrible. For me terrible is a ton better than zilch. By the end of the writing stage, I’ll often have 2,000 (or more words) to work with.

Editing – 20 minutes per post

I’ve often caught myself rambling on a bit in when creating the Blog post. I’m okay with this. I know the Editing stage is about to follow, where I will clean and tighten up the Blog post content.

I’ve noticed that occasionally when editing my Blog post, it’s like creating version 2 of the Blog post. I might remove a modest sized chunk of the Blog post content and re-write it from scratch. Often when I leave the Blog post for about a day or three and come back with fresh eyes this happens.

When Editing I always focus on:

  • Tighten up the intro make sure that it captures and holds the reader’s attention
  • Double-check the headings are descriptive and noticeable
  • Double-check that the headings are using the proper font-size and font-family
  • Add links to past articles throughout Blog post story where appropriate
  • Add any missing stats or source attribution
  • Remove sections that don’t add value to the article
  • Trim down super long sections
  • Ensure that my Editor does its job of checking Spellings and Grammar (I’m Dyslexic)
  • Proofread at least thrice

Creating images – 30 minutes per post

Blog posts with great visuals gets 90% more views. So I try really hard to identify creating great visuals for every post.

I’ll typically find (or create) images for each new Blog post using:

Pablo, for title images and quote images
Canva, for miscellaneous graphics and Pinterest-sized graphics
Skitch, for annotated screenshots, for compressing large images into smaller file sizes
IconFinder and The Noun Project, for icons
UnSplash and Death to the Stock Photo, for free images
NOTE: There’re are tons of other great, free image sources as well

Here is a quick run through of the steps I take to create an awesome Headline image for my Blog post. Since I’ve got the process down pat this takes me about 5 / 10 minutes tops.

Using Pablo:

  • I create the headline, set the headline to Open Sans font, Extra Large
  • Click to add secondary text, set the text to satisfy me
  • Find an image on UnSplash, abstract yet perhaps somewhat related to the post
  • Upload the image, set to Blur
  • Find an icon at IconFinder, set the search to Flat Icons only
  • Download the icon and upload to Pablo as the “Add a logo” option, resize as needed
  • Centre all elements
  • Download to my computer
  • I’m done

SEO – 10 Minutes Per Blog Post

I set my on page SEO for my Blog posts, pretty early on in my Blog post creation process. Actually, I often handle:

  • Blog post title
  • Blog post key words
  • Blog post focus key words
  • Blog post description

Even before I actually start my process of Blog post creation.

When I’m more or less sure of the topic(s) I’m going to write are (i.e. perhaps at the topic ideation stage) I consider the keywords I’m going to use. When I have a nice set of keywords and a focus keyword or key phrase prior starting I’ve found that my Blog post creation seems to move along a tad faster (although that could just be my fertile imagination).

If I’m clear about the Blog post keywords and its focus keyword or keyphrase if not I’ll do a quick search in Google. I go to and type in the keywords I’m considering. Then I have a quite think about what Google delivers to me and take it forward from there.

I use a WordPress SEO Plugin named Yoast which deals with the specifics of implementing my on page SEO strategy. For me, Yoast delivers all I need in a single easy to use package that is helpful and simple to use.

I have to just fill in a few text boxes that belong to Yoast, which are accessible within the WP Blog post editor itself. Hence, my on page SEO work is completed when I’ve finished writing the Blog post itself.

Yoast allows me to:

  • Choose a focus keyword for my Blog post
  • Write an appropriate SEO headline for the Blog post
  • Write a description for the Blog post
Yoast SEO

Occasionally, I’ll do a quick search inside the article (CTRL+F) to see how many times the keyword is mentioned AND to ensure that my focus keyword or Key phrase has been mentioned in my very first paragraph.

Headlines – 15 minutes per post

I’ll do a real quick check of the headline and all the subhead lines used in the Blog post, for being catchy, having a clear focus and correctness. If a sub-head needs to be tweaked I’ll do that. It’s really rare though that I’ll ever change the Blog post headline.

Promotion – 20 minutes per post

I use an awesome plugin named NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster. This plugin has made life really really simple for me. It’s user interface is visible right within the WP Blog post editor.

The NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster connects to 50+ social media streams. There is a onetime configuration to be done to connect to the social media stream of your choice. Once this done you’re good to go.

The tutorials on the NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster site are incredibly detailed. They explain exactly what you have to do (very clearly and unambiguously) how to configure this plugin to deliver its output to specific social media streams of your choice.

The plugin creator is a very helpful individual as well. We’ve opened multiple tickets and have got correct and precise answers on what we need to be doing to get NextScripts going perfectly for us.

This plugin allows you to specify a Headline, an image (where applicable), and an excerpt of your Blog post, which in turn will be posted in turn on a social stream of your choice. Additionally you can use #Hash tags on those social streams that permit their use. Using #Hash tags is the way to get your Blog post content noticed by specific person(s) whose attention you always been wanting to grab.

Finally, you can set the day, date and time when you want NextScripts to post your Headline, image and excerpt on the social stream of your choice. This makes social media posting a piece of cake.

What does your blogging process look like?

I’d turn cartwheels and yelp in happiness if you’ve share your Blog post creation technique in the comments section. Please feel free to ask questions about any process I use to create a Blog post.

If you liked this Blog post, I’d love to read your comments. If you thought that this Blog post was not up to your expectations, I’d love to read your comments.

It’s your comments that helps me get better each day. Please leave them in the comments section right below.

I’m waiting to hear from you.

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21 responses on "Write A Blog Post Quickly"

  1. Thanks for sharing this post with us Ivan. Planning and strictly following your plan is quite difficult to do for some people, but if you try it with all your heart, you can be productive in a day.

    At work, I have 2-3 hours to proofread an article, check the article with a plagiarism checker, which is copyscape, edit the post, research on the internet for helpful links and read the whole post to make sure the whole thing is good.

    Time management is very important in blogging.

    All in all, your tips and insights are very helpful. This will trigger off readers to plan their blogging style/time so that they can write a blog post quickly. Thanks for this!

    • Hi Metz,

      Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting on my Blog. Really appreciate this. Oh Yes, If anyone really tries out my plan, with just a little bit of practice, perhaps about four or five Blog post tops, they ought to be crafting their Blog posts in about 3 to 3.5 hours tops.

      You run a pretty good Blog post validation process yourself. BTW, I also run my Blog posts through copyscape have been doing this fro quite some time now.

      Oh Yes, time management is really important. Having a repeatable process is also a big help.

      I’m really glad that you found my Blog post helpful Metz.

  2. Writing is an art that needs be mastered if success is to be achieved. What is equally important is the speed with which this must be done.

    Writing a blog post quickly can help to make all the difference there is for online success.

    I set goals and draw up good outlines before writing. The outline helps me remain focus. The word count depends on the topic and the nature of the outline.

    On the average, for a 500 word article, It takes me less than 30 minutes!

    I have the the above comment in where this piece was found.

    • Hi Sunday,

      How true Sunday. Writing is an art and if it takes forever to deliver throughput then I think one has failed however masterful the writing.

      What you have is a great technique Sunday. A good Blog post outline peppered with a great headline and a couple of great sub-headlines always helps a Blogger be focussed deliver throughput as fast as possible.

      I normally write articles that are at least 1200 to 1500 words long. To hang in the right visuals, work on sound SEO within Blog post content, plan my social media posting and such stuff takes me about 3.5 hours.

      Thanks so much for commenting in my Blog as well Sunday. I truly appreciate this.

  3. Hi Ivan,

    Thank you for sharing your tips on how to write articles quickly. And I’m sure, not everyone can follow these ways. I was even surprised because you only need a few hours to write an article. That is great!

    Well, you know, I need more time to finish one article. English is not my native language, which is why I need more time than others.

    But, when I finish an article, I feel very satisfied because I feel that my English language skills improved and I have fought hard to finish the article. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. It’s a great one. I will start to share it right now.
    Have a great week ahead! 😉


    • Hi Nanda,

      Its not just to craft the article Nanda, its the whole deal.

      Attention arresting headline, great sub-headlines, content with specific keywords researched and carefully blended in. Article Title, Description, Tags and so on all planned out and then cooked together as perfectly as I possibly can. That takes me about 3.5 hours.

      English is not my native tongue as well. I had to work really hard to define a process that helped me get this work completed in this time frame. Early days I remember I used to take a couple of days to deliver a Blog post. Create, then check it in Grammarly, Word spell check handled my spellings, the get my wife to proof read, her English is tons better than mine any day of the week.

      Oh Man! You and I experience the same thing. After I complete my Blog post and publish it I feel a great sense of having grow at multiple levels. English being one of them.

      God Bless for the shares Nanda. Deeply appreciate that.

      If there is anything I can do for your please reach out.

  4. Thanks for such a great article for newbies and pros. I have been blogging for a couple of months now and I’m having a great time with it. Articles like this help make our blogging journey a lot less stressful.

    • Thanks Pamela.

      I’m glad that my article help make your Blogging journey less stressful. Less stress means more smiles. That to me real awesome compliment.

      Enjoy the day its going to be a great one.

  5. This is a great outline on how you write very long posts in a short amount of time. For me, I am always researching and jotting down ideas for my next blog post, so the researching takes a little less time. The biggest problem for me is the actual writing and editing. I take forever to edit and write because I like the post to be excellent. To get this done quickly takes a lot of eye for detail and skill. I love the fact that you can outline your article so quickly, that must have developed over time. I will continuously look at this post to learn how I can shorten my time. Thanks!

    • Hi Lawrence, Great to see you on my Blog site. Thanks so much for commenting here as well as on Kingged.

      I’m not overly worried about perfection honestly, I believe a mistake or two occasionally make me the – Perfect Human Being :-)).

      That said I really do the best I can to prevent spelling and Grammar errors. Especially since English is not my mother tongue and almost all my readers are fluent in English or its their mother tongue. Helps keep me on my toes. I’m sure my English teacher Mrs. Mabel Anrade is smiling down at me with a bit a pride from somewhere.

      Have a great day Lawrence.

  6. Very interesting system Ivan. I usually just kind of wing it. Maybe I need to get a system myself, huh?

    Really like the idea of searching your own site for linking back to your older content, or get idea’s. Just the linking back I am sure drives some traffic back to older posts. Can’t hurt for SEO either.

    Also a great idea to save links and notes. Something I don’t do enough of. Though I usually do start a word doc when I have a blog post idea and save it.

    I’ve been meaning to try the distraction free writing mode, it helps you?

    Some fantastic graphic resources as well.

    Enjoyed the read Ivan 🙂

    • Hi Ron,

      Thanks so much for leaving your comment on my Blog site. Really appreciate that. (I’ve already replied to you on Kingged). I use the WP editor minimally really. Just for some last minute, quick edits, and I use its distraction free mode most of the time. I almost always create my Blog posts in Word, check my spellings and Grammar, thoroughly and then copy / paste to the WP editor.

      Glad you enjoyed the read Sherman.

      Enjoy the day ahead its going to be a great one.

      • And I thought I was the only one that used Word these days. Seems more people do it all in WP editor. I use Word for all my blog posts, need all the grammar help I can get. Also just find it better to save drafts and idea’s in word. Works for me 🙂

        • Ah Ron,

          Have been using MS Word for as long as I can remember. I use Word in conjunction with Dragon Naturally Speaking and I dictate all my content, whether they content in my Blog posts, replies to content on Kingged or replies to comments here on my Blog. I need the English spelling and Grammar of MS Word more than you do I guess. Word works for me as well.
          Thanks for dropping by Ron, always a pleasure.

  7. Hey Ivan,

    Writing a blog post is a big job in itself. For me it’s a week long process but it’s quite similar to yours.

    For graphics I use deposit photo and canva. The only other one I heard that you mentioned was pablo. But the rest is something I have to look into. Especially since that’s one of my blogs fallacies according to my analytics. I need to compress my images more to get a better score.

    The only autopost plugin I use is Revive Old Post and Buffer App. I never heard of NextScripts, but if you’re able to post to 50 different social media sites then this will be a definite interest to me. I figure the more the merrier, especially for the fact that I’m always reading, comment and sharing other blog posts. This plug should be complimentary.

    For headlines and the intro, it takes me at least an hour to come up with this. The thing that holds me back is coming up with a headline with a great score, and on top of that, finding the long tail keywords that doesn’t have a lot of competition. I usually use Google with the allin feature (allinurl, allintitle, etc.)

    Thanks for sharing the process you go through to create your blog. I see that you are quite meticulous with it which is why you’re achieving the success that you have! Have a good one Ivan!

    I found your post on under the category of blogging

    • Hi Sherman, Thanks for dropping in. Always a pleasure hearing from you. While my preferred tools are Photoshop or Corel Draw I do use Canva now and then to get a Blog post header out quickly when the header image is not too complicated. I believe that consistently using for all Blog post images is a good thing from a page load speed point of view.

      I cannot tell you how much NextScripts has made my life easier. I used to spend a lot of time posting excerpts to my Social streams at specific times so that I’d get the full benefit of my target audience engaging with me. This time has reduced sharply. I have a ton more time to watch my favourite TV serials, that (for me) is a good thing.

      Today, I do not spend too much time on Keyword (or long tailed) keyword research. I focus instead, on delivering the very best content I can. I trust Google to the extend where I believe that Google will deliver my content to seekers if its really really great stuff.

      I’m glad that you found the Blog post useful Sherman. That’s great because it comes from a seasoned Blogger like yourself.

      Enjoy the weekend ahead Sherman.

  8. Hi Ivan, I’ve been spending more time on my headlines with co-scheduler. I also use photoshop for images but don’t take too long on them. I’m playing with larger images so they look better on Twitter and Pinterest.
    I do spend a lot of time writing and researching. SEO is quick with the Yoast plugin. But I sometimes do the other keyword research with Google trends, webmaster tools and analytics. It all depends on how much time I have. I just JS Free spellcheck for editing and that doesn’t take too long. I would probably average around 3-4 hours per post and do it over a 2 day period. Shorter posts I can do in about an hour but I don’t do as many these days as I used to. Mine average 800-1500 words.
    It is interesting to see how others do their blog posts.

  9. Hello Ivan,

    You have a pretty good system to write. I mostly take more time in researching the topic so that I can get ideas what others have said on the topic. Then I mix my ideas with them and write a better post. Writing takes me 1 hour usually and the promotion is somehow 20-25 minutes.

    Thanks for sharing your writing system with us.

    • Hi Atish,

      You have a nice system as well Atish.

      It works perfectly for you. To be able to churn out great, value add Blog post in an hour or so (Minus the time taken for research) is terrific.

      Your welcome Atish. I’m glad that you’ve found my Blog post content useful.

  10. An amazing article all detailed mentioning but currently in the tech age of videos will people read such long article. This is my genuine question which I would really like to get a reply from you.
    Thank you

    • Hi Kishan,
      There is quite a lot of mumbo jumbo about video versus long blog posts. I know my audience pretty well. They read my Blog posts and interact with me happily. Don’t take everything that delivered on the Internet as gospel truth. Instead understand your audience intimately. If they like long Blog posts, packed with value give them that. If they want video’s give them that.


      Ivan Bayross

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